CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state Department of Education released the following statement on behalf of the Kanawha County school system Thursday evening:

Tests were conducted by the West Virginia National Guard in the three Kanawha County Schools which were dismissed early today because of reported odor issues in the schools. Results from all three schools ( J.E. Robins, Overbrook and Watts) came back as non-detect.

In consultation with the Kanawha – Charleston Health Department officials, the Governor’s Office, National Guard, and the West Virginia Department of Education the decision was made to keep schools open.

Kanawha County Schools have followed all flushing protocols and in many cases have gone beyond requirements in an effort to ensure student safety. We also continue to provide bottled water, cook with bottled water, and make available hand sanitizer.  In addition, all schools in the county were tested last week and all were reported at the non-detect level.

Health experts have told us that odors may remain in the water but that does not mean the school is unsafe.

We understand that students, parents and teachers remain concerned.  So in an effort to bring peace of mind to parents, we are working with a Response Team which will be called out  if a concern arises.  The team will consist of the National Guard, local health officials and county staff members.

Finally, over the next few weeks the Response Team will conduct random inspections and additional random sampling. You can expect to SEE these teams in your schools.


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  • Mason County Contrarian

    It's clear that very few at the WVDE have had to contend with a p.o.'d parent.