LAWRENCE, Kan. — West Virginia made its second-ever trip to Allen Fieldhouse, hoping to improve upon the first matchup there (a 26-point loss last season that felt much worse).

The result was marginally better, though a four-point game in the final 5:14 turned into an 83-69 win for No. 8 Kansas.

West Virginia (14-10, 6-5) saw its three-game win streak snapped, while the Jayhawks (18-5, 9-1) continued marching toward a 10th consecutive Big 12 title.

Check out the recap of in-game updates below:

Staten finished with 22 points on 7-of-12 shooting and four assists, while Harris added 17 points, albeit going 3-of-10. … Wiggins led Kansas with 19 points while Selden scored 17 and Embiid had 11 points and 12 rebounds. … KU led 37-28 in rebounding and 46-18 on points in paint.
Staten’s free throw made it 72-66 before the Jayhawks put the game away with a 9-0 run in a two-minute stretch. Eron Harris was whisteled for a bang-bang charge in the middle of it. WVU missed its final six shots, Kansas made its last four, and the Mountaineers become the 111th consecutive unranked team to lose at the Phog.
KANSAS 72, WEST VIRGINIA 65 (3:49 second half)
The lead ballooned to 12 at one juncture and Kansas appeared poised for a blowout, but Wet Virginia countered with a 9-1 spurt, including a 3-pointer by Gary Browne to draw within 69-65. … The Mountaineers also have lost Brandon Watkins, who picked up his fifth foul at the 4:52 mark.
KANSAS 55, WEST VIRGINIA 50 (11:57 second half)
WVU’s Terry Henderson heads to bench after committing his third unforced turnover—countered by only two points. At 0-of-3 from the floor in 18 minutes, he appears to be trying to do too much. … Staten, after a sweet ball-fake drive that led to a layup, has a team-high 16 points.
KANSAS 46, WEST VIRGINIA 44 (16:08 second half)
WVU enjoys a strong start to the second half, thanks to an and-1 by Staten and a 3-point bomb by Nate Adrian. Wiggins picks up two fouls in the opening stretch. Staten now has 12 points and probably needs to take ore shots, considering he’s 4-of-5. But the Kansas defense has done a solid job of helping in the lane.
KANSAS 43, WEST VIRGINIA 36 (halftime)
Wiggins and Wayne Selden Jr. had 10 points each in the half to lead Kansas, which shot 58 percent overall. WVU shot 43 percent and got 13 from Harris and nine from Staten. … The Jayhawks held a 17-12 edge in rebounds. … WVU’s nine turnovers were well ahead of typical pace.
KANSAS 43, WEST VIRGINIA 36 (halftime)
From the point where WVU led 30-27 at the 6:26 mark, Kansas closed the half on 16-6 run. Yes, runs are inevitable when you’re facing the Jayhawks, but West Virginia fueled this one by failing to execute its offense. The Mountaineers did not ATTEMPT a 2-point shot in the final 7 minutes, going 0-of-5 on 3-pointers with five turnovers in that stretch.
KANSAS 34, WEST VIRGINIA 30 (3:55 first half)
The Jayhawks are shooting 58 percent, which is too high for WVU to remain competitive, but West Virginia is knocking down 53 percent in its own right. The most unsettling aspect for the Mountaineers is their seven turnovers to four for Kansas. Bob Huggins’ team looks a little hurried at times.
KANSAS 27, WEST VIRGINIA 24 (7:54 first half)
Joel Embiid just picked up his second foul, lowering a shoulder into Kevin Noreen on a low-post move. He joins Perry Ellis in the Kansas two-foul club, which could negate the overwhelming frontline advantage for the Jayhawks. And make no mistake, this is the biggest disadvantage WVU has faced all season.
KANSAS 25, WEST VIRGINIA 22 (8:53 first half)
Eron Harris sinks three 3-pointers in the span of 1:21 and West Virginia recovers from a 17-11 deficit to lead 20-17. The guy has deep range, which stresses defenders to extend and allows more room for Staten to penetrate. Sometimes he forces long shots—what shooter doesn’t?—but those are mistakes Huggins will suffer in order for Harris to play without inhibition.
KANSAS 8, WEST VIRGINIA 8 (15:43 first half)
Early impressions of Jayhawks phenom Andrew Wiggins: He’s explosive yet doesn’t get off-balance—sort of a controlled athleticism. He has a fluid jump shot, pretty good handle and superb instincts.
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  • Country Roads


  • Country Roads

    I will be at the Home game when Kansas comes to Morgantown, I say it will be a total different outcome when that time comes..

  • Coundry Roads

    We lost the game but, we did play hard and could have won the game if we had made the shots. In other words we had our chance and it just wasn't our turn to win but I'm still in the guys a lot of credit not one quit. Good effort.. I thought Huggs did an excellent job coaching and rotating our big man. One more thing the officiating was partiality in favor of Wiggins all game long..

