CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Kanawha County School Superintendent Ron Duerring released the following staement Friday evening in connection with the latest round of water testing in more than a dozen county schools:

Water testing results from 18 Kanawha County schools have returned with non-detect readings. The Rapid Response Team was asked to visit the schools on Thursday, Feb. 6 – 7, 2014 following reports of an odor being detected.

Non-detect means that there are no traces of MCHM at neither the 1 part per million screening level recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for protecting public health nor the 10 parts per billion screen level directed by West Virginia Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin.

Schools listed with non-detect levels include:

Alum Creek Elementary

Belle Elementary

Chandler Elementary

Elk Elementary Center

Grandview Elementary

Holz Elementary

J.E. Robins Elementary

John Adams Middle School

Malden Elementary

Midland Trail Elementary School

Overbrook Elementary

Riverside High School

Ruffner Elementary

Ruthlawn Elementary School

South Charleston Middle School

Stonewall Jackson Middle

Watts Elementary

Weberwood Elementary

These schools had been tested last week and earlier this week as well and reported at a non-detect level.


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  • BIM Job

    I think I trust Rockefeller less. He just wants us all to get in line for FEMA. Don't worry FEMA is here to help. Just get in line and follow the water to the land of utopia. Don't ask any questions, just drink the water and follow us. We will take you somewhere safe.

  • BIM Job

    Jay Rockefeller says not to drink the water. Wow. Now I'm really baffled. Not sure which I trust less, Rockefeller or the state officials.


    A prominent West Virginia politician is urging citizens to not drink the water despite officials saying it is ‘appropriate’ for use.

    Senator Jay Rockefeller (D) told a Charleston television station that state officials are in bed with the energy industry and that people should further question both the potability of their water and how those relationships affect authorities’ judgement.

    ‘Even if some expert group told me it was safe, I don’t think I’d believe it,’ Rockefeller told WCHS during a blistering interview railing against both the state and heavy industry.


  • The bookman

    I think you might be having migration of the chemical through the system, as well as inside homes, to the highest point. The density of this material is very light. It will consolidate on the top and will eventually migrate to the highest available location it can attain. I believe that is why it comes and goes in terms of its odor. It clears from a faucet and then over time re-collects at that same point.

    Just a thought....


    "The NOSE knows"

    Health Officials has announced for years, "If it smells bad, it IS Bad"

  • SAresident

    Notice the statement does not mention George Washington High School where the water sample from Thursday, February 6 tested at .018 or 18 parts per billion. Nice way to divert attention from that fact. I also agree if other schools can smell it and homes something is beyond wrong.

  • I'm honest at least

    Or is it all lies.......

  • Gigi

    Why can we smell? Is the test method bad?