MOOREFIELD, W.Va. — A traffic stop back on Sunday night in Moorefield turned into a much bigger incident. A Moorefield Police Officer conducted the traffic stop in the parking lot of the local Sheetz convenience store.

“Subsequent to the traffic stop a question arose involving a narcotics possession which led to the arrest of the driver,” said Moorefield Police Chief Steven Reckart. “During the arrest process, the suspect became combative and non-compliant with the arresting officer. The arresting officer of the Moorefield Police Department and a West Virginia State Trooper were able to regain control at the scene momentarily, but the driver managed to escape and flee on foot.”

The driver is identified as Tyler Riggleman, 26, of Moorefield.

While the arrest unfolded, Kelly Kipp went inside the store and started to record video of the incident.  He told a different story.

“The officer and the driver were wrestling around on the ground,” he said. “When I got in the store, I started to record and the suspect is on the ground holding the dog to stop him from biting him.”

Kipp claimed the Moorefield officer released her K-9 on Riggleman and his video begins as the officer pulls the dog away. The trooper took control of Riggleman while the Moorefield officer, with her gun drawn, ordered one of the two passengers in the vehicle to sit on the ground in front of her cruiser.

Around the same time, Riggleman made his escape on foot and the dog was released a second time, only this time according to Kipp, the dog attacked the trooper instead of the suspect.  Moorefield police had no ‘t comment on the dog’s action. Kipp’s video didn’t show the trooper being attacked by the dog nor did it show what happened next.

“She gets the dog off the state trooper, gets the dog back in the vehicle, gets in the vehicle and I could not believe what I was seeing,” said Kipp. “She ran right up over the top of his (passenger) right shoulder, arm, and up around the side of his neck and face. I thought, ‘Oh my God she just killed him.'”

“They had been placed in a prone position on the ground,” said Reckart. “When the driver fled, an officer jumped in the vehicle and attempted to pursue the fleeing suspect. She misjudged and ran over his arm.”

Reckart declined to identify the passenger who was run over. MetroNews has learned from Jerry Riggleman, the father of Tyler Riggleman, the victim is Jason Fellows, 31, who lives with the elder Riggleman. Fellows was reportedly treated and released with a broken finger and injuries to his arm.

Mr. Riggleman claime the family found his son the following morning still handcuffed and passed out along the railroad track nearby.

“About 5:30 or 6 o’clock the next morning about half froze to death,” Riggleman said. “He had a pair of pants, no shoes, no shirt,and a pair of handcuffs behind his back.”

Riggleman claimed his son has had run ins with local law enforcement before, including an incident two years ago in which he claimed his son was attacked by a police dog while handcuffed.

“Since then, they have aggravated this kid and harassed him,” Riggleman said. “He said, ‘Dad they weren’t going to put that dog on me again.”

Tyler Riggleman faced felony and misdemeanor charges from the incident. Reckart said he remained at large.  The elder Riggleman said his son planned to turn himself in after finding an attorney to help him through the legal process.

The officer remained on active duty, according to Reckart, but as of Wednesday was on her regular days off.

“We are working it right now, doing an internal as well as a criminal investigation,” said Reckart.

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  • CPT

    An very unfortunate situation for both the individual injured & the officers' reputation. I grew up in Moorefield, was neighbors with the family & looked after that kid (Jared Tyler) when he was young. You knew he would end up in bad situations with the lack of stability from his parents & it's sad to see he never had a chance, really. He had the wrong influences from the beginning - parents who fought like hell, cheated, did drugs & time in prison. That kid would come to our house for food, barefoot & without a jacket in the winter. Met him walking down the road once crying, because his dad shot his dog. Now he's an adult, using & selling drugs now charged with a felony & misdemeanor. I just wish he could have had the support to be something, that the community could have helped him more, or he could have gotten the hell out of that town & the negative influences. The video & commentary is embarrassing & not a good representative of the positive people in Moorefield.

  • Hardy

    Forget them. I hope the dog is okay . . .

  • We r all human

    Well it was a mistake yes which I totally agree not that it makes it okay but it could have been prevented too. Cop obviously shouldn't have done that but look at y it happened? The boys never should havre ran:( I feel bad for all who were involved.. Who doesn't make wrong choices or mistakes I'm sure the police officer feels bad enough for the mistake made. We all make wrong choices I believe so stones it's not about the wrong choices we make but I feel what we do after. We make them not that it's ok to make them but to learn from what we do that is wrong. Nobody is perfect police and victims

  • potomachighlander

    I wonder if the party taking the video could have stopped the party from getting ran over if they stopped filming long enough

  • Leo

    Good job. I hope the dog doesn't get sick from biting the bad guy. The guy taking the video is an absolute redneck idiot. Has no clue what the law is and his narrative shows his 3rd grade education

  • Cindy

    I live in a county infested w/ drugs. The cops are always arresting people. But I have NEVER heard of an incident like this & I especially haven't heard of some of things I've read on these comments. Why doesn't someone call in that corruption dept that's been arresting high profile people. Granted, I don't condone fleeing from the police but considering he was shirtless, shoeless, & being exposed to hypothermia....I would say he genuinely believe he was in fear for his life considering he had previously been attacked by a K9 while cuffed. This whole situation is such a joke that they'll probably drop all the charges just to make it go away.

    • ain't ya'll STUPID

      Or maybe, just maybe, he knew he was GUILTY and thought he could get away with it.

      and personally, he ran so its his own stupidity for being out in the elements like that - he could have been in the back of a nice warm cruiser, and his "friend" wouldn't have gotten hurt.

  • Brian

    Another case of women's poor spatial visualization making them bad drivers lol.

  • 1hillbilly

    Bottom line , keep your drug poison out of Moorefield .

  • Fubar

    How many Moorefield patrolmen does it take to push a defendant down the stairs?
    None - he fell

  • zero tolerance

    The last time I woke up half dressed and in handcuffs along the railroad tracks I just figured I had one helluva night. My dad didn't blame the police for harassment either, he just told me that for every "action" there is a "reaction"

    Thanks for the comic relief WVMN!

  • Jason412

    So where are the drugs? Why is it not being announced what kind/quantity lead to this?

    And why does the cop need to get in her cruiser to chase someone who is handcuffed behind their back and fleeing on foot. Especially considering the location of the Sheetz, it's a pretty wide open area.

    Either way, this officer and her dog both need to be retrained or find another job. That situation was hardly tense enough to forget you just made someone lay down in front of your SUV, and a police dog should be smart enough to know the difference between a fleeing suspect and a State Trooper.

    • ike

      Watch the video on whsv he is charged with possession with intent meth and pot, assault on an police officer, fleeing, and eight other charges just because his dad said he didn't do anything wrong doesn't mean anything. Wake up people innocent people do not run!

    • Larry

      Innocent people don't run from the law.

  • tony

    id be glad to take the civil case. I think its very strong.

  • The Sarge

    According to the sideline reporter in the store with the worst technology ever made (the camera phone), the criminal was choking the dog at one point. The criminal is lucky that he was not shot, if he was indeed choking the dog. That would have been a jusitfiable shooting.

  • Moorefield

    This story is different on every news site.. BTW, that wasn't his name.

  • BH

    Typical woman driver.