CHARLESTON, W.Va. – You can now travel the I-79 corridor in West Virginia driving a CNG or Compressed Natural Gas vehicle. IGS officially opened their CNG fueling station in Charleston Tuesday with a ribbon cutting.

It’s located in the parking lot at the Spring Street Foodland just off Bigley Ave. It’s the third IGS station to open here in West Virginia. The company also has sites in Jane Lew and Bridgeport.

Scott White, the president of IGS, likened the project to ‘Field of Dreams.’ “If you build it, they will come.”

Already IGS has four corporate customers: Chesapeake Energy, Antero, EQT and the West Virginia Division of Highways. White said the project would not have been possible without their support.

“At the same time that provides the local communities the ability to use CNG,” explained White. “I think it’s a good strategy. It seems to be paying off. West Virginia is already supportive.”

Kanawha County has several CNG-powered vehicles and the City of Charleston has one too. At $2.19 a gallon CNG is much cheaper than filling up with regular unleaded.

White said they are almost complete with Phase I of their project and the sky is the limit in the future.

“While this station is completed, it’s only the start of what we hope will be a network of CNG stations in the region and provide consumers here in West Virginia and surrounding states this opportunity for CNG,” White said.

IGS already has a CNG station in Dublin, Ohio. They’re in the planning stages for a station in Youngstown.

CNG emits up to 30 percent less carbon dioxide, up to 75 percent less carbon monoxide and 95 percent less particulate matter than gasoline or diesel.

White said the best part is that the fuel is coming from right beneath our feet from the Marcellus Shale.

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  • Mason County Contrarian

    Sorry..."Slurpee", I believe.

  • Scott

    The price sounds good but know mention of the mileage from CNG

  • John

    All LNG terminals are changing their facilities to export instead of import. Once complete, they will be shipping our natural gas to other countries where they can get a higher price. Then it won’t be so cheap anymore.

  • mamasita

    My understanding of this article is that these stations are being financed by a private company, not taxpayer dollars. Go for it!

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Seriously now--does this rate a visit from any governor? Ridiculous.

    Cue security for a sweep. The 7-11 is putting in a new Slurpie machine on Fifth Avenue.

  • J.Perry

    "Here, Here" says Joe Blow Biden

  • Obama

    Personally, I won't be happy until ALL internal combustion engines are converted to run off of pure, clean air.

  • Independent View

    Whoa--West virginians, particularly, politicians have either bad memories or selective recall because we've been down this road before.
    Not too long ago, when Bob Wise was Governor, with much fanfare NG vehicles and NG filling stations were launched.
    Although state money (taxpayer's $$) was sunk into this project it was an abysmal failure! NG Filling Stations were established along I-79 and in the eastern panhandle. Guess what? They built it but nobody came. Those NG stations were either converted to other uses or completly abandoned. So, it's true, "those that forget history are doomed to repeat it." And, you can bet that Earl Ray expects hefty campaign donations stumping for the NG industry in WV.
    Finally, the rush to convert to NG by power generating stations, increased home heating use, exports to other countries, vehicle use instead of coal or gasoline will, as it did in the 70s, come home to roost with shortages and higher prices. We just never seem to learn but grab onto each new proposed panacea without forethought. Herd mentality.

  • Harpers Ferry

    I wonder how strict ol' Earl Ray is going to be on inspecting the natural gas wells. Bumblin' Stumblin' Tomblin would never ever put the interests of big business before the health and well being of West Virginians.

  • Michael

    Why can these open so quick and painless and our oil refineries in the US take 15-20 years to fight through red tape? $2.19 a gallon CNG or $3.59 for gas. I am no genius, but let's get these rolling!!