CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The winter that rocked the state in January continued its assault into February with a strong storm that left a mixed bag of precipitation early Monday morning.

The storm was all snow in central and north central counties with snowfall amounts ranging from a few inches in Jackson County to more than a half-foot of snow in Fairmont and Morgantown.

The Interstate 64 corridor between Huntington and Charleston started as all rain but when the changeover occurred it created slippery driving conditions. There were close to three dozen wrecks reported in the Kanawha Valley during morning rush hour.

Meteorologists said counties south of Interstate 64 picked mostly rain from the system.

The 2013-14 school year took another hit Monday with 38 county school districts shutting their doors for the day.


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  • Medman

    We have 9 to 12 inches in our front yard depending on where you measure. I'm south of Morgantown, about half way to Fairmont.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Dadgum Obama.

    I wanted to be the first.

    • Larry

      To do what?

  • rick

    Very little snow in the valley, Most of the strom went to the Parkersburg-Morgantown areas.

  • hilljack

    I followed a line of traffic to work today just creeping. When I got to the light the lead car was texting, and here I thought she was just being cautious for the roads. Pay attention people!

  • just sayin

    "close to three dozen wrecks reported in the Kanawha Valley during morning rush hour"..then why in the world did Kanawha county still have school? Is is more important not to miss any more days due to weather/water than the safety of the kids and teachers?? just sayin

    • griff

      if close to 3 dozen people slowed down

    • Richard L.

      school buses were already out in Kanawha Couny before the snow hit.

    • Lisa

      It said during "morning rush hour" which probably indicates that most kids were already on the buses when the change over to ice happened...a little too late to call it off then.