CHARLESTON, W.Va. — It didn’t take Charleston police officers long to track down a man accused of robbing a bank Wednesday morning.

Police said Basil Smith, 37, of Charleston, was captured about five minutes after the call came in to 911. 


Basil Smith of Charleston was arrested shortly after the Wednesday bank robbery.

Chief of Detectives Lt. Steve Cooper said Smith walked into the WesBanco on Tennessee Ave and demanded cash but never showed a weapon. There were several customers in the bank at the time as well as numerous employees.

Smith fled on foot but he didn’t get far.

“Fortunately [our officers] ran into the robber as he was leaving the area,” said Cooper. “[He got] about two or three blocks.”

Cooper explained it wasn’t hard to identify the suspect. That’s because bank employees gave police a very detailed description. Smith was wearing a purple jacket and a baseball cap, with a large McDonald’s logo.

He was taken into custody without incident. Police found all the stolen money still on him. He’s being held in the South Central Regional Jail.

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  • Fubar

    We make jails for the stupid criminals
    The pros go into politics

  • Joe

    Sarah....he is a coward, plain and simple. No sympathy here. Many people have it much worse and do not turn to crime and threatening others. Psychosis?! Sounds like the defense case is known now.

  • jay zoom

    SARAH would you be saying the same thing if he robbed your home stole all your belongings and possibly injured someone in your family if confronted. he who breaks the law will be dealt with accordingly.

  • Sarah

    Hey , u guys have no idea ! This man is the sweetest guy u would ever meet and him and his wife has had a lot of struggles. He works real hard and goes thru alot. hes not dangerous. He wouldnt hurt a fly. im not saying people should rob banks but all im saying is that this world can be cruel and heartless and can make a man or woman lose it. i think he was at his witts end . he doesnt need jail he needs treatment for his stress that i believed caused him to do that. he wasnt trying to get rich doing "bank jobs" he was experiencing psychosis. i will pray for him and his family and offer my support!

    • Mike

      Dear Sarah, Get a life and wake up from your dream land. He robbed a bank,now he will pay for being stupid. I know quite a few people that have be down on their luck. So far none of them have robbed a bank. Nice try "he was experiencing psychosis" no was experiencing a case of "stupid". I would bet that this is not the only free thing he wanted/gets. I bet working people are covering his other needs such as food,housing,phone etc.

  • Jephre

    Almost as stupid as the guy who robbed the bank in Jefferson County a few weeks ago - he walked into the lobby and half the tellers knew him.

  • 19WVU76

    He wanted to supersize the number 3, and that costs a little more.

  • SamWvu304

    Wait a minute? did this guy work at the mccorkle ave mcds? I think i remember him..lmao.Geez I guess he got tired of flipping burgers..

  • SamWvu304

    So he's saying,"I can't live on McDonalds salaries"?my wifes gonna kill me if I don't get something for Valentine's Day!!! Maybe I can tell her i had to rob the bank to get it.. then ill be in jail until after V-day.. so she don't beat on me for no gift...lmao..thats my take on his completely thoughtless look.

  • Dale

    Good job CPD!!!