MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A look at just some of the notable high school players in the state who have made decisions on where they will play football in college.


Edmond Harvey

DB, 6-2, 170

Capital defensive back Edmond Harvey will play college football at the D-II level with Fairmont State. Harvey helped lead the Cougars to the semifinals this past season with an interception returned for a touchdown in the quarterfinal win over University.



Zach Malone

FB/LB, 6-0, 205

George Washington’s Zach Malone will play college football at West Virginia State. He was a second team all-state selection this past year at linebacker.


Jon Alexander

QB, 6-0, 170

George Washington quarterback Jon Alexander will play for West Virginia State. The senior threw for 1,043 with 15 touchdowns and seven interceptions in 2013.


Jacob Jackson

RB/WR/DB, 5-10, 170

GW’s Jacob Jackson will accept an invited walk-on opportunity with Marshall. The senior averaged 9.1 yards per carry on the season, totaling 1,274 yards on 140 carries. He also scored 15 touchdowns and was named a second team all-state defensive selection.


Isaiah Kinder

QB, 6-0, 180

Greenbrier East senior quarterback Isaiah Kinder will play college football at William & Mary. Kinder finished the past year with 2,096 passing yards, 24 touchdowns and just two interceptions.



Ross Comis

QB, 6-2, 215

Madonna quarterback Ross Comis will play in the Mid-American Conference with UMass. The senior signal caller finished this past season with 3,630 total offensive yards and 57 combined touchdowns (1,942 rushing and 35 TDs, 1,688 passing and 22 TDs). He had just 4 interceptions on the season, leading the Blue Dons to a 14-0 record and Class A state championship in his senior year. He was also named the MetroNews Player of the Year, runner-up to the Kennedy Award and first team Class A all-state captain.


Malik Cobb

RB/LB, 6-0, 220

Martinsburg linebacker Malik Cobb is a physical presence on the field, standing in at 6-foot, 220 pounds. He’ll play at Alderson Broaddus next season.


Malique Watkins

QB, 5-9, 170

Martinsburg senior quarterback Malique Watkins finished 2013 with 2,784 total offensive yards and 36 total touchdowns (1,811 rushing yards and 20 TDs, 973 passing yards and 16 TDs). He had just six interceptions, leading Martinsburg to its fourth straight Class AAA state championship. He’ll play at Fairmont State next season.


Troy Walker

TE/DL, 6-4, 235


Another big presence for Martinsburg this past season was Troy Walker who will play for Shepherd next year. Walker, the son of head coach Dave Walker, caught Martinsburg’s lone touchdown in the school’s 2013 state championship win, a 5-yard catch from QB Malique Watkins.


Amanii Brown

OL, 6-5, 270

WVU grabbed a hometown commitment from the two-star prospect who figures to pack on weight in order to contribute a couple seasons down the road. Brown immediately pledged to WVU last June after receiving his first offer and promptly proclaimed his recruitment finished, though Cincinnati, Oklahoma, UTEP and Akron also showed interest.


Chazzy Thomas

RB, 5-9, 155

Chazzy Thomas finished this past season with 2,108 rushing yards and 30 touchdowns on 174 carries in winning the Kennedy Award. He chose Fairmont State over the University of Charleston and a preferred walk-on opportunity with WVU.


Tony Richardson

TE/DE, 6-3, 210

University’s Tony Richardson will play football at Virginia Military Institute. Richardson picked VMI over other offers and interest from University of Charleston, Concord, late interest from Ohio University, along with looks from Harvard and Princeton.


Jack Armstrong

WR/DB, 6-1, 165

Jack Armstrong made 47 receptions for 615 yards and eight touchdowns on the year with University. He also returned four combined kickoff and punt returns for scores. He’ll redshirt his freshman season at William & Mary before moving into a role at receiver.


Billy Kinney

K/P, 6-4, 195

University kicker/punter Billy Kinney will fit into an invited walk-on role with WVU. After a big junior season, Kinney suffered a foot injury that limited his action as a senior.


Kane Roush

RB/DB, 5-10, 170

Wahama standout running back Kane Roush will play football at Charleston. The senior this past season avearged 13 yards per carry, putting up 1,673 rushing yards on 128 attempts. He also had 728 receiving yards on 32 catches. In all he had 48 total touchdowns on the year (32 rushing, 6 receiving, 3 kick returns, 5 punt returns and two interception returns).




