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Running back Donte Thomas-Williams of Durham, N.C., is a four-star prospect who’s believed to have West Virginia and N.C. State atop his list of finalists.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia heads into National Signing Day with 20 players committed, but several more 11th-hour targets could boost the class into the top 30.

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Four-star running back Donte Thomas-Williams of Durham, N.C., declared WVU his frontrunner last month but is still considering N.C. State, Virginia Tech, Florida, Notre Dame, Florida State and Syracuse. The powerful 6-foot, 220-pounder is rated by Rivals as the No. 21 running back in the nation.

Thomas-Williams’ high school teammate, four-star receiver Trevion Thompson, was considering West Virginia and a number of top programs before committing to Clemson last month.

Despite having three wide receiver commitments for 2014 and two more pledged for 2015, the Mountaineers are still battling Florida for three-star prospect C.J. Worton of South Dade High in Homestead (Fla.). Though it could be hard for West Virginia to pry Worton out of the Sunshine State, Dana Holgorsen’s spread offenses typically have been appealing to skill players, and the Gators ranked 107th in passing offense last season.

One defensive target still in West Virginia’s sights—New Smyrna Beach (Fla.) safety D’Cota Dixon—is believed to be leaning toward Wisconsin, but last week the three-star prospect took his final visit to Morgantown. He also holds offers from several SEC, ACC and Big Ten programs, some of whom believe he could play running back or receiver.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Rivals ranked West Virginia’s class No. 43 nationally, while 247Sports pegged it 39th and ESPN ranked it 38th. But who knows where the Mountaineers will end up after the LOIs begin streaming through the fax machines.

“The only certainty about signing day,” said Rivals writer Keenan Cummings, “is that it always brings surprises.”

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  • El Supremo

    One has to wonder about the mentality of fans that become excited about a high school athlete that 1) has never been away from home; 2) has never been exposed to college level classes; and 3) played games against younger, smaller kids that may not be as developed physically.

    I knew a high school running back that had 77 colleges interested, UNTIL the college recruiter asked, "How are his grades?"

    The only two major schools that I would trust recruiting intelligent athletes are Stanford and Northwestern.

  • ShinnstonGuy

    Are you sure any of these teens know what a fax machine is, Allan? LOLOLOL.

  • mad hatter

    i see angus signed but is another academically challenged recruit... we seem to get our share... why do we recruit these guys if we know they won't make it.

  • tw eagle

    my last post wasn't held for moderation , this could be problematical for everyone , please adjust the hold button. . .

  • Alex

    I seen where ESPN rated us 39th move us back one. Michigan State I think picked up a player who changed his mine from Northwestern..

    • mad hatter

      scout says 46th

      • mad hatter

        moved up to 38th

  • Yogi Wahoo

    Gwatney or Braham.

  • Say What?

    (Heavy sigh)Signing day is just another day for people to get all hyped over teenagers that are not yet proven at the next level.

    • joe

      yea so?

  • Mike

    Just a bunch of names until they stay in school and prove themselves on the field. Then I'll pay attention to them.

    • joe

      That's because you are not a true fan. People like you tick me off. Why do you even bother to comment. Just shut up.

      • Mike

        Been a Mountaineer fan for over 40 years. Seen countless recruits never make the grade. No point in getting excited over kids yet to make a contribution. Joe, you need an anger management course, seriously.

      • Jtj

        Free speech

  • mad hatter

    some people will lead you to believe that stars don't matter,,, i'm telling you it does,
    just look at the teams that for the most part, are conf contenders yr in and yr out, and look at their recruitment rankings.

    they certainly aren't 46 th in the nation,,, but i realize that stars does not always tell the story... some times a four star signed by wvu probably has some baggage or academic problems otherwise they would have signed with a fb power.
    And i'm not saying we can't get there, but we need about 3 yrs of top 25 rankings, and some good coaching to get there.
    So far for whatever reasons , holgie has not produced very good talent.. Let's hope that is changing.
    but i welcome all the new recruits ,welcome to the great school of wvu, and i certainly hope to stay , and get your degree , and along the way , help us to win some games...But for goodness sakes,, GET YOUR DEGREE. , THAT WILL MAKE US PROUD

    • Bottom feeder

      Most of us that blog here bleed Gold and Blue. But let's take a step back and try to think why a 5 star athlete would want to come to Morgantown? Forget that WVU is there and everything it has to offer. Coach had better find a way to compete in the Big 12 with 3 star folks. There are no gimmes there.

      • Aaron

        There are only a finite number of 5 star recruits and if you follow the trends, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where they go and why.

        Morgantown is no worse the destination for a TX or FL recruit than Eugene is for a southern Cal recruit and it's certainly no worse a destination the Tuscaloosa or Auburn, AL.

        While the naysayers try to downplay the truth, Holgorsen is starting to get kids to look at WVU that didn't before and the move to the Big 12 plays a role in that factor.

      • mad hatter

        i'm not a big city guy, so i think motown is just right, close to tthe big city but not too close...has about all i would want except warm winters.

        • tw eagle

          Well , I can tell from this post that you & William have a lot in common . . .the two of you rarely if ever spend time outside your mothers basements . . . I liked swimming at cheat in the summers, hiking through the woods with our bunny Wendy , and chilling at Mundy's over a few redeyes . . .
          not everyone in the world appreciates these fine points of life in West 'by God' Virginia . . . life for the generation of today is driven and changes by the minute or even by the last instagram received on their super phone . . . everybody in W Va will want to hit WVU or Marshall , everyone outside of W Va will ask if West ,Virginia is near Virginia Beach . . .

          • mad hatter

            are you still sleeping with your mother

  • Allan

    Just read Tony C's article on StarGazing and I'm with him!! Watched ESPN today and after a half an hour of the experts talking on this 5 star recruit and this SEC team got 5 top 5 star recruits and on and on….I TURNED IT OFF.

    • mad hatter

      allan, don't want to make you mad , but the main reason people say stars don't matter is mainly because they are jealous, because we are ranked 46th,,, hoping this moves up, but i'll take osu, ala, usc, aub
      recruits vs what we got.

      • Charles

        No. They don't matter because stars are offer based. If bama, Nd, Texas offers a kid the kid gets automatically bumped a star. Any that actually follows recruiting knows this. People that just read a newspaper or metronews does not.

        • mad hatter

          keep drinking the kool aid,,i know you want to believe that, but you're just jealous,,,, now if we were 10th and bama was 46th, you'd say that stars do matter.... get real

    • Just Passing Through

      Allan .. I hear you friend , same with me I change Channel after about 30 minutes . I got a way from ESPN back in October I just recently started to try to keep up with some sports news and they are still going on with the same stuff..all SEC .. Sick of it ...

  • Just Passing Through

    Just hope we get what has promise to sign .

  • Just Passing Through

    I seen the other day where it stated if West Virginia signs all their commitments that would be well over 85 scholarships which is only permitted by the NCAA wait and see how this turns out.

  • Justin

    Very, big DubV fan from NC, he played against my old HS New Bern first game of the year. can deff put in needed work. didnt see much from him that game though.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    Myself, I don't know. I just wanted to be the first to comment.