MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — One person is charged, so far, with painting graffiti in Morgantown and, in the process, costing thousands of dollars in damage to public and private property.

On Wednesday, Morgantown Police arrested Ian Michael “Skety” Clark when he turned himself in on a charge of felony destruction of property.  He was released from custody on $1,000 bond.

Officers, though, said they believe several people were responsible for the graffiti that has been showing up on buildings and other property for a span of months.

Those with Mainstreet Morgantown worked with the Morgantown Police Department to document the damage.

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  • jeff foss

    there is repeated disrespect of other people's property and the exhibitionism of arrogance thinking that the public and property owner's would pay (and they do, involuntarily) for his idea of art and his idea of the 1st Amendment.
    Maybe a one year mandatory residency in Iraq or Iran would reduce his arrogance and appreciation of our constitution and laws. Freedom is not doing what you want, no matter what; but is living by principles to promote unity and a purposeful life for a common goal.

  • TB

    Note to Prosecutor: This would be a case for a plea deal!

  • mauldawg

    To Just my opinion. Spoken like a true child. Some things a better not being said out loud or in print.

  • Just My opinion

    I don't know. Some graffiti looks better than old dilapidated, busted down, condemned pieces of crap still standing. Should fine the city for keeping some of this stuff around.

  • yep

    Graffiti is awful and guilty offenders should have to clean it up, pay damages to the property owners and do community service.

  • jay ziehm

    A person such as this if found guilty should be required to clean the areas affected pay for clean up then be required to serve at least 200 or more hours of community service such as painting city owned buildings that are being renovated and in the schools this summer .

    • Charleston

      +1! I was thinking the very same idea!