MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — WVU police are looking for the man who attacked a woman on the university’s main campus in Morgantown early Friday morning.

Police said the attack occurred near the College of Business and Economics building at around 12:40 a.m.

The suspect is described as a six-foot tall white man who weighs about 150 pounds. He was wearing a black beanie, black coat and light blue jeans.


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  • Shadow

    The local police made several recommendations about how to protect yourself from an assault and carrying the best protecdtion, a small 9mm, was not one of them. I really like the one where you take a friend with you so there can be two victims or the perp would select your friend and you could run away.


    Buy a shotgun and fire both barrels in the air-- that'll scare'em off... Remember: Buy a shotgun; both barrels; in the air!!!

    • Shawn H

      Don't forget to pee on them too.

  • honey badger

    They should burn a couch that will settle it



  • William

    All women just need a couple of buddies with them -

  • jay ziehm

    as they say in America you should never text while driving to continue you should never walk alone after dark. look at WVU's past record on this issue. if its a student expel him for life from any University across the nation. regardless hang the S>O>B>

  • unbiased news

    Its only an alledged attack.

  • Jay

    Shadow, yes it is a criminal empowerment zone, all of WVU is, by signage. Unenforceable, yes, but it is still technically there, and if you were a student who defended yourself, you'd be expelled for carrying an scary self-defense item.

    I think since the University bans self-defense, they should be liable for her security and damages when that fails, as it did.

    • Shadow

      You are better at being politically correct than I am. I had to read it twice to understand. I am happy she survived, quite often it doesn't happen.

  • Shadow

    Is the campus a "Massacre Zone" or do they allow concealed carry? A small 9mm would have solved this guys problem so it wouldn't occur again.

  • Mountain Man

    Circle the wagons on campus. Stop this now. Increase security.