HUNTINGTON, W.Va. — Former Liberty (Raleigh) basketball standout and 2015 WVU commit Levi Cook is continuing to progress with Huntington Prep. Cook announced his transfer to the prep school under head coach Rob Fulford back in August.

“He’s coming along,” Fulford said. “The main thing with him is we’ve been trying to get Levi to understand the day-to-day grind that it takes, not only with us, but at the next level. He has basically this year and next year to prepare for the real world, so to speak, of college basketball.”

Through 16 games, Cook (6-foot-10, 305 pounds) this year has averaged five points and five rebounds.

“In his mind, he’s probably not playing as much as he would like to,” Fulford said. “We tell him daily the things he needs to do in order to play more. It’s no different than what Coach Huggins will tell him when he gets up there. No disrespect to his previous high school, but he could play at 30 percent and still dominate a game – he can’t do that here.

“I think as the season has gone along, he’s figured that out and he’s doing really well,” Fulford said. “For him, it’s just understanding what it’s going to take to get to that next level, because his skill set and basketball IQ are really high. We just have to get the conditioning down for him, and it will come.”

As for his overall skill set?

“He’s a great passer,” Fulford said. “He has great hands and his IQ on just how to play is really high. He’s very skilled and if he continues to buy-in to what he can be, then he has a bright future ahead of him.”

You can watch the complete interview with Fulford above.

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  • Mingo citizen

    Good update

  • Rob T.

    I met this kid on a plane from NY a few yrs back, great kid! But you could tell with the people around him that he was told how spew ail he was on a regular basis. I think if he ever finds the dog he will be a great player! Good luck young man I'm rooting for you