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Eron Harris (10) celebrates with Gary Browne after West Virginia’s 91-86 overtime upset of No. 21 Oklahoma.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — As West Virginia sought to continue its winning ways, the late-arriving Oklahoma Sooners stood in the way.

After leaving Norman on Tuesday, the No. 21 Sooners made a couple unplanned stops before spending the night in Newark, and they arrived in Morgantown only a few hours before tipoff.

They wound up staying longer than expected, too. West Virginia got a 3 at the end of regulation from Eron Harris and beat OU 91-86 in overtime.

Check below for a recap of the in-game updates:

WEST VIRGINIA 16, OKLAHOMA 15 (12:06 first half)
The fouls are piling up early for the Mountaineers, as Eron Harris, Kevin Noreen and Nathan Adrian have two each. Obviously, Harris is the integral part of that trio, and his fouls just came within 18 seconds of one another. So far has WVU has committed seven fouls to WVU’s five.
WEST VIRGINIA 16, OKLAHOMA 15 (11:48 first half)
The Mountaineers are living up to their perimeter-first reputation, going 2-of-10 from 3-point range, which puts them on pace for about 43 attempts. (Conversely, Oklahoma is 0-of-1 from deep.) … Ryan Spangler has six points and three rebounds in less than eight minutes of action, so he’s steamrolling toward his double-double average.
WEST VIRGINIA 24, OKLAHOMA 17 (7:41 first half)
An 8-0 run comprised of two Staten drives and two inside baskets by Devin Williams has given WVU an early cushion. However, Williams just became the fourth Mountaineer with two fouls, and Oklahoma will shoot the double-bonus for the remainder of the half.
WEST VIRGINIA 37, OKLAHOMA 25 (3:50 first half)
With 13 points on 3-of-5 shooting from 3-point range, Terry Henderson looks to be headed for a huge night. Staten, who’s ienjoying a series huge nights, has nine points, five rebounds and four assists. … The Sooners also have four players with two fouls as the freedom-of-movement police are in full patrol mode. Spangler has been on the bench for eight minutes after earning his second foul.
WEST VIRGINIA 43, OKLAHOMA 32 (halftime)
The Sooners miss three shots from point-blank range before the halftime buzzer and head to the locker room shooting only 35 percent. Their seven turnovers aren’t an overwhelming number, until you consider that WVU has only two. … Moments before the half, Staten scored his 13th point on an up-and-under layup in heavy traffic. Henderson also closed the half with 13 for WVU, which is playing with such confidence and swagger that a certain media member sitting beside me just began discussing NCAA at-large scenarios. That’s farfetched at this point, but a conversation that wouldn’t have been broached last week.
WEST VIRGINIA 51, OKLAHOMA 41 (15:29 second half)
The Mountaineers go three straight possessions without the ball EVER penetrating the 3-point line. Harris makes a deep 3-pointer, then forces one that was ugly, then makes another from the top of the key. That’s a net of six points and an average of two per possession. … Harris has eight in the first four minutes of the second half and 10 overall.
WEST VIRGINIA 57, OKLAHOMA 51 (11:51 second half)
Buddy Hield has 10 of his 13 points in the second half as Oklahoma has stemmed the blowout wave for the time being. Apparently, this team doesn’t score 83 points per game by accident. The overall shooting has evened up at 40 percent for both teams.
WEST VIRGINIA 67, OKLAHOMA 62 (7:54 second half)
That Mountaineers’ 14-point cushion was sliced to three at one juncture when Harris buried a 3-pointer from the top of the key. He’s making some big-time shots in this half, with 13 of his 15 points. … After a cleanly played first half, West Virginia has committed six second-half turnovers in 12 minutes.
WEST VIRGINIA 77, OKLAHOMA 74 (2:44 second half)
The Mountaineers are in what would normally be considered crisis time for them—a one-possession game in clutch stages. But the norm has changed during the past week. We’ll see how WVU handles things with its newfound pluck. … By the way, Remi Dibo picked up fouls No. 4 and No. 5 within 14 seconds and left with 4:50 to play.
WEST VIRGINIA 81, OKLAHOMA 81 (end regulation)
Harris’ 20-point second half turned monumental when he buried the game-tying 3-pointer with 21 seconds left. When Oklahoma can’t hit the last shot—a force from the right wing—the Coliseum has officially been, uh, rejuvenated. Especially the folks now walking back IN through the exits. OT awaits.
WEST VIRGINIA 87, OKLAHOMA 86 (1:31 in overtime)
Harris continues his hot shooting with two 3-pointers in the extra period—one a fall-away that left him sliding on his rear end near the center circle. He’s got 28 points after scoring only two in the first half. Unbelievable game for the sophomore.
WEST VIRGINIA 89, OKLAHOMA 86 (0:36 in overtime)
With Oklahoma’s sagging defense essentially taking away Staten’s driving lanes, the point guard pulls up for a 15-footer. (He’s got 19 points, though on 6-of-18 shooting). … On the other end, Oklahoma’s Tyler Neal misses back-to-back 3-point tries. After a scramble, Devin Williams rebounds for WVU and calls timeout.
Staten steals Oklahoma’s final chance and the Mountaineers own an impressive three-game conference winning streak. Harris scored 28 and Staten produced 20 points and 10 rebounds for WVU, while Jordan Woodard led the Sooners with 23. … WVU won the rebounding edge 46-44 and got revenge on the team it lost to three times a year ago.

