CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Public water distributions could resume as early as Friday morning in parts of the nine West Virginia counties where crude MCHM and PPH contaminated the water supply in early January.

Three weeks after the Jan. 9 chemical leak, Governor Earl Ray Tomblin announced Thursday afternoon unused bottled water from the Federal Emergency Management Agency was being moved from areas of low demand to areas of high demand

“There are still in certain areas of the nine-county region where people are still asking for water and, as long as we do have the water here, I’m going to make sure we get it out,” said Tomblin.

“For those people who are still not comfortable with drinking or using the water, that water will be available.”

In addition to bottled water distributions, West Virginia American Water Company was preparing to restart the refilling of water tankers, outside of the affected region, to be set up in assigned locations in the affected region.

Most recently, Tomblin said, it’s been too cold for those tankers.  “Hopefully, with the weather supposedly going to warm up this weekend, we’ll have those strategically located around the area where they’re requested,” he said.

No public distribution points had been established as of early Thursday evening, but Tomblin said county officials would provide that information to residents once site had been reestablished.

“I had no idea that we were going to be three weeks into it, to the day, and still be faced with this situation,” Tomblin told MetroNews on Thursday.

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  • 1hillbilly

    This hand out is just like food stamps and unemployment , as long as you hand it out , they will take it . Taxpayer , BOHICA !!!

  • Jayden

    Arch Moore was/is a thief & a embarrassment to the state of West Virginia I would think his daughter Shelley Moore would be ashamed to follow in her father's footsteps & continue to take taxpayers money. For a job that she is Not capable of handling... Shelley Moore does not earn the paychecks that the taxpayers of the state of West Virginia have to pay her. She should be ashamed to continue sponging off of the hard-working West Virginia taxpayer I know I'm tired of paying. For nothing except Shelley to set on her A** and do nothing

  • Kelly

    So where has MoJo even?!

  • Jayden

    Because they're supposed to have sense enough to handle the state West Virginia In a crisis Did you forget our TAX dollars had to support Shelly Moore's father in office and also in prison she is a disgrace to the Republican Party

    • hilljack

      Jayden, what does Arch Moore have to do with this? This is a water article not political.

      • Jayden

        Who asked you

    • Shadow

      Since when are the children accountable for any sins of the Father? I hope you have no children.

      • Jayden

        Why doesn't Shelley Moore get a real job and stop draining the Tax payers of West Virginia

      • Jayden

        When the daughter is as worthless as her father Shelley is a disgrace to West Virginia and it's time they stop leaching from West Virginia

  • Jayden

    What concerns me more then even the. " Toxic Water " problem which has not helped had this happened in New York,Georgia, California. Etc... There would've been help from everywhere If people actually took the Count of the number of people affected by this toxic water it would be over 1/2 million people American Water said it was 100,000 customers how many people work in the hospitals & patients in hospitals. schools.nursing homes, office buildings,hotels prisons,restaurant's Etc.. There is no West Virginia Government to stand up and explain anything But if it was a coal mine disaster Sen. Joe would fly in from out-of-state from his vacation everyone knows that Earl Ray is a puppet for Joe.. You don't see Shelley Moore or Nick Rahall. West Virginia no longer has anyone capable of taking care of West Virginia. Huntington is already lost because of the Detroit Drug dealers which Huntington seems to be unable to get control of. Beckley West Virginia is hanging on by a thread only because of Massy coal and Now even Beckley is also being taken over by Detroit Drug dealers. Isn't it Funny how all of us who work in West Virginia are having to pay for all these drug addicts pills through compensation & medicaid & It would not surprise me if Charleston would not have to file bankruptcy over this water problem. Because when you're struggling it doesn't take much to push you over the edge also who is going to want to come into Charleston to have surgery @ any of the hospitals... The worst part of it all is there is No Longer anyone to take up for West Virginia No senators No congressman No congresswomen No One & the State of West Virginia cannot continue to TAX those who are working & expect them to pay the bills for the whole state... Because to the outside world this water contamination is a disgrace and should never have happened especially when there's no plan to deal with the situation All the government of West Virginia seems to know how to do is hide so they don't have to answer questions.. That is a disgrace if they do not know how to handle situations like this they need to resign. There's not much hope left for West Virginia now you see what the problem actually is

  • Jayden

    As for the other comment.. I've never seen a Republican not be the first in line for a handout don't even start that.. Just look at Chris Christie

    • Get Serious

      Republicans may be taking the handouts because it is money they earned which Democrats, like Barack Obama and ERT, seem to incessantly want to give away. Who doesn't want to get some of their money back which the Democrats keep taking by tax, tax and more tax?

      • Jayden

        Honestly West Virginia is a republican state and all the Republicans are on welfare excepting government help get serious all the republican states 80% percent of Republicans are accepting government help

  • tom

    The governor really doesn't have a clue does he?

    • Jayden

      No.... Earl Ray or Joe do Not have. "F"ing clue all I ever hear Sen.Joe say "I don't understand Why we all can't get along" Grow up Joe &. grow some balls because sitting on the fence took yours away

  • Jayden

    The governor,senators & Shelley Moore Just let American water dump thousands of gallons of Chemicals all over 9 counties in West Virginia Has no one stopped to think how foolish that makes the state look Yeah, it's a dangerous chemical So, Let's just Flush it all over 9 counties in West Virginia Who in their right mind would want to move into the state or to bring business into the state of West Virginia when they cannot even handle this. I know I'm smart enough not to pay for a hotel room that will let me shower in chemicals why would anyone else want to stay in Charleston.. But what everyone is overlooking is even the bigger problem.. There is more dangerous chemicals in the state then what was leaked out so what happens when they leak and people drop over dead What happens then? I live in Putnam County this water problem did not bother me I'm thinking about the bigger problem with the chemicals leaking since no one was able to handle this what happens next time?

    • Frank

      WVAW didn't dump any chemicals. It was Freedom Industries which dumped the chemicals as I recall. How were any of the politicians you listed (and I notice Rep Capito was the only one you called by name) responsible for this spill?

      • Jayden

        I did not see freedom industries opening up fire hydrants spreading the toxic waste that was American water

  • Jayden

    Has No one stopped to think that this is going to reduce property values Who wants to buy a toxic dump in your front yard or a house without water

  • Jayden

    Has anyone ever said? Anything about all of this chemical that they was flushing out onto the streets into the yards all over these 9 counties. Whenever there is a chemical spill on the interstate they just do not come along and flush it on down The interstate they always have a hazmat team come in to clean up the Chemical. So why was American water allowed to flush it all over everywhere Does that not make all 9 counties nothing but toxic waste dumps? Again I am very disappointed in the state of West Virginia government there's no reason for this and they should not hide from the questions.

  • George

    Governor Tomblin- You're acting more and more like a liberal Democrat thinking you have the right to give away other people's money. Who do you think is going to pay for this water giveaway? We the customers of WV American Water are going to get stuck with the bill. How about you have the courage to tell people if they don't want to drink the tested, safe water then they need to go to the store and BUY themselves whatever they want to drink?

    • Vinman

      I am a Libertarian, and I completely agree with water distribution in this case. Would YOU like to have a nice tall glass of that water right now? I know I wouldn't. Fortunately for me, I don't live in the affected area.

    • Get Serious

      He is a Democrat. He does not understand the concept of personal responsibility.

      • James

        If he were a republican he would not understand the concept of corporate responsibility.