MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Morgantown High offensive lineman Amanii Brown became the only in-state player to sign a football scholarship with West Virginia.

The 6-foot-5, 285 pound all-state standout is one of five offensive linemen in the Mountaineers’ 2014 recruiting class.

“I enjoyed the recruiting ride, it was fun looking at the different schools,” he said. “But in the end, it is a relief, because I finally can get to work and start realizing what I have to do and what I’m going to be doing.”

Brown said he aims to put on 30 pounds while working to improve his agility as well.

“From what I’ve seen recruiting-wise, (WVU) wants the linemen to be big, but still be able to move and be light on their feet,” he said. “This is a whole other ballclub (from high school): I have to get mentally tough, tougher than I am now in order to fit in with these guys and work with the best.”

As West Virginia continues to build its offensive line numbers, Brown’s ultimate role won’t be defined for a while. Yet he said he’s coming in prepared to put in the work.

Garrett Cullen/MetroNews

Morgantown lineman Amanii Brown signs his letter of intent with WVU.

“I know there are a bunch of offensive linemen at WVU,” he said. “I see myself fitting in right now as one of those guys who works hard and tries to outwork everyone else. Whether that lands me on the practice squad, second string or first string, I don’t know yet.

“All I know is that I’m going to work hard and try to get first- or second-string,” he said. “I’m going to work my butt off to see if I can attain that.”

Brown has been recovering from a torn meniscus in his knee. He has a scope set for the near future, which will lead to  another three weeks of rehab.

“It’s not that bad, but I just can’t run and do stuff like that,” he said. “I should be back pretty soon.”

Regardless, Brown is glad to officially have his place as a Mountaineer set after committing last summer.

“It’s just a huge blessing,” he said. “I’m honored to represent everybody (in the state). It’s a big blessing.”

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  • MountieFan16

    I see some nay sayers that think Amanii is over-rated and won't make an impact on Mountaineer football. They cite that he didn't show anything in his last year in high school. While I'm not positive, I believe he suffered a torn meniscus in his knee during his playing time. With that type of injury, I agree that he wouldn't have shown what he can do on the field. I'm glad to see another West Virginian come to the program.

  • T

    Congratulations to Amanii Brown! WVU is a great recruit here! As to why other athletes do not go to WVU from the state, remember that it is the young man who makes the final decision, not the school.

  • Mitch

    @ k,
    So then k, surely Marshall offered scholarships to Thomas, Watkins, and Wescoe.....right?
    Ha, ha, typical Non-Qualifier U. fan. Can't even talk smack right.

  • Wow

    Good luck.

  • jwg66

    Charlie Russell was a major help to our program. He reportedly was extremely bright and could pick up the opposing team's offense in short order. He had the skills to display the plays in preparation. If I'm not mistaken, he went to Med School, leaving on good terms. Who can fault a kid for aspiring to a higher calling? I respect all who work hard to help us win.
    I also wish Mr. Brown the best. Why would anyone be bad mouthing a recruit at this point? I hope his hard work pays off and justifies the staff's faith in him.

  • chris

    Good luck kid. Hope your a road grader

  • k

    This article is why I am not a mountaineer fan, I have lived in WV for 37 yrs. and for some reason WVU wont pick up in state kids. You cant tell me only 1 high school kid is good enough, really ??????? This is why they wont ever be a National Champion, its called KARMA !!!!! So Chazzy Thomas, Malique Watkins, and Treyvon Wescoe aren't good enough ?????? GO HERD !!!!!!!!

    • jerry

      OK here's why its about winning games period and if a coach feels a guy from Florida gives a better chance then that's who you go after end of story

    • Mitch

      @ k,
      So then k, surely Marshall offered scholarships to Thomas, Watkins and Wescoe.....right? Typical Non-Qualifier U. fan, can't even talk smack intelligently. LOL.

      • rcasini79

        Maybe we should follow Marshalls recruiting strategy so we can win 3 BCS bowls like they did. Oh wait.. That was WVU with 3 BCS bowls. never mind.

  • chad

    So what's your poiint?

  • 4WVUinKY

    Great snag for WVU...welcome to Mountaineer Nation Amanii.

  • GoEers

    Very glad this youg man chose to stay in state and play at his hometown school.

    good luck!

  • Michael

    Congrats young man and enjoy your time as a Mountaineer!

  • tweagle

    let the passion flow Mr Brown . . . the harder you work , the easier it gets . . . Rome wasn't built in a day , but they worked every day (you can rest every 14th day though ) , just the weights - cardio& lateral agility are an every day chore . . .

    BELIEVE , in yourself & your coaching staff , help the out-of -staters with your steady work effort to buy into being a Mountaineer that bleeds Gold& Blue . . . Good Luck Mr Brown

    • John Doe

      He will never see the field. Completely overated at even being a two star. Just another paid fake scholarship by MHS booster and a deal uncle Willy Edwards negotiated for him. He will play just as much ball as Charlie Russel did while he was on scholarship. Charlie WHO? I feel bad for him because he has been given false hope to increase recruting attention for Morgantown High. Anybody else even offer him?

      • james hicks

        John, where did you win a scholarship to play at? Was it LSU, Florida maybe Alabama .

        • John Doe

          All three but I turned them down. I drink beer on Saturdays. LMAO!!!!! Talk to me in 4 years. I bet he has quit by then.

          • Troll

            Bottom line is he will get an education while continuing to do what he loves playing football while you continue to toss and turn in turmoil at the McDonald land fry pit.

      • Jane Doe

        I agree with you 100% He didn't do anything all year to impress me. I mean, look at what little ole University High did against him not once but twice! He was dominated by the hawks. Its a bunch of B.S.