MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Though hardly the centerpiece of West Virginia’s recruiting class last year, Rémi Dibo was nonetheless viewed as a crucial component: A lengthy wing player with the 3-point range to make Bob Huggins’ roster more closely resemble the others of the Big 12.

On occasion, Dibo has made West Virginia dangerous through his shooting. At other times he has treaded dangerously close to driving his coach mad.

The lapses on defense and a too-soft approach to rebounding that were Dibo’s deficit in junior college haven’t been tolerated by Huggins.

During Tuesday night’s 66-64 win at Baylor, however, Dibo made enough shots—while at least mitigating some of his shortcomings—to stay on the floor for 23 minutes. That included the Mountaineers’ final possession, when the presence of Dibo, Eron Harris and Terry Henderson helped spread Baylor’s defense enough to allow Juwan Staten a clearer path to the winning basket.

NEXT: Kansas State (15-6, 5-3) at West Virginia (12-9, 4-4)
TIP-OFF: Saturday, 1:30 p.m.
TV: Big 12 Network

Dibo provided his highest output since a Dec. 2 route of Loyola-Maryland, and his 13 points were six more than he scored in the previous three games combined.

“When I see that first (shot) going down, I’m looking for more to go,” said Dibo after finishing 3-of-7 from 3-point range.

“I’m trying to get more comfortable and hit the shots I didn’t make so far this season. But it’s shots I’ve been making all my career.”

Dibo also recorded his first two blocks of the season against Baylor, though the night wasn’t all rosy. His rebounding bugaboo resurfaced moments before halftime with Baylor at the foul line. After Huggins screamed “Remi, will you block?”, the errant free throw kicked high off the back rim and Taurean Waller-Prince (who’s also 6-foot-7) out-maneuvered Dibo for the rebound. The second chance led to an Isaiah Austin 3.

“I see a guy who doesn’t block out on the free-throw line,” Huggins said after the game, emphasizing Dibo’s need to round into a more complete player.

Still, the coach has witnessed a deeper commitment ince the Jan. 22 game against Texas Tech, when WVU won 87-82 without Dibo getting on the court.

“I didn’t play him at all in the Texas Tech game because he came to the shoot-around and didn’t know what he was doing,” Huggins said. “That’s unacceptable. So I told him you can get with the rest of us or you can sit over there for the rest of the year. And he’s been way, way better.”

Dibo admitted his lack of preparation for Texas Tech, along with other low-intensity practices, are instances that can sabotage playing time if he relapses. He’s averaging 7.1 points, 40-percent 3-point shooting and 3.1 rebounds, and with Kansas State coming to Morgantown on Saturday, Dibo aims to avoid the on-and-off fluctuation that has defined his first major-college season. He has yet to reach double figures in back-to-back games, and he hasn’t played 20-plus minutes in consecutive outings since the Loyola and Missouri matchups of early December.

At least the positive impact he had against Baylor has teammates predicting more consistent days for Dibo.

“That’s the Remi I know and that’s the Remi a lot of people haven’t seen yet,” said Harris.They’re going to start to see a lot more out of Remi the more his head gets into it and the more his confidence gets into it.”

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  • Allan

    The trouble with the team is, we don't have a great 7 or 8 man rotation yet. Kevin, though being a nice young man and keeps our GPA team up, can't play defense or score, Dibo is what he is and will never be any better, Watkins is just a freshmen and needs more muscle and playing time to learn the nuances of playing in the paint on offense and defense and Devin..the same. With next years recruits coming in, maybe we will have that 7 or 8 man rotation and can challenge in the Big12.

  • Allan

    So MAD HATER, who would you select as the next HC…please, tell us all?

  • mad hatter

    this team is expected to have a winning record , compete for the big 12 championship and go to the big dance,, anything less , is a sure sign we expect mediocrity/

  • Mister Man

    The team has improved. Congrats to the team and coach. If not for a few close game losses, WVU would be in the top 25. Good luck against Kansas State.

  • shawn


    Do us a favor and please tell everybody how many names are being used under each email. You've called ppl out before so how about you clear the air.

    • mad hatter

      how bout you shut up and get off this site, if you were half as smart as you think you are , you'd know better... bet you're a marsha grad

  • Pocahontas Man

    YES. Harris and the rest of team should know.

  • Barry

    So let me get this straight. We beat a 13-7, 1-6 Big 12 team and everyone is excited?

    How low has the bar been set?

    • shawn

      Baylor is a good basketball team going through a slump. They lack point guard play. You won't want to pay them come March.

      • mad hatter

        u pretty much know everything don't you...LOL

    • GoEers

      Hey Barry's back! Aren't you the same guy who said WVU would not win anymore than 2 more games the rest of the year. They won 1 on Tuesday. Only 2 more to go. I am glad you are back, becuase you have psychic abilites. You need to like quit your day job and become a palm reader or something.