C.J. Burch

RB/WR/DB, 5-10, 185

Wheeling Central’s C.J. Burch totaled 1,028 rushing yards and 13 touchdowns on the ground in 2013. He’ll play at Glenville State next season.


Zach Phillips

QB, 6-2, 175

Wheeling Park quarterback Zach Phillips finished the past year with 1,974 passing yards, 22 touchdowns and five interceptions. He’ll play college football at Gannon University in Erie, PA.


Geremy Paige

RB/LB, 5-11, 220

Wheeling Park senior linebacker Geremy Paige (5-foot-11, 220 pounds) will play college football at Gannon University in Erie, PA. Paige won the Huff Award this past season, overall recording 156 total tackles, 12 sacks and recovering a pair of fumbles.


Chase Hancock

RB/WR, 6-3, 190

Woodrow Wilson standout Chase Hancock will be an invited walk-on with Marshall. The senior caught 35 passes for 490 yards and five touchdowns this past year. He also had 564 yards rushing on 96 carries with eight more scores.


– There are still several players around the state weighing their options overall as more decisions will continue to trickle in. Huntington, for example, has six or seven players who will sign at a later date. According to head coach Billy Seals, Nick Tubbs, Charles Crawford, Nigale Cabell, Paden Christian, Arick Nicks, Greg May and Zach Stevens all have offers on the table, but all are still weighing their options.

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– At Washington, head coach Mark Hash said QB Colin Gustines has D-II offers, but no decision yet. 6-foot-5 receiver Kendell Smith has had several options, including D-I walk-on opportunities.

Spring Valley running back Adam Page will play for Campbellsville University.

Meadow Bridge running back Jake Parker led the state in rushing this past season with 2,505 yards and 33 touchdowns. He hasn’t made a decision yet, but had been mulling an invited walk-on opportunity with Marshall and was hopeful he could potentially find a fit at Glenville State.

Parkersburg punter Kyle Foster will play for Akron. Also, former Parkersburg standout Matt Santer is signing with Marshall – he played at Fork Union Military Academy last season after shoulder surgery his senior year at Parkersburg.

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– Besides Edmond Harvey signing with Fairmont State, Capital coach Jon Carpenter said he has three more players that eventually may sign with Shepherd.

Madonna has several kids still weighing their options as well. 7-foot-2 Josh Martin is considering a preferred walk-on spot with Marshall or an opportunity with Shepherd. He also has a visit set with Glenville State. Running back Elliot Nero has potential options with Mount Union and West Virginia Wesleyan. OL/DL Garrett Bever will play at Bethany. OL/DL Shain Livada has options at either Geneva College or Bethany. TE/DE Nate Guio is still undecided, but likes potential with Shepherd.

Bridgeport’s Tyler Morgan will be signing with Fairmont State later this week on Friday.

– At Woodrow Wilson, aside from Chase Hancock walking-on at Marshall, receiver Ian Honaker will sign on scholarship at the University of Charleston.

– Added to the signings from University listed above, 6-foot-3, 250 OL/DL Clint Arbaugh will sign with Shepherd. OL/DL Jeff Headley took a walk-on spot with WVU.

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Wheeling Park 6-foot-5, 255 pound OL/DL Matt Hackathorn will join teammates Zach Phillips and Geremy Paige at Gannon University. Also, OL/DL Eric McCave will play for Mercyhurst University.

Joining Morgantown running back Chazzy Thomas at Fairmont State will be three of his offensive linemen. Zach Mayle, D.J. Summers and Andre Collins will all become Falcons with Thomas. RB/LB Logan Hatch and P/K Ruan Venture are still weighing their options.

South Charleston OL/DL Khance Johnson has an invited walk-on spot with Marshall, WR/DB Kevin Forrest will go to the junior college route, RB/LB Jay Richardson has a spot with Alderson Broaddus and OL/DL Seth Jeffries will walk-on at West Virginia State.

Nicholas County lineman Austin Hill signs as a preferred walk-on with Marshall.

– Again, these are just some of the players from around the state who will be signing to play football at the next level. Feel free to mention others in the comments below.

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  • Life

    mburghfan that's weak answer I played high school ball and D 1 ball in west by God and for the one who said I didn't graduated I asure not only did I graduated from college I'm currently for the F.B.I . So watch your mouth :-) have
    A nice day;-)

  • Amanda Bird

    Austin Bird, Poca High School Offensive Tackle and Center will will playing for Glenville State in the 2014 season.

