CHARLESTON, W.Va. — State Transportation Secretary Paul Mattox recently told state lawmakers adding a second bridge on Interstate 64 at Nitro would cost about $150 million.

“We’re in the very preliminary engineering stage and we’ve only had one public meeting and currently it’s not in our six-year program,” Mattox said.

The plan is to reconfigure the Nitro and St. Albans exits along with adding a second bridge over the Kanawha River.


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  • Halley's Comet

    Why don't we stop adding new four lane highways until we can maintain and improve what we have ?

    The problem will only escalate
    When we keep adding new miles of roads if we can't afford to
    Maintain and improve what we have.

  • Aaron

    This bridge needs to become a priority as it is the bottleneck preventing 3 lane expansion from Charleston to Huntington. This should be a priority for this area. If not, the money spent at Dunbar was essentially wasted. Perhaps it's time to consider one of those private/public partnerships.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    We can't even finish Rt. 35 out in the hinterland, let alone relieve congestion in the more developed parts of the state.

    • Guardian

      Could have finished it if you would have accepted it being a toll road. Putnam County voted to proceed - Mason County voted to obstruct.

  • wvtd

    what the hell for? I agree with you pot hole.

  • Todd

    I64 should never have been expanded to 3 lanes in that area without a bridge replacement plan in place. It it a bottleneck going from 3 lanes to 2 lanes back to 3 lanes. Only in West Virginia would this happpen.

    • flossrancher

      So right! A three-lane road with one two-lane section is a two-lane road. Might as well turn one lane of the wide section into a parking lot, because it's not taking traffic anywhere.

  • Dave

    @ Pot Hole:

    Follow the money. The area west of St. Albans is very affluent now.

  • Pot Hole

    150 Million for one bridge? How far would that go to repair secondary roads. Stop catering to interstates. WV's secondary roads have fallen a part.

    • Guardian

      Responsibility for some secondary and tertiary roads needs to go back to the counties. And the counties need to be empowered by the state to raise local taxes to maintain those roads.