ST. ALBANS, W.Va. — Two St. Albans residents are charged with murder in the death of an elderly woman found stabbed to death in her St. Albans home earlier this week.

Timothy Shafer, 28, and Jessica Wilson, 27, were charged with first-degree murder Friday in the killing of Nancy Lynch, 66. Friends discovered Lynch in her Jefferson Ave. house Sunday.  They went there to check on her after she hadn’t been seen for several days.

Police have still not revealed the exact time of Lynch’s murder, but during their investigation discovered jewelry and Lynch’s two vehicles were missing.  The jewelry was traced to a local pawn shop where authorities were able to identify Megan Hughes, 27, of St. Albans as the seller.  

Hughes was found Wednesday morning with Shafer in one of Lynch’s cars in Charleston.  Hughes was charged with transferring and receiving stolen property.  Hughes and Shafer were romantically involved.  Police have not revealed the connection Wilson has to them or exactly how the incident happened.

Shafer and Wilson were arraigned Friday afternoon in Kanawha County Magistrate Court. Hughes posted bond and was released earlier this week.

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  • Jeff

    Before plugging in Ole Sparky, put a dimmer switch on it. The plug it in, strap the killers down and let the family of the victim control the switch.

  • Dave

    Let's murder someone, steal her jewlelry and her cars, and then pawn that jewelry at a local pawn shop using our real ID's and getting our faces on security tape.

    No one will ever catch us!

  • Larry

    Supposedly the woman who was murdered was a known seller of prescription pills.

  • Bill

    Yes, we need to knock the dust off of "Ole Sparky" and plug it back in!

  • Mr Bullsnip

    Set the old electric chair to extra crispy and throw the switch on these 2 pieces of dirt.

  • BH

    To murder a helpless old women for a little money - this challenges my opinion for the death penalty.

    • Will

      Rumor has it, and it's only a rumor, and Larry has already mentioned this, the "helpless old woman" was a drug dealer. That doesn't change the fact that the two, if truly guilty of the murder, should be sentenced to the fullest extent, but it also doesn't sound like this was a random crime against a helpless old woman.

      • Larry

        I agree, and I certainly don't think she deserved to be killed, but there is an old saying, "When you lay with dogs, you get fleas". If she was a drug dealer, it certainly changes the tone and tenor of the situation.

        • Vicki

          She sold a few of her Xanax pills prob because she needed a little cash,that doesn't mean she deserved to be terrorized and murdered in her own home or anywhere else!

          • Larry

            If she wasn't dealing drugs, she'd never have met these people. No excuse for selling pills, ever!!!

    • Mike

      A "helpless old woman" by the same name, age and hometown was indicted on drug charges last December. Not 100% sure it's the same woman and even if it was, the didn't deserve to die....that being said "helpless old woman" my be a stretch. Seems more like she was playing with fire and lost.