  • Polar Bear Proud

    Four young men from Fairmont Senior High School signed letters of intent on Wednesday. Luke Hrapchek to Cal, Pa. Ryder Skarzinski and Andrew Summers to University of Charleston and Logan Spicer to Alderson Broaddus University. Congratulations!

    • Neek

      Jalen Jones, Oak Hill TB, has a few different options weighing on his mind right now, big decision for his future. Feel that he will definitely excel at the next level, in a Ryan Switzer role maybe, Jalen will definitely be an asset, wherever he ends up. Always on minds for the Kennedy award, really need to show another local some love. When he has his focus 100% on being a college student-athlete, I know that Jalen will be successful wherever it is that he lands, but all-state, multiple seasons, and thousands of yards rushing for what was at the time a young, learning Oak Hill red devil squad, Jalen most definitely deserves some recognition as a very smart, flashy, tail back. Whatever this young man does with his future, I know that he will do big things and I'm extremely proud of him being one of my best friends for a long time.

  • k

    Only 1 kid going to WVU, this is why they will never be relevant !!!! Im surprised more WVU fans aren't mad that in state kids gotta go out of state or small schools. GO HERD !!!!!

    • 1prouddog

      K...I'm with you! I also do not understand this joke that Doc is looking for in-state recruits. Huntington had a good defense with some good size kids and how bout the Kennedy Award winner??? With the shallow schedule Marshall plays Doc could grab 3-4 kids from WV!.....SAD FOR OUR STATE! OUR KIDS DESERVE BETTER!

  • WVTrend

    Where are the Huntington kids and the Midland kids going to college?

  • EP Haters

    No word on the DE from Capital everyone was praising earlier this year? I forget his name, but it appeared that he was going D1 somewhere

    • Don

      James Walton is his name and he is really smart. His grades and test scores appear to have him deciding between football or just focusing on academics. I think he can play at Marshall but not sure where he will end up.

    • MHSdog93

      If you are talking about Dyer, I read that he is going to Sheperd University.

  • Davis

    My Nephew went on visit to West Va State and is still undecided, but they jumped to the top of his list and he only went because dad wanted him to visit. I seen pictures of the new dorms, new basketball gym, new weight room, new football facility and new weight room and it's close to civilization. I seen they signed some good instate players and very impressive out of state kids. I see them turning that program into a winner in the coming years. Only 1 place to go when you are 0-11.

  • 1prouddog

    Little birdies are telling me Alderson Broaddus could be stacked with Martinsburg players. Brandon Ashenfelter, Tory Lee, Devion name a few.

    • EP Haters

      Ashenfelter is at Fairmont St. He weighed heavy on Malique signing there

  • brian

    was there not any AA class kids that signed?.. surely with Bridgeport, Wayne and Bluefield, someone got a scholorship or will be playing ball somewhere. i did hear the Sissonville's signal-caller (Nathan Miller) signed with WV State

  • Jeff

    I dated a girl once who earned a masters degree from Marshall. As a very proud WVU grad (BS '84, MA '94) I used to tease her about it. Until the day she said "My degree pays the same as yours!" Enough said. Discussion over. The school choice does not matter as long as these boys do it right. Use the ball to get a degree and get a good paying job.

  • Mburgfan

    Life - your comment is cheap and appears to come from someone who did not go to college. I would be surprised if you finished high school? College education is college education. One can leave Fairmont State or any other University (D1-D2 etc.) and get a job anywhere if one applies her/him self. ninety-nine point nine percent of individuals who play high school sports will not get to play at the major D-1 level and even less will play in the NFL. Since most of these athletes are student-athletes, their objective should be to obtain a scholarship at whatever level. Congratulations to all of the young men in this article whose talent and years of dedication to theirs sport have allowed them the opportunity to play at the next level. I am surprise Chazzy and Malique did not go D-1 but I pray that God will continue to bless them as they move forward in life.

    • scott


    • Dee

      Very well said, I agree 100 percent.

  • Tony

    Congrats to all the in state wv boys who are pursuing their education thru football!

  • Life

    you mean to tell me state champs Martinsburg couldn't get their best player to the D1 level...Lol

    • 1prouddog

      Life...change your name to LOSER!!!!

    • Bro

      So you all must be from one of those schools that got SPANKED by Martinsburg the past few They still got their state championships to look at now don't they? Good luck to those players ....wherever they go I'm sure they will be on the field playing!

    • Billy

      I guess they'll have to hang their hat on their EPAC, MSAC, and state championships.