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  • pghmountaineer

    Steve, I'm not suggesting that I'm 100% accurate. Let's see how the rest of the games play out and revist the post.

  • Country Roads

    Listen to the interview with Harris he is a very humble young man, I like that and I'm glad you had a great night last night, I wish him many more good games, he seems to be very happy with being on the floor and realize that you don't win ballgames my yourself it's a team thing . thank you WVU good watching you last night. Now we can sing and say it's great to be a Mountaineer....

  • mad hatter

    you guys deserved this win, you've worked hard,,

    and my advice to watkins, you have huge upside, you can be as good as you want, just work , listen, study, keep your grades up, and GET YOUR DEGREE.

  • Bob

    Way to go, Mounties. Gaining better chemistry, improved confidence and allowing our baby bigs to grow and develop in pressure situations.
    Let's get after it against Kansas.

    Denton, Texas

  • 55toldU1s

    The last time I read the rule book, the offensive foul was still in it. In what way is it a blocking foul when the defender clearly has his feet set and arms straightup and the ball handler runs right into him? Horrid refereeing as usual.

    I guess Huggybear was right when he kept saying we're close. They're only going to continue to improve. Going to be real tough in Lawrence though. GO 'EERS!!!!!!

  • New Martinsville

    Very nice win. Three in a row for a very young team in a tough conference...making strides...and to this William cat...I scan these boards all the time..why on earth would anybody respond to one of his idiotic posts..just let him spew his crap, ignore him..people like that strive on the attention, so don't give it to them...stay strong Mountaineers...beat Kansas

  • DP

    GREAT VICTORY MOUNTIES!!!!! Even if they would have lost, I still would say this was without a doubt one of the TOP 5 MOST POORLY OFFICIATED GAMES I'VE EVER SEEN!!! Next year's team (with everyone returning, with our current two ineligible Bigs and our incoming recruits) will finish in the TOP TEN!!!

    William-you're a F------ disgrace!!! Relative to WV sports, you are the only poster I've ever read who not only views the glass as being half full or half empty, you view it as being without a drop! What a pathetic life you obviously lead!!! Now get into your Marshall Nightie and cry the night away in your Mother's basement!!!!!

  • Steve

    Just got back from the game...what a great victory and a great crowd!

    Higgs fixed it!!!

    Let's go mountaineers!

  • WVA-1

    Huggs has always coached tough hard nose D, that's why he always wants a lot of bigs so he can rotate them when they get some fouls.

  • shawn

    This team is exceeding all expectations for this year and that's great leading into next year.

  • Low Rider

    Nice win for WVU. I feel bad for Huggy Bear…the way this team gives up big leads it has to be putting stress on his heart.

    Harris made a couple clutch 3's, and Staten controlled the game (but shot poorly) and still had 20. I don't think we have enough gas in the tank to qualify for the NCAA, but I see us winning 17 games and making a deep run in the NIT. Not bad for a team I admit I was losing faith in 2 weeks ago.

    • Steve

      18 or 19 wins may do it...they play in the toughest conference in the country

      • Aaron

        The play by play announcer stated during the game that 18 wins gets West Virginia in the NCAA conversation. If they can win 18 regular-season games and 2 more in the tournament to get to 20 wins, there's no way they left out of the NCAA tournament.

        I can't imagine the color commentator could cheer for anybody other than Oklahoma. He was clearly an Oklahoma fan, at least in this game. With the way he commented during the game, you would think he was the Oklahoma color commentator not a unbiased ESPN commentator. Why he was there is beyond me.

  • mad hatter

    darn good win,,,, beat a ranked team , finally...
    i don't think we'll actually win 5 more, but i think we can split with iowa st.. beat , baylor and tcu,,,, after that, miracles have to happen

  • Aaron

    If Bob Huggsuit isn't coach of the year, I don't know who is.

    • Billy

      Rick Barnes from Texas is the front runner, currently

      • Aaron

        If it's based on preseason prediction versus now, Barnes gets it. If it's based on who's doing more with less the award is Huggsuit, hands down.

        • Billy

          ESPN is pushing Barnes for the honor

  • Dave

    It's official , Huggs has fixed it. It's time for the naysayers to fess up.
    You first Wiliam and then Larry.

    What a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you may be !


    • Steve

      Big Larry no longer is's now wise talker and mad hatter that have replaced him

    • Duane

      William and Larry are huge Richard heads.

  • Bill

    Proud of these young Mountaineers. Huge win tonight. No quit in these kids. We are now ranked third in the league.
    Could we have the Big 12 Player Of The Week in consecutive weeks? .... Staten and Harris!

    • Steve