MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Rebounding from an atrocious performance at Kansas State two weeks ago, West Virginia made amends during Saturday’s rematch, winning 81-71.

Coach Bob Huggins said he expected as much.

“We were horrible (in the 78-56 loss at Manhattan) and I thought they played pretty well,” Huggins said. “I read where Bruce (Weber) said that may be their best game of the year, and I’m thinking, OK, that’s their best game of the year and we were awful. I mean we were just dreadful.

“So I thought we’re going to play better.”

In pulling even with the Wildcats at 5-4 in the Big 12 standings, West Virginia enjoyed a 37-19 advantage in free-throw attempts, thanks in large part to point guard Juwan Staten going 18-of-21 at the line.

“We thought we could get to the free-throw line, from just watching tape, and we were able to,” Huggins said.

Said K-State’s Weber regarding the free-throw disparity: “We didn’t get many and they got a bunch.”

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  • Allen

    I am sure the complainers will be back come the next loss. But I will enjoy this win until then.

  • Mountain Navy.

    The haters have finally shut up. Huggs has done a wonderful job and shows why he is one of the top coaches in the country.

  • Alum

    K-State battled back several times and this team did not fold. It looks to me like they are really maturing.

  • GoEers

    After a year of growing pains, these sophomores and Staten have really come a long way. Great coaching job by Huggins!

  • wvufan75

    Huggs is putting together a monster its only gonna get better and better and better........ Go EERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • John c

      COMPLETELY AGREE!!! Better get on the bandwagon now folks. It's going to be a helluva ride in Morgantown the next few years!!!!

  • Barry

    That was a good win. Staten is one of the best Point Guards in the country. Very impressive play from all of our guards.

  • Wow

    Great win and nice job on film study to come up with a good game plan. For this under sized young team, i think they are doing very well. With this win i doubt we will hear from the expert haters.they have all the answers when we lose but have nothing to say when we win.

  • richard

    great win......keep it up! this isn't last years team for sure. huggs has it going right. we may fight out some more wins this year....but next year i think this can be a contending big 12 team. at least somewhere near the top. keep the faith mountaineer fans. he isn't future hall of fame coach for nothing. see what you see-----but those players love that coach. they know what they are getting into when they sign to play for him. ask anyone within the program------they love him and he loves his players.

    • leroy j gibbs

      Halll of fame coach

  • Mister Man

    There it was. Go Mountaineers!!!!

  • Steve

    Hugg's said he would fix it. Congrats to the team on a great win!

    • Alum

      He did indeed keep his promise! Things certainly look like they on are the rise.

    • Barry

      Why did it need "fixing"?

      • wow

        he didn't mean the team needed to be fixed, the game plan needed fixed and they watched film and fixed it. Nice win.

      • james hicks

        They don't need fixing they need to just get more playing time since they are so young. They have been playing very good teams with more experience that WV. Even in most loses I enjoy watching and seeing what can be next year. I also see them getting better as this season goes on.

  • Country Roads

    Nothing like singing country roads. Huggs got it done, and he fixed it . He was wearing his sweatsuit as well, A good solid win Mountaineers.

  • 5toldU1s

    That was just a fine, fine win. KState grinds and I thought we ground with them. Wannie for league MVP.