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Juwan Staten’s big week included a game-winning shot against Baylor and a 35-point effort versus Kansas State.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — After producing last-second heroics at Baylor and a career-high 35 points against Kansas State, Juwan Staten was recognized as Big 12 player of the week Monday.

“He’s been terrific,” Bob Huggins said on the Big 12 coaches teleconference. “He’s studied film, he’s tried to learn the game. He’s gotten so much better with his decision-making, knowing when to go (to the rim), when not to go.”

West Virginia (13-9, 5-4) edged the Bears 66-64 on Staten’s layup with 3.1 seconds left, and then saw its point guard prove unguardable in an 81-71 win over the Wildcats. The junior averaged 25 points, seven assists and four rebounds for the week.

Staten is assembling all-around totals worthy of league MVP consideration. He ranks second in the Big 12 in scoring at 18.0 points per game—just one-tenth of a point behind Iowa State’s Melvin Ejim—and leads in assists (5.95), assist-to-turnover ratio (2.91) and minutes played (37).

After tying Rod Thorn’s school record by making 18-of-21 free throws against K-State, Staten also tops the conference in free-throws and attempts this season. He’s third in field-goal shooting (52.7 percent), sixth in steals (1.32) and 18th in rebounding (5.8).

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  • Ole Sasquatch

    Is there a single player who can defend him?

    • FNP

      He's the only one who can prevent him from having success.

  • mark

    It would be nice if the season ticket holders in the lower level would actually attend. From my lofty upper deck perch I counted 250 empty seats at the KState game. Give me the seats if you aren't going!

    • wvrefugee

      Call Luck! His so-called "big donors" have those seats now! You should see mid week games!!

    • FNP

      I would pay for the tickets if they were available. The school should look at how many empty seats there are every game and release those seats the following year if they arent occupied 80% of the time.

      • TE

        I have 4 seats in Section 9 very low row ... Behind Tony and Jay for Iowa State and I cannot go . Not looking to scalp just would like to get what I paid for them ... Coliseum club passes as well and if you want to use my parking pass I'll even do that as long as you give it back for the next game . I hate seeing it empty too , but cannot make it to every game from Bluefield ... I will be there Wednesday !!! Let's go

        • Aaron

          I'd be interested

  • FNP

    Staten has come a long way from last year. He is more mature and focused on the "team" unlike last year. He followed Murray's every move and it got him on the sh*t list with Huggs. He is definitely a floor general.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    juwanna win? play Juwan!!

  • mad hatter

    i am glad to hear staten coming back for next season.... he has many of the tools to be a success in the NBA, but i certainly think he should develop his 3 pt range, and this would make him a sure bet as a high round draft pick..certainly his height could be considered a liability, but he has other great skills that may convince nba teams to take a big chance on him

    • Aaron

      Where are you hearing that. He can't even declarant until after the season is over. Hhas said he's not coming out? As much as I'd like to see him back next year, if he has the possibility of being a first-round pick with guaranteed money, he has to listen to that conversation.

      • mad hatter

        he's already stated , he'll be back next yr, you idiot ,mutant hill billy

        • Aaron

          And in the future, you should realize when referring to me, Idiot, Mutant, and Hillbilly are proper nouns and as such, should be capitalized.

          While I do not mind you referring to my other names, I do demand a modem of respect. After all, we are civilized here, are we not?

          • Aaron

            Have you noticed Eers that in all the huff and puff, there is no mention of when Staten said he was coming back. I realize I shouldn't toy with the minions but sometimes it's just so much fun.

          • mad hatter

            ur too stupid to deserve respect

          • Aaron

            I understand what it is. I also understand It does not have Its facts correct on this issue. I was merely pointing that out to It.

          • GoEers

            Some times it's best to just ignore mad hatter....his screen name is named after a former bar in Huntington...he is a marshall fan that posts on WVU articles because MU's basketball team is irrelevant...he has posted in the past that WVU would have a losing record this year as well as other negative comments such as asking who would Huggins run off after this season and then mentioned Dibo.

            Now his new deal is WVU will be mediocreif they don't win 6 of their final 9 games of which 7 of them are against ranked opponents. What he doesn't understand is that most teams in the BIg 12 still have 9 conference games to go and only 2-3 teams have a realistic chance at ending up 11-7 or better...That's going to happen whenever you have 7 teams in a 10 team conference that have been ranked at some point throughout the year and are playing a round robin conference schedule in the nations #1 RPI conference.

            Iowa St., Kansas St., WVU, all have 4 losses with 9 games to go while Oklahoma St. has 5. Feel free to take the time to do the math, but when all siad and done you can expect only 2 and definitely no more than 3 teams at 11-7 or better.

        • Aaron

          When did he state that? Was it before he was called the best PG in the best conference in Merrika?