      • Barry

        Time will tell. Won't it?

  • Bob Smithers

    Guys,I remember mad hatter from the Charleston Daily Mail comment boards.I made up different user names and yanked his chain quite a bit,he had to have gotten highly po'ed at me a few times.( Until the DM banned me for stirring so much poop with him ).Like I said a few years ago when he was on one of his anti Bill Stewart rants,his problem is,the only job he could find was salesman at a ladies hat shop and he's really irked about it.Hence the name "mad hatter".Hope that cleared it up for ya guys.

    • mad hatter

      yep , you win , you really got to me,, you're quite a man,, do you notice your eyes are coming closer together?

  • FNP

    This team is already ahead of where they were expected to be. They play good together and enjoy being around one another. Thats the same chemistry we had with the final four team.

  • mad hatter

    pass the kool-aid

    • GoEers

      Poor mad hatter. He is so jealous of the FACT that WVU went to the NCAA tournament 5 of the past 6 years while his favorite team Marshall hasn't been to the NCAA tourney in 26 YEARS and has never...let me repeat... never won an NCAA tourney game. It's very easy to see why he is green with envy and totally obsessed with Bob Huggins.

      • mad hatter

        i am an eer for a long time,, but something stinks in morgantown and until it's cleaned out, we're gonna struggle.
        it seems we're all into mediocrity, and our goal is .500 and maybe an nit bid..

        if you guys and gals will settle for that, so be it,,, but i will continue to state my case, that we are a much better university and deserve better,,,
        for starters, why can't we hire a HC who has been an HC and achieved something,,, an OC is ok, but he's in overe his head.
        and huggie , fixem bob,, is struggling and whose fault is it,,, we can't blame beilein, it's on bad bob... i want wvu to win more than any of you, but you drink the kool aid and accept mediocrity,,, Not me , not now, not before and not in the future..

        • GoEers

          yeah mad hater you want to win this week, but just the other day you posted a comment about how badly you wanted Baylor to beat change your story every week in order to get attention

          you're just a jealous little brother marshall fan troll

          • mad hatter

            never said i wanted baylor to beat us... never you lie

          • BeaverSniffer

            He's two-faced. Bipolar. You know, he likes my pole and your pole. His post never make sense. He's either drunk, high, or just plain stupid. One thing thou, he knows nothing about basketball. McDonald's is calling him.

        • Aaron

          You keep claiming Huggins is struggling. Where is he struggling? Can you communicate his deficiencies in depth?

          I'll give you some topics with some facts and then you feel free to elaborate.

          Has he failed in his recruiting? In recruiting? He's brought in at least 4 4-star recruits including respective Player of the Year from WV, MN and OH. With the exception of 3 players, it was HIS recruits that took WV to their first final 4 since Zeke from Cabin Creek, not John Beilien's as has been erroneously stated numerous times. He brought in the sleeper of the year in the Big East 2 years ago, a player many in the Big East media thought was NBA potential before he every played a minute in college. You can blame him for kids leaving the program but you cannot say he cannot recruits because the numbers prove you wrong.

          What else? Are you going to tell us he can no longer coach? Anyone who knows basketball at all knows that's not true. He has forgotten more about basketball than all of us on the board combined, including the author of this article has ever known. The man knows the game. He can tell players what to do, he just can't do it for them. To a player, I would venture my next 7 paychecks, not one who's ever played for him would state the man cannot coach.

          So please explain his struggles if you can.

          • Aaron

            If he can't recruit, how do you account for the 4 star recruits? Your only response is that WVU is not winning. If winning is the only variable, then John Calapari and KY should have 5 or 6 national championships as he's had the #1 recruiting class how many years running?

            The problem is, you and the Barry's of the world want to hold Huggins responsible for a player who bust like Hinds who can in as a top 100 player nationally but never played to that level in college. You want to blame him because a player like Dan Jennings or Tommie McCune cannot handle the program in Morgantown and take their AAU mentality elsewhere. You want to blame him because the NCAA says an individual he speaks multiple languages but fails to qualify because English isn't his strong suit or because the health care staff refuses to clear a player.

            You say Huggins cannot recruit but that's simply not true. You've been proven wrong on that front time and again so enough of that fallacy.

            What you can't do is have an honest discussion about why this team is devoid of essentially it's Senior and Junior classes. Until you can do that, I (like most) see your comments for what they are.

          • Barry

            For all the Huggins supporters, this is why some Mountaineer fans, including myself, are upset.

            Beilein brought WVU out of the basement and had tremendous success. Huggins took what Beilein started and continued that success, and I believe he does deserve credit (along with the players) for that success.

            Then, after going to the Final Four in 2010 the program has been in a constant decline, and the recruiting was sub-par at best after the Final Four run.

