ST. ALBANS, W.Va. — Investigators said a woman found dead in her home this week was murdered.

Autopsy results on the body of St. Albans resident Nancy Lynch revealed she died of stab wounds. The 66-year-old Lynch was found dead in her home Monday when friends who hadn’t heard from her in several days went to the home to check on her.

Police could not immediately determine how long she had been dead.

The investigation revealed several items missing from Lynch’s home, including jewelry. The jewelry was found at an area pawn shop where it had been sold by Megan Hughes, 27, of St. Albans.

Authorities said two cars belonging to Lynch also were missing from her home.  One vehicle, a 2008 Toyota Camry, was found Wednesday morning in Charleston being driven by Timothy Shafer, 28, of St. Albans. Police said he was accompanied by Hughes, and the two are romantically involved.

The second car, a 1991 Toyota Camry, was found in the Sissonville area.

Hughes was charged with transferring and receiving stolen property in connection with the jewelry. Shafer was charged with being in possession of a stolen vehicle over the car.

As the investigation into Lynch’s murder continued, investigators have asked anyone with information about the crime to contact St. Albans police.

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  • Michael

    Armchair quarterbacks crack me up -- it never fails.
    The cause of death, (hard to miss 17 stab wounds), was not disclosed publicly in order to (hopefully) embolden the killer(s) -- and it looks as though it worked as intended.
    After all, two prime suspects were discovered in the woman's stolen car -- one driving and the other pawned the woman's tennis bracelet.
    Genius criminals usually manage to crack me up too -- except when it comes to such a brutal crime -- stabbing to death a 66 year-old woman in her own home.
    Weather it be Meagan and Timothy, or others that murdered this unfortunate woman, may the wheels of justice spin quickly -- and life without parole would be perfectly fitting.

  • Randy

    I graduated from SAHS in 1966, at that time the city was free of crime. I lived across the street from Nancy and my memory of her is so vivid and clear that I just can't imagine she was stabbed by the two worthless human beings. I do hope they get sentenced to death in the state of West Virginia.

    • Cut and Dry

      What the heck are you talking about? The death penalty has been abolished in West Virginia for about 50 years. Also, I looked up these two and I'm starting to have my doubts now. They seem to be pretty clean cut and really don't fit the profile. That's not to say they weren't doped up or that one of them was blacked out drunk. Nevertheless, somebody on here said that they had broke into some homes prior to this. I hope they take cotton swabs of the victims finger nails and collect dna samples and can get these losers or whoever did it off the street. Saint Albans is no different than all the other drug infested meth towns throughout the U.S. Age has nothing to do with it either. Apparently, this lady had drug charges against here from not too long ago.

      • danna

        the drug charges were over four zanax pills that were on her person don't judge until you know

  • cut and dry

    That's not very reassuring. Isn't breaking and entering a felony?? I understand that there's an ongoing investigation, but I'm wondering if saint albans has the proper investigators looking at the evidence. Why did they need an autopsy to make sure it wasn't murder? This is starting to reek of incompetence. Get some real homicide investigators, dust for prints and get this on the news until there's some proper leads. They should have been charged by now unless they don't have any good evidence.

    • danna

      she hasn't even been buried yet

    • BIM Job

      I agree. I know they can not just assume they committed murder just because they were in possession of the woman's stolen vehicle and had pawned her stolen jewelry but it would have to be a pretty strong reason to look at them very closely. I'm hoping they just used the stolen property charges to get them in jail while they conclude the murder investigation. What is really sad is this woman may still have been alive today if these two hadn't been out on bail for the other break ins.

      • marie

        she was a wonderful women who has still not got justice while still not being baried

      • Cut and Dry

        That's very negligent indeed. Let's hope that the detectives are being thorough this time around and they take cotton swabs under finger nails, dust for prints, take dna samples, etc. etc. etc. So far, it sounds like the Saint Albans police department are doing a good job and have outside help to help solve this murder. One of them is bound to give each other up if they play their cards right. The two 20 something year old kids may not have done it, but they're bound to spill the beans during proper interrogation..

  • Cut and Dry

    Sounds pretty cut and dry to me. They were in posession of the 2 cars and jewelry. What more evidence do they need?? Hopefully, these detectives get their shot together, get search warrants and find the smoking gun that's sure to point towards these two mixed bred "sissonalbanites".

  • Justified

    These people, actually these Inhumane beings, need lethal injection. What a horrible death for this poor lady.

  • hilljack

    I have lived in S.A. all my life and really don't consider myself or my neighbors trash. There is however a larger criminal element in S.A. in recent years. The mayor doesn't really care unless the crime happens on his street. Dave you sound like a snob.

  • Dave


    • marie

      your the idiot


      Actually Dave, I'm beginning to believe 80% of the population under 30 leans towards being "trash"--- maybe as high as 40 years old...

      No morals, no proper upbringing and no respect for others--- Why it almost seems like a bunch of radical hippies from the 60's were in charge of raising children through our education system and entertainment industry... Oh, did you see this years Grammy Awards?

      • Larry

        I hear ya, way to many unemployed, immoral, mouth breathing drug addicts aimlessly roaming around these days.

        • Larry


      • BH

        Most of the "radical hippies from the sixties" I know turned out to be Bush Republicans. Go figure.

        • J THE CARNEY GUY

          You're a stupid idiot if you expect anyone to believe that and you.