MOOREFIELD, W.Va. — A traffic stop back on Sunday night in Moorefield turned into a much bigger incident. A Moorefield Police Officer conducted the traffic stop in the parking lot of the local Sheetz convenience store.

“Subsequent to the traffic stop a question arose involving a narcotics possession which led to the arrest of the driver,” said Moorefield Police Chief Steven Reckart. “During the arrest process, the suspect became combative and non-compliant with the arresting officer. The arresting officer of the Moorefield Police Department and a West Virginia State Trooper were able to regain control at the scene momentarily, but the driver managed to escape and flee on foot.”

The driver is identified as Tyler Riggleman, 26, of Moorefield.

While the arrest unfolded, Kelly Kipp went inside the store and started to record video of the incident.  He told a different story.

“The officer and the driver were wrestling around on the ground,” he said. “When I got in the store, I started to record and the suspect is on the ground holding the dog to stop him from biting him.”

Kipp claimed the Moorefield officer released her K-9 on Riggleman and his video begins as the officer pulls the dog away. The trooper took control of Riggleman while the Moorefield officer, with her gun drawn, ordered one of the two passengers in the vehicle to sit on the ground in front of her cruiser.

Around the same time, Riggleman made his escape on foot and the dog was released a second time, only this time according to Kipp, the dog attacked the trooper instead of the suspect.  Moorefield police had no ‘t comment on the dog’s action. Kipp’s video didn’t show the trooper being attacked by the dog nor did it show what happened next.

“She gets the dog off the state trooper, gets the dog back in the vehicle, gets in the vehicle and I could not believe what I was seeing,” said Kipp. “She ran right up over the top of his (passenger) right shoulder, arm, and up around the side of his neck and face. I thought, ‘Oh my God she just killed him.'”

“They had been placed in a prone position on the ground,” said Reckart. “When the driver fled, an officer jumped in the vehicle and attempted to pursue the fleeing suspect. She misjudged and ran over his arm.”

Reckart declined to identify the passenger who was run over. MetroNews has learned from Jerry Riggleman, the father of Tyler Riggleman, the victim is Jason Fellows, 31, who lives with the elder Riggleman. Fellows was reportedly treated and released with a broken finger and injuries to his arm.

Mr. Riggleman claime the family found his son the following morning still handcuffed and passed out along the railroad track nearby.

“About 5:30 or 6 o’clock the next morning about half froze to death,” Riggleman said. “He had a pair of pants, no shoes, no shirt,and a pair of handcuffs behind his back.”

Riggleman claimed his son has had run ins with local law enforcement before, including an incident two years ago in which he claimed his son was attacked by a police dog while handcuffed.

“Since then, they have aggravated this kid and harassed him,” Riggleman said. “He said, ‘Dad they weren’t going to put that dog on me again.”

Tyler Riggleman faced felony and misdemeanor charges from the incident. Reckart said he remained at large.  The elder Riggleman said his son planned to turn himself in after finding an attorney to help him through the legal process.

The officer remained on active duty, according to Reckart, but as of Wednesday was on her regular days off.

“We are working it right now, doing an internal as well as a criminal investigation,” said Reckart.

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  • Metzger

    I hope the dog is ok

    • Ranon

      The dog found out who the real criminal is and attacked the trooper. The dog will likely be put to death because it knows too much.

      Welcome to the United Police States of America.

  • Lee

    Sounds par for the course. I've never had any run-ins with law enforcement in my entire life, except with 2 State Troopers at a Moorefield football game this year. (It was actually caught on video too.) Sounds like the city cops learned from the best...
    I'll never step foot back in that town again.

    • Tazlor

      Good cause we don't want ya.

      • Lee

        No worries. The town can shrivel up and there be nothing left but a couple of chicken barns. I would never know, but if I ever found out, I'd be happy.

  • wvu999

    Worst. Cop. Ever.

    • Tazlor

      Says a civilian.

      • Chuck

        Police are civilians

  • Mountain Boy

    Another prime example of WV's finest in action...the only thing missing is a monkey and a football. I hope this guy screams Lawsuit Lawsuit Lawsuit! (after he pays his fine of course) What a joke, in our local newspaper there are 7 citations: 5 for no seatbelt, 2 for no proof of insurance (which was subsequently dismissed after proof was shown). What would we do if we actually had some REAL crime to deal with if our officers can't even handle a traffic stop--in a parking lot, I might add??

    • Tazlor

      That's why he ran? Because it was a simple traffic stop, yeppp I believe that!!

  • longbeards

    I have been told that there is another video of the incident that is shot out side and is much clearer,,,BUT that the fellow who took it is afraid of repercussions from the police if he comes forward...

    • Dont forgive

      INTERNAL AFFAIRS IS NEEDED!!Then the town/county mite get a rude awakening & while there @ it investigate them computers,sure they will find alot more then the video.Yea playtime on the jobs & sometime not alone in there officesbut im sure they gotten rid of all that social playing on internet....

    • ain't ya'll STUPID

      yeah right! prove it....

      • Bob

        "ain't ya'll STUPID" - Pot, meet kettle.

    • Dave

      Tell him to send it to me. I'll make sure it gets out.

  • concerned

    You might want to get your facts straight. She did not run over anyone that was handcuffed. It was not an intentional incident and all of you that are judging otherwise were not there to prove it was anything other than a freek accident. Did you ever think to blame the person that caused the scene and ran? In my opinion if he would have been a law abiding citizen as some are saying then he shouldnt have ran and created this accident. Accidents happen all the time and they don't make every news media out there. If this Kipp person would be more worried about upholding the law and minding his own business, I am sure this whole thing would not have been blowed out of proportion like it has. People should stand behind our law enforcement for trying to get suspected drug dealers off the street. I am sure you would be feeling differently if they gave drugs to one of your family members and possibly cost them their life.

    • Bob

      An accident? If you're driving and a rock falls off a hillside onto your vehicle, that's an accident. If you force a passenger to get out of a vehicle and lay down on the ground, then subsequently get into your vehicle and run over them... At best, it's called negligence.

      Btw, I haven't had the benefit of all the safe driving courses that LEO go through and, therefore, only have common sense to rely on, lol - but so far I've managed not to run over anyone that suddenly and without warning gets prone whilst I'm already in motion, let alone someone that I put on the ground immediately before I got in my vehicle.

      I find myself wondering if the officer was thinking, "Well, that's one that won't run away." ;>)

  • jay ziehm

    am I missing the bus on this story. no details on who this Kelly Kipp person is

  • BC

    Taxpayers have to absorb the costs of lawsuit settlements when these cops misbehave like this one did. And they are rarely disciplined. The state needs an oversight board to deal with police brutality and negligence, one with some teeth.

  • WVU 74

    "Bad Boys, Bad Boys ... What'cha gonna do ? What'cha gonna do when they run-over you ?"

    • Jeff

      Best comment yet.

  • Bill

    Thank you Moorefield Police Department for fighting the war on drugs and criminal behavior. Someone blowing smoke and hoping they can get money from a lawsuit because we know where this is leading.

  • Brad

    Situational awareness was obviously lacking with the female officer. But, it was an accident plain and simple. I for one commend her and the WV State Trooper for doing their job whatever inherent risks and accidents face them.

  • hillbilly

    The big losers are the druggies. Don't run. No problem.

  • William

    She should be FIRED.
    But first lay her down on the ground and run over her - SHE IS A BIG LOSER!

  • Well

    Well, well, well, the cops lie again about unlawful use of force.

    What a shock.

  • syd

    She ran over a handcuffed man and is still on active duty. Unbelievable.