MONTGOMERY, W.Va. — The investigation into an accident which involved a Fayette County school bus continues.  The bus struck a rock outcropping and a utility pole near the Montgomery bridge on Wednesday afternoon’s run.

Gary Hough, head of transportation for Fayette County Schools, said they have maintained close contact with parents and school system representatives were in the hospital with each child transported for medical care Wednesday evening.

“I don’t think we want to make light of anything in regard to what type of injuries because the extent of those injuries are still to be determined,” said Hough. “It didn’t appear we had any students immobilized or anything of that nature.”

Hough said there were neck and back injuries and some concerns about concussions among the dozen or so students on the bus.

Hough said they were able to pull the bus’ video recordings which should aid investigators trying to determine what caused the crash.


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  • caller

    What about the rock in the road, rocks are happening all over the state. Hope no one gets hurt!