CROSS LANES, W.Va. — A Hurricane city police officer is recovering after his cruiser was involved in a crash in Kanawha County early Monday morning.

Hurricane Mayor Scott Edwards identified the officer as Ritchie Poe.

“He’s doing very well, he’s sore all over, but doing very well,” Edward said. “We’re thankful he’s doing well and really thankful he had his seat belt on. He would have been in really bad shape if not dead if he hadn’t had that seat belt on.”

The wreck happened in the westbound lanes of Interstate 64 near the Cross Lanes exit at just before 6 a.m. The cruiser rolled several times and Poe was entrapped in the wreckage. He was cut out about 25 minutes later.

The cruiser was a Dodge Durango and was actually a backup vehicle on the Hurricane force.  Officer Poe’s regular patrol vehicle was in the shop. Edwards said the cruiser was totaled in the wreck.

Ironically while many accidents were reported due to icy conditions, Poe’s wreck is actually blamed on the rain.

“He hit some water and hydroplaned,” Edwards said. “At that point he ran off the road and rolled two to three times.”

Poe was headed to Hurricane to start his shift for the day when the accident occurs.  He lives between Cross Lanes and Charleston.


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  • jay ziehm

    come on people your kind of cruel today, first----glad he is fine--second--insurance will pay for the cruiser -- and third -- yes he should be cited if the investigation concludes he was going to fast for conditions and if he was on a cell phone--Gods speed for a full recovery and GOD BLESS every law enforcement officer in the state of West Virginia and across the nation.

  • Sherry

    These comments are disgusting. Prayers for the officer's speedy recovery.

  • Taxpayer

    He had an accident, just like the other hundred people who did today. He may have been doing 100 mph on black ice with snow, sleet and frozen goose poop on top, but he probably just had an accident. Move on people, there's nothing to see here....

    • William

      He should get a citation, fine, and maybe jail time.

      • William

        Just heard he was on cell phone

  • Brian

    Man, I love it! Every comment is beating up on the cops. This is fantastic stuff.

  • Knows how to drive in bad weather

    Anyone else would be cited for failure to control their vehicle. Had to be going too fast speeding for conditions to hit water on road and flip 3 times. Hope he has to pay for city vehicle he totaled due to his negligence, anyone else would if belonged to city or a company they worked for.

    • Brian

      Beat me to it. Get him; he was driving too fast.

  • Alum

    I was on the GW Parkway last week and had a Park policeman tailgating me with snow on the road.

    I guess the badge over rides the laws of physics.

  • Ut Oh

    Absoultly not BAC and or speeding are you kidding me he is "The Law".

  • griff

    it is funny nothing was mentioned about speed being a factor.

  • Goodie

    I have no sympathy for any cop who gets hurt. It's just payback for the way they beat handcuffed people like the cowards they are, then claim resisting arrest.

    • Jonus Grumby

      Sure, judge everyone for the actions of a few.

  • Jonus Grumby

    Everyone needs to take the road conditions into consideration when driving. Even the police. Glad he's going to be OK.

  • William

    DUI, speeding, or piss poor driving?

    • Dave

      Or tryig to get a donut before closing time?


    Did we check his BAC? they would have checked anyone else.........