RIPLEY, W.Va. — A man was arrested Monday and charged with calling in a bomb threat at the Jackson County Courthouse in Ripley.


John Newman was arrested Monday.

Police arrested John Newman, 40, and charged him with making a terroristic threat.

It’s alleged Newman called Jackson County 911 and said there was a bomb. Those working and doing business in the courthouse were evacuated until a search cleared the building.


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  • northforkfisher

    Besides time in jail, he should have to pay for all acquired expenses. If the law would start making people pay, then these adults and especially school kids would stop this dumbness.

  • leroy jethro gibbs

    proud 70's mustache too

  • Jason412

    What kind of jail picture is that? Looks like a "selfie"

  • Larry

    He looks very intelligent, I'm surprised he was caught.