HARTS CREEK, W.Va. — An investigation is underway after a State Police Trooper shot and killed a man Wednesday afternoon in Logan County.

The shooting happened at about 1:30 p.m. in the Briar Branch community near Harts Creek.

State Police spokesman Lt. Michael Baylous said a trooper was dispatched to the home of Curly Spry after getting reports he was standing outside with a gun and threatening to commit suicide.

Baylous said Spry, 42, made the first move.

“Mr. Spry had a handgun and he raised it and pointed it at the trooper and he left the trooper with no other action to take other than to respond with deadly force.”

Baylous said he’s not sure if it was a suicide by cop case.

“It probably happens more than we realize. Many times, for whatever reason, people have the intent to commit suicide and can’t go through with it and they get the police involved with it,” Baylous said.


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  • cliff

    And another thing... some of u need to stop and pray for the family who is now without a husband and father. All you are more worried bout an officer who had the opportunity to go home to his/her family. I just got back home after traveling 15hrs to bury my cuz to see this crap. He was a great man and most of you should get the facts before judging him.

  • cliff

    He was my cuz. He wasnt suicidal. The wv troopers went above and beyond by entering his private residence without first investigating the situation. They could of handled themselves differently and he may still be alive. Why is it they felt necessary to enter home in first place?

  • Frank Brown

    It is sad that people get so low without help that they get to this state of mind. It is made even worse when they force an officer of the law into taking lethal action. These officers are people just like you and I. They have to go home to families and live daily with the actions that the job forces them to make. You think we take the job home...? God bless all of those who serve!!!

  • griff

    it is a shame he just didn't go ahead & kill himself. Be strong mr trooper god bless you & your family

  • Jon F.

    As a Police Sergeant in Texas I stand with my brother/trooper. May he be comforted and supported by those around him. The loss of life is tragic regardless of the circumstances. God bless the West Virginia State Police.

    • Polly the Pundit

      Well said.

  • Mountain Man

    Our world is crumbling around us or at least it seems. Drugs, murders, no jobs, cost of living, diseases, etc. prayers for all involved.

  • donutfiend77

    Prayers for a fellow brother!

  • Workman

    My prayers are with the trooper, thank the Lord for keeping him safe.

  • martinsburg resident

    Sincere thoughts & prayers for the trooper & his family and also for the family of the deceased.

  • Dale

    So sad for all involved.

  • northforkfisher

    It's sad that people will use police to kill them. The police have to live with this the rest of their lives. Knowing that was the case can sometimes drive a person insane.
    I'm thankful for the service and protection they provide us.