  • mad hatter

    seems each game we play is a must win,,,i guess a win now, shows improvement and i would agree,,,,, beating texas once, iowa st twice, kansas twice will be a tall order,,,... so, if we can split with kansas, and iowa st. , and texas,, i would say our season is somewhat of a success.. anything less, would mean we are now accepting mediocrity and moral wins..
    we are young but then again , why? and who put us in this place with the recruiting?
    we have 9 reg. season games left.I think we should win 6 and lose 3 to be considered average for the season in the conf.. leaving us 11-7. So yes, i have changed my mind on this team,, as long as staten doesn't miss any games..without him, we're dead.
    reg. season we would be 19-12 ,good for NIT.Not ncaa,,, this should be our goal, just slightly above mediocrity...

    • josh

      6 - 3? that would be awfully tough, considering every game from here on out is against good teams, except for the tcu game...and you say if that occurs we'll just be in the nit? i'd say we'd be going to the ncaa tourney! an 11 - 7 record in the conference that is #1 in conference rpi? thats definitely something the ncaa tourney committee looks at, also our strength of schedule is expected to be in the single digits, and if we go 6 - 3 then we'll have lots of quality wins because 8 of the 9 games remaining are vs quality opponents, 6 - 3 the rest of the way, against these teams all but guarantees wvu a good rpi too...its not mandatory to win 20 games in order to make the ncaa to sum it up, 19 wins, 11 - 7 conf record in best conf in the nation, good rpi, terrific strength of schedule, and several quality wins, and great finish to the season, all things that the ncaa tourney committee looks at...i'd say a 6 - 3 finish gets us in, and dont forget we could win a game or two in the big 12 tourney and actually finish with 20 - 21 wins, in addition the other positives i mentioned...

      • mad hatter

        i would accept an ncaa bid,,, but my thoughts are actually in all reality, we won't do as good as i have hoped, and we will be very lucky to get an away game in the nit

    • Low Rider

      Seriously mad hatter, 6-3 over the last 9 games having to play Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa State twice as well as Texas (who just beat Kansas at home)?

      If WVU wins 4 of the next 9, and 1 in the Big 12 tourney I will be happy. That would give us 18 wins, an NIT bid, and momentum going into 2014-15. Maybe mediocrity for some, but a marked improvement for others.

      • mad hatter

        i'm just hoping,,

      • mad hatter

        if you want to accept mediocrity, so be it,,, leave me out of that party,,, it's time to roar

  • Country Roads

    Mountaineer Fans if you are going to the game ask someone to go with you, and if you are in a season ticket holder and not going to the game give tickets to someone who will go. Need to pack the coliseum the players seems to play better and harder when we have a good crowd there for them.HOPE TO SEE YOU at the game..

    • mad hatter

      if i ask someone to go with me to the game, where is it going to get a ticket/

      • GoEers

        You don't go to Mountaineer games. You sit back and post during the updates on this website. You live in Huntington and ara a marshall fan. You may feel free to leave now. None of us WVU fans want you around.

        • mad hatter

          u sleep with you mom in your baseball, you don't take your meds, and ur one uphappy marsha fan ,and you hide behind a name that only good mountaineer fans should use,,, go back to fat city, neither are you intelligent or informative

  • Brew4WVU

    WOW I agree with Dave how come Alan Taylor cannot be positive more often? Well when you are the mouth peice for WVRC you have to be negitave just wait until he gets on the Statewide Sports line with Brad "Mr. Negative' Howell they will find flaw with something.

  • Jim Moltzer

    Great comments from the Mountaineer fans ... Love this team. Well, I always believed in our coach and that he will fix it. It takes time and with the right players, they can be all for one! Juwan ... what can you say about his great turn around from last year to now? He is the best point guard in the Big 12. It's a great day to be a Mountaineer! Let's GO and Win the next one! Take one game at a time!

  • Dave

    Excellent reporting by Allan Taylor. Why can't you be that positive all the time instead of throwing in your little jabs against WVU?
    Congratulations to Juwan. Well deserved.
    Beat OU


  • Bob

    Wanny will only make the opportunities for Terry, Eron, Remi and Nate with good looks. Bet OU and others will work overtime to shut Wanny down.
    No excuses: Let's pack the Coliseum and add the 6th man Wednesday night.
    Let's go Mountaineers.

    Denton, Texas

    • mad hatter

      who is wanny?

      • The Wisetalker


        • Ryan

          Ju-WAN = Wanny

          That's his nickname on the team, and what Huggins calls him.

          • mad hatter

            sounds like a racial slur

  • GoEers

    Can't wait to head back to the Colisieum on Wednesday!

    It's a great day to be a Mountaineer fan wherever you may be!

  • Country Roads

    Staten is the man , sure would be nice to sing Country Roads with a full house ... I will see you True Mointaineer Fans at the game..

  • 4WVUinKY

    Congratulations Juwan. Throw hell to the wind again this week and take this team to victory against OK!

    It's an absolutely awesome day to be a Mountaineer...once, always, and wherever!

  • Shawn

    Well deserved!

    • mad hatter

      well said sir