            Now I know that sometimes you have bad luck, but why did WVU and Huggins not build from this momentum? Why is this season (Huggins' 7th at WVU) a "rebuilding year"? Why have at least 8 former Mountaineers left this program prematurely? Why is "fixing it" running off most of your team from last year? If they weren't good players then, why did Huggins recruit them? Why does WVU and Huggins need to recruit felons or players that can't make the grade? Why would I root for a player next year that I wouldn't let my daughter talk to?

            These are all questions that some long time Mountaineer fans are asking, and have a right to ask.

            Now, I know that most everyone who reads these articles are expected to fulfill their job requirements/expectations. So why would we as supporters of WVU Sports. The people who by our support help pay the bills not be allowed to voice our concerns?

          • mad hatter

            well, if he can recruit , then what has happened the last two or three yrs... where are they , are they producing, are we winning,,, that's kinda the proof of the pudding isn't it,, wins....
            or are we getting the talent , and bobby has lost his edge or has other priorities than teaching,,,,either way, the bottom line is, we aren't beating the good teams, and who do you blame that on?
            i say fix em bob has scads of knowledge, no doubt, but why is it that it isn't being communicated to the players in a manner that they use it and get better....

        • Barry

          I don't want to accept mediocrity either. It's funny, we beat a 1-6 Big 12 team and the Huggin's Supporters comes out like gang busters. Says alot about how desperate they are for anything positive.

          If we (and I hope that we do) beat K-State, then that will be saying something. I think everyone would agree Baylor was totally unimpressive.

          • mad hatter

            yes , i think we can hang our hats on a win over kstate, that could prove that we have finally learned our lessons and compete the entire game

    • Dave

      We're all out of green. You might find the green kool-aid on another page. I hear the Herd finally won a game at home against that powerhouse FIU. Who?

  • mad hatter

    i have heard that the coaching st aff are saying that we will finish in the top ten in recruiting this yr,, i think this is very good, we have five scholarships left , i am sure we'll spend them in a profitable manner.

  • Rich

    I really think Dibo and,to a lesser degree, Nathan Adrien are the keys to whether WVU can finish over.500 and secure an NIT bid. I believe if our (3) guards are ever "on" during the same game we can beat anybody. But they have yet to do that so that means that someone like Dibo and/or Adrien have to step up. Factor in that both are front line players that can help with rebounding (Adrien is effective blocking shots as weak side help defender) and they are both important pieces the rest of the season.

    • mad hatter

      if anyone needed to reshirt this yr , is due to huggin's screwed up recruiting overthe last two yrs we had to play him,,,,someone needs to set huggins down and explain how to recruit good players with good character and good grades.
      now as for holton and macon, i understand they are majoring in underwater basket weaving.

      • Aaron

        Good grades? Are you aware of something the rest of us aren't? It seems the NCAA doesn't agree with you. As reported in The Chronicle for Higher Education" recently.

        "At West Virginia University, the graduation-success rate for men's basketball was a perfect 100 percent. That's quite a turnaround for Coach Bob Huggins, who at one point had a zero-percent graduation rate while coaching at the University of Cincinnati."

        You can question their character if you like but you cannot say his kids are not going to class, getting grades and graduating.

        Well, you can but you will be wrong.

        • Aaron

          Sorry, I forgot that. Don't take my word for it.

          • Aaron

            Debating woukd imply that they actually have a chance of proving me wrong and I sorry but given their comments, that's just not going to happen.

            When they post be erroneous tripe along the lines of "Huggins cannot recruit" or "Huggins cannot coach" I will continue to educate them with the facts.

          • GoEers

            Guys like Barry and mad hatter don't like facts. They like to drink the green kool-aid and belive that WVU's basketball team is in a state of desparation and dysfucntional when all they really are is a young team that is gaining experience and getting better with each game. You can provide all the facts that you want but they are going to believe what they want. Just rememeber you are debating 2 guys who truly believe Bob Huggins is a bad coach despite the fact that he has taken two different teams to the Final Four. More than likely their comment to that would be that he didn't win a national championship.

      • tw eagle

        the basket weaving courses had been limited to the football program , I think . . . although I was unaware that this discipline had been expanded to include aquatic classrooms . . .

      • shawn

        So Adrian doesn't have good character? HAHA schmuck. And if they get a degree from college what does it matter to you? Sounds like they should revoke yours.

        • mad hatter

          he seems like a good boy, but his lack of work ethic shows, and again, he's just a shooter,,, huggie needed to have time to break him of this ego thing, and teach him def.....ojt just is too slow, as is adrian

          • BeaverSniffer

            mad hatter - your post never make sense. U'r either drunk, high, or just plain stupid. One thing thou, you know nothing about basketball. McDonald's is calling.

          • shawn

            Good Boy? Ok weirdo.