WACO, Texas — Though West Virginia enjoyed a halftime lead at Baylor, coach Bob Huggins wasn’t enjoying one facet in particular.

His team had been out-rebounded 20-9 during the opening 20 minutes, and surrendered a four-point possession late in the half after Baylor rebounded its own missed free throw leading to a 3-point shot.

In the locker room, Huggins delivered a chewing he claimed was all fire and fury.

“That’s the most emotional I’ve been, because you can’t just stand there and let people rebound the ball at the foul line,” Huggins said. “I got on our bigs pretty good.”

Yes, Baylor was taller and longer and leading the Big 12 in rebounding margin. But Huggins

“There’s a difference between getting outmanned—which we do at times—and just kind of lackadaisically stepping in there,” he said. “We didn’t fight ’em. … They’re good rebounders, but it still shouldn’t stop you from trying to put your body between them and the ball, though.”

The second-half rebounding margin after Huggins’ tirade? It was 18-17 in West Virginia’s favor.

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  • Barrett

    Love the guy but this type of coaching is outdated.......and the lack of getting big time recruits tell the story. No one wants to come to Morgantown or Columbia, South Carolina where that A-hole Frank Martin is. Guys want to play for Bill Self, Coach K, Roy Williams and so on..........and yes I've coached high school, AAU and Semi pro ball in Tennessee and WV. Started in the early 90's and you cant say half the things you did then.

    • Aaron

      If he can't recruit, how do you explain him getting so many 4 star recruits to come to WV?

  • Dave

    I love the fire in Huggs and the players do too. He cares about his players and wants to make them better. I had my butt chewed a few times when I was a kid. I think I'm a better person today because of it too.
    Keep coaching them up Huggs, we're getting there.

  • 4WVUinKY

    Let's stir things up a bit...

    All my life, at least my adult life, I have been an opponent of "yelling" to get a point across. To me, and this is my opinion from my own life experiences, it shows a total lack of respect for both the person who is being yelled at and the person who is doing the yelling. Please note, I am not a psychologist, psychotherapist, etc., but I have managed many people during the course of my professional career and I can say emphatically and without exception, this type of "motivation" is wrong headed, short-sighted, self-centered, self-serving, and quite frankly, just not the right thing to do.

    Put yourself in your workplace and tell me that you would love to have your manager yell at you all day long to get you to do your job and/or what he/she wants you to do at any given moment. Please tell me that as a manager, you have been overwhelmingly successful at motivating and inspiring your staff when you yell at them and degrade them in front of others. Please tell me that they have come into your office and said, "Thank you sir. May I please have another"?

    First off, yelling in the workplace is not acceptable and is not tolerated...some exceptions of course such as a total lack of compliance with company policy, employment law, etc. To me, again my opinion, it is demeaning and demoralizing and is in fact bullying.

    Now, let's look at professional coaching and make a comparison. Keep in mind this behavior is not exclusive to Coach Huggins so let's keep an open mind here. Coach Huggins is in fact in his workplace environment...the basketball court is his "office" so to speak and the players, are his associates. I know, they are not really employees...thus the question...so that makes it OK...to yell and scream and use cuss words to get someone to do something that you want them to do? To the reasoned person, one who looks at things from a practical perspective and with an open mind, this type of representation of WVU is displeasing to say the least. Having said that, I have seen improvement in Coach Huggins this year. Perhaps, he had a "come to Jesus" conversation with Ollie, I don't know but I do see him as more relaxed. I have previously written on this site about his bad/poor behavior so I want to make clear that I do see improvement. So...for those of you who like to make comparisons, which I do, which way of coaching has gotten him better results? Compare where we stand at this point in the season vs. same period last year. Interesting isn't it.

    Let me close with a solution. Coaches at all levels should strive to gain the respect of their players by first understanding them as individuals. Coaches today, probably more than ever because of societal and cultural changes in our country, need to find out what drives/motivates/inspires each player uniquely. Only then will true open and authentic communication exist between player and coach and only then will each see the value of the coach/player relationship and thus jointly pursue the goal of winning all the while respecting each other. We should be good with that and if we are not...take your child or grandchild to a coach who yells, screams, and throws temper tantrums and report back to me the positive long-term results.

    I couple of links to consider where you can read articles on this topic.



    It's an absolutely awesome day to be a Mountaineer...once, always, and wherever!

  • steve

    William is grounded from his computer because he is mad wvu won. He was yelling and kept momma up all night

    • The Wisetalker

      I wish your momma would ground you...

      • steve

        your mom did

  • mineralcounty

    I don't care who you are or where you come from, you know huggs is a fiery, loud, assertive, etc. kind of coach. If you don't like it high schoolers then don't come to Morgantown. But these young men love huggs and they listen to and respect him (unlike the departed from last year's team). Sometimes we become a little bone-headed and need woke up. Huggs knows how to coach and knows how to coach these guys. We're continuing to improve and that's all you can ask for. Great win last night. Let's get some redemption back home on Saturday.

  • Allen

    Well said Kevin. Sometimes players need a wake up call.

    • dan

      Huggs is a great great coach and his players love him and love playing for him..

  • Kevin F.

    But....but....but Huggins is "mean" to his players and has lost his edge. Players dont respect him. He yells at them too much. No way they responded to his yelling by turning the tables on the Bears.........there's just no way.......huh William?

    • James

      If I screw screw up, you as a coach need to yell at me...it is not personal, I know. If someone doesnt want to be yelled at, do not screw up or just read a book. Today's kids are so soft.

  • tw eagle

    RAH RAH RAH nice trade coach now get the team prepped for K St . . . we owe K St
    a good 30+ point drubbing , but i'll settle for another WVU ( 2014 style ) win . . . you know what I mean - work hard for a comfortable lead , then tease the opponent by letting them think they're back in the game . . .

  • Steve

    That's exactly what some of those guys needed at half time. Great win last night...big game again Saturday!

    Let's go mountaineers!