Jarrett Chandler and Craig Peacock were charged shortly after the August attack. Chandler pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge Thursday. Peacock faces a murder trial later this year.


WHEELING, W.Va. — A Louisiana man pleaded guilty Thursday to a misdemeanor charge in connection with the August beating death of Wheeling Jesuit University student Kevin Figaniak.

Ohio County Prosecutor Scott Smith said Jarrett Chandler, 24, of Winnfield, La., pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sentenced to a year in jail.

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Wheeling Jesuit University lacrosse player Kevin Figaniak died a day after the Aug. 31 fight.

Chandler and co-defendant Craig Peacock, 22, of Clewiston, Fla., were originally charged with second-degree murder shortly after Figaniak died following the Aug. 31 attack that took place in downtown Wheeling. Both men were indicted earlier this month—Chandler on involuntary manslaughter and Peacock on a general murder charge.

Smith said the charges match the evidence.

“As in all cases, we review all of the evidence that is turned over to us by law enforcement and base our charging decisions on the evidence and the law,” he said.

The original criminal complaint said the two were charged after police viewed video surveillance, social media and police interviews were conducted. Police found them at an Ohio County campsite where oil and gas workers typically stay.

Both agreed to give videotaped statements and told police they and their friends got into a verbal altercation with two men, one of whom was Figaniak. Both said they followed the men down Edgington Lane, through the intersection and onto Locust Avenue where the fight began.

Figaniak died in a Pittsburgh hospital a day after the fight.

Smith said he’s preparing for Peacock’s trial that is scheduled for later this year. He wouldn’t say if Chandler is expected to testify.

“I don’t want to get into the details too much. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens at trial,” Smith said.


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  • mark

    We do not need punks like him in our union!! He wouldn't never cause any problems on the pipeline R.o.w because he would get his ass whipped

  • mark

    Chandler does not deserve to be a member of local 798 pipeliners!!

  • 798Girl

    I am so sorry this ever happened. I've followed the case since it happened. I know Jerrett and he made a terrible decision to punch this man. However, his intent was not to kill. Peacock did so by kicking him in the head. I'm hoping Jarrett is released very soon. He is a kind, fun loving guy. Not the Killer some think.

  • Kelly

    I guess my confusion has always been why didn't they turn themselves in the next day or so when they knew there wa a death, and why did they not immediately name the third person with them.

    Prayers to all involved and their families.

  • Susie

    Jarrett's always been a productive member of society. What makes you think you are paying for his child? Or that his girlfriend gets any type of assistance? Do you know her name? The child's name? Or do you know absolutely nothing and are just assuming that because they are young parents that they depend on the government..We have a saying here--You know what "assume" makes?

    • WC

      Are you "assuming" the other man needed or deserved to be killed? It's sad the whole incident took place but since it did they need to man up and face the consequences and not make excuses for them. I've had family that went to prison for bad decisions. I'm not about to defend their actions just because I love them.

    • jb

      i agree with SUSIE

  • Bobbyd

    Im sure Jarrett will be a wonderful, productive member of society. Is there any doubt his baby mama has a WIC card. Would you mind paying for his kid nc so I don't have to. Thanks, it's greatly appreciated

    • jb

      well if you want to get down to it
      it is not a wic card it is wic vouchers
      and i food stamp card and his baby momma did nothing

  • Mountain Man

    I hope both of these young men meet the same fate someday.

  • nc

    We will be glad to have you home Jarrett!!! Come home and take care of your beautiful child!!! :))))

    • Mountain Man

      Yes, go home and tell your child you are a murdering thug and will someday meet the same fate.

      • nc

        He is not a murdering thug!!!! He was raised by a very loving and christian family. Why does everyone take up for the guy that was killed my heart goes out to him family but he is no better than Jarrett he was also in the bar if he was such a upstanding citizen then why was he in the bar with a murdering thug!!!!

        • Anna

          The boy has a name ,it is Kevin. Kevin was not at the bar with the murdering thug. The murdering thug followed him the length of three football fields! Yes Kevin was coming home from another bar but walking home from a bar does not take away the fact that Kevin was an upstanding citizen! How dare you! The thug punched Kevin and if he did not punch Kevin and knock him out Kevin would still be alive today ...Read the Facts! Who cares if he was raised by a Christian family he still made his choices that night and they were not very Christian ..were they!

        • jb

          VERY TRUE

        • Susie


    • Susie

      and before anyone comments in a negative manner, no we are not afraid of Jarrett. Not in the least bit. Everyone wants him home where he belongs. .. With his family!

      • Mountain Man

        Yes, and so does the family of the guy they beat to death for no reason. Family justice would be appropriate for this rat and murderer.

      • jb

        preach to the choir

    • jb

      we support our local boys

    • Susie

      Absolutely! We will be gald to have you home Jarrett!

  • Hillbilly

    Involuntary manslaughter... that means they could not avoid killing him... really now?

  • Maxeer

    WTF is wrong with the wv judicial system?...the law is a joke...mostly these judges...pitiful...

  • rtdeco

    we now know what a life is worth in can't make this stuff

    my prayer is there is a civil suit brought by his parents....obviously the bottom feeders that did the killing have nothing...but i would dam sure take anything of value they did have.

    • Mountain Man


  • griff

    only in WV can you kill somebody & get away with it

    • Brian


  • College Ave

    Involuntary manslaughter and one year in jail after having FOLLOWED a man some distance to CONTINUE an argument that escalated to a beating death.

    One can only trust that the prosecution has him lined up as The Witness in a very short murder case.

    • Crystal

      That's a year more than George Zimmerman got for the same exact thing.

      • Concerned

        Agreed. But little comfort taken in that fact. Penalties need to be stiffer for such behavior. Life doesn't seem to be valued these days.

        • mark

          Chandler was a member of pipeliners local 798 in Tulsa Oklahoma ..I pray the union doesn't allow him to work or belong anymore !! I urge everyone to call and speak to them 918-622-1900

      • Really?

        Really? This guy was engaged in self defense?


      • Brian

        Was just thinking the same. I bet these same people weren't complaining much about that.