CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Last year it was ‘Feed to Achieve’ this year the effort aimed at West Virginia schoolchildren is ‘Move to Improve.’

The state Senate is considering a bill that would require an additional physical activity for students in the state’s elementary, middle and high schools.

(Read Move to Improve Act here)

Representatives of the two teachers unions in West Virginia told a group of senators Friday they support the concept but don’t want an additional mandate on teachers.

West Virginia Federation of Teachers President Christine Campbell told committee members it’s important to allow the teachers to have the flexibility to get the proposed 30 minutes-a-day in.

“I think having opportunities to spread that out over the course of the day is going to give the teachers the opportunity to figure that out,” Campbell said.

West Virginia Education Association President Dale Lee said when he first heard of the idea he was worried about an additional mandate on teachers but he’s warmed to the idea after speaking with teachers. He said flexibility to meet the requirement would be the key.

“I have faith in teachers. I ask that you have the faith in teachers too,” Lee said.

The bill is expected to be taken up soon by the Senate Education Committee.

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  • Myron

    Of course appropriate incremental compensation is included, correct ?!

  • susanf1218

    I agree with and fully support this legislation, unlike the misguided
    Feed to Achieve bill that was passed last during the last legislative session. I would, however, be very interested in finding out how many "foundations" have been established to provide the additional funding for the Feed to Achieve initiative - I'm betting not many!

  • stophating

    Brilliant, perhaps if the idiotic state board of education hadn't fired Jorea Marple this bill wouldn't be necessary. Dr. Marple had started a similar program.

    When Gayle and Joe Manchin seized power and fired Dr. Marple, the stooge that was installed as state superintendent abandoned nearly every program that had been started under Dr. Marple's leadership.

    It's a real shame that she can't claim some form of copyright infringement--and further expose King and Queen Manchin and the stooge for the idiotic frauds that they are.

    One final thought, does Gayle Manchin actually still live in Charleston (or in reality for that matter).

    • Joe

      Wow, it appears you need to change your name!