MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Somewhat obscured by Juwan Staten’s monster day, Remi Dibo scored 10 points and delivered what was arguably the most crucial basket in West Virginia’s 81-71 victory over Kansas State.

Dibo’s 3-pointer with 2:09 left—after the Wildcats pulled to within 68-67—started an 11-1 run that carried WVU to its biggest win of the season. The 6-foot-7 French forward came open on the left wing, where he took a pass from forward Devin Williams

“Devin saw me wide-open and I took care of the rest,” said Dibo, who made 2-of-3 from 3-point range and reached double-figures in back-to-back games for the first time at WVU.

A defensive liability most of the season, Dibo also contributed to a monumental Kansas State turnover with 1:19 left, when he combined with Terry Henderson to trap Shane Southwell along the sideline.

“It’s all about intensity (in trapping),” Dibo said. “Coach Huggs always tells us you can’t just half-play the thing. We put pressure on (Southwell) and he lost he ball.”

Dibo made his second start and played 24 minutes Saturday, quite a turn from the scoreless, 11-minute outing he endured when K-State won the first matchup 78-56.

“We wasn’t ready for them when we went over there and we got blown out,” he said. “We was ready for them this time.”

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  • Hailey

    I love Eron Harris , but the guy seems to disappear when the team needs him the most. He is really good when we are way ahead or way behind.....need him to step up in crunch time and this team can make a run.

  • tw eagle

    his jumper surely hit the "spot" at the right time . . . what was a great surprise for me was when Dibo got the ball near the foul line , faked a jumper and went to the rim for an easy two . . I hope his "game" keeps expanding . . .

  • mineralcounty

    Dibo also held Southwell to only 5 points. Best complete game by far for the Frenchman. Nice to see Remi use the dribble drive as well. Love this team. So fun to watch. Keep it up fellas!

  • GoEers

    Dibo got it done! Great win for WVU!

  • Ike

    Nice game Rimi Threebo. Continue to allow yourself to be coached and then apply yourself. Your efforts will be rewarded with more PT. We still need to get much better in the paint, but I did see Rimi's man go baseline and when he got to the paint, Rimi put him on the floor. It was a nice physical play, not dirty, but contested. Make these guys earn their buckets when they get in the paint. Still to many unguarded points. Nice W

  • WVA-1

    Great job young men! They keep growing together like this and I am really optimistic for next year. Not bad for 2 juniors and a bunch of freshmen and sophomores. It seems as though Huggs tough style and accountability is being accepted and the players love him. Team chemistry seems great this year.

  • Dave

    Thanks Huggs for fixin it.

  • leroy j gibbs

    They should be more confident now. Just need to work on defense in the paint

  • Barry

    This game makes me hopeful for the future. The best that they have played this year in my opinion.

  • Harvey Lantz

    This game and this team showed us what we have to look forward to..Congrads Mounties,,congrads Huggs..Big harv