CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha-Charleston Health Department Director Doctor Rahul Gupta believes the first-year of medical monitoring in connection with the water emergency would cost approximately $750,000.

“For a bare boned program for the first year,” Gupta told members of the legislature’s Water Resources Committee Wednesday. “We would have to bring in experts. The integrity and the transparency of this process has to be impeccable.”

Gupta has been calling for medical monitoring in the weeks following the Jan. 9 leak of Crude MCHM in the Elk River that touched off the nine-county water emergency. Such a program has not been approved. Gupta said again Wednesday it should get started soon.

Dr. Gupta also told lawmakers medical monitoring should continue for 20 years.


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    The WV Water Company only tests for a few Chemicals they "Think" might be in the water and the current chemicals were only tested for because the public complained of the odor, those chemicals w/o an odor go undetected and in to peoples homes and restaurants

  • John Saunders

    Excellent idea. Cost for this spill should come from water company and what ever is left from Freedom. Any company that has the possibility of polluting our rivers and streams and air and soils should be required to post a Surety bond sufficient to cover investigations by governmental agencies and remedial activities such as medical monitoring. Sadly we had developed business models in recent years that pretty much eliminate risk in doing business. Company errors become shared responsibility. Legal system geared to get culprits liabilities minimized or eliminated and them back creaming off profits.

  • Rodney Hytonen

    This needs to happen in every West Virginia community anywhere within five miles of gas & oil fracking.

    It's killing wildlife and livestock, fouling and poisoning the deer meat, and driving people out of West Virginia in droves.

    The onslaught of evaporation pits and other frequent trucking, storage and transfer spills, has put us all at high risk for cancer.

    For business, profits ALWAYS trump people. That's SUPPOSED to be why we have government.

    • Charleston

      I've got news for you bud: the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink are all polluted to some effect. I'm not trying to trivialize your statements, but there is more than enough of the blame to pass around than just scapegoating big business.