    • mad hatter

      normally, if you make more shots than the other team, you win,,, now not always , but then again, maybe always..
      huggins is a HOF coach, can't you tell

      and yes, the refs did us in once again,, that makes ten times this yr already

      • Leroy j gibbs

        The first amendment. Lets us have exposure to all the idiots out there

      • Mister Man

        Not everyone is sick of your posts. Pretty close, though.

  • DNEcowboy

    Keep those heads up young men, I like most fans are proud of the way you are playing and conducting your selves. No doubt errors and mistakes were made but with every victory and loss there are lessons to be learned. Keep working and grinding the results will come.

  • ron

    It is a real shame that you can't even find the WVU women's basketball score on this website. How about more coverage of them!

    • mad hatter

      imo, if the women played the men, the women would win.

      • sput

        I love your stupid comments makes me laugh allday

      • Leroy j gibbs

        B S don't go away mad just go away

    • Daniel

      I am they win but boreing

  • jack

    Extremely proud of this team. Game was much closer than the final score indicates. Kansas big men were just too athletic and dominated inside scoring most of their points in the paint. The crowd was hostile, but our players showed no fear and played hard.

  • mad hatter

    wvu,,, 14 pt wins,,,6 pt losses, and 4 moral victories that sound pretty darn good to me

    • ron

      Give Huggins the players that Self has and the players under the basket that we have and Huggins would have beat Self by 30. Watch out for next year Self maybe the last game of the regular season this year.
      I love watching these players.

    • Grant

      You are right. JUST is only 89-5 under Bill Self at home in Big 12 games. A real team should walk away with a win every time they go there. All this talk about a good effort from a young currently under manned team is ridiculous. Huggins, Luck, and all current WVU employees should be fired.

      • mad hatter

        huggins, once again got outcoached, and has been out recruited yr in and yr out. well pretty much since beilein's boys left

        • Wow

          Mad hatter, are you for real, of corse Kansas out recruits WVU. Huggins does good for what he has and where he is.

        • Grant

          Get President Gee on the phone. You are the obvious choice for the next AD. Good AD's know to fire a Final Four coach the first bad season. Especially one that is a good fund raiser. Yes, I am certain that is a good move. We'll be certain to attract a quality coach then.

          • Grant

            OK Mad. Say we fire Huggins. Who do you realistically bring in to replace him? Unless you have a good answer to that question, you don't think about making that move.

          • mad hatter

            hey, and he's a hall of fame coach too,, you forgot to mention that, 37 yrs of coaching, and he actually made it to a couple final fours,,, john wooden is certainly proud of him .
            And that practice facility,,, it certainly has brought in some 5 star talent to play for wvu,,,our recruiting is like no 1 or 2 in the nation since we got that polka barn

      • Daniel

        You are stupid

  • mad hatter

    it leads me to believe that henderson was left in morgantown for unknown reasons, didn't see him on the court.

    • ron

      He was to busy dribbling the ball off his foot or throwing the ball away. He never did anything to create his shot tonight. If we would happen to get Lyle (which is highly unlikely) Henderson will be the guy out.

  • Low Rider

    Solid game for 30 minutes then the typical end of game collapse. Where the hell was Henderson today? 2 points, 0 rebounds, 0 assists? What kind of stat line is that.

    We will continue to be .500 team until we get some big men. Kansas had to have at least 15 dunks today!

    I have to give Staten credit. The dude is playing awesome basketball this year!

  • richard

    this is a good team. we are just one big man away from winning more games. they just need to stick together and continue giving their all. that's all mountaineer fans ask for. keep your chins up guys.......there are more wins on the way. good job coach huggins.

    • joe

      like u said, need a big guy..

    • mad hatter

      if we had macon and holton, we
      would be undefeated

      • Daniel

        U finally said something smart

  • mad hatter

    yes,,, we had no legs, they wore them off walking to kansas, travel is killing our legs.And those darn refs stole one again, but we can really be satisfied with our play this game, definitely a moral victory for wvu,, that makes 4 if my math is correct.
    but when i saw one of our players crawling up the court, i knew he had lost his legs.
    The score simply is misleading, ,they should have called the game at the 14 min.mark of the first half and we would have won... why do these games have to go 40 min.? just not right.

    • Aaron


  • Rob T.

    MORAL victory because we didn't lose by 20? BS we could have won played well just need to learn how to finish and compete! We are young so keep working boys! True Mountaineer fans will always support you!

    • joe


    • mad hatter

      it all depends, now if our trainer had brought some prosthetic legs for the ones that lost them, maybe we could have overcome all that travel

      • Aaron

        Interestingly when the OK coach was ask about getting to Morgantown, he said, "They're 20 year old kids who love to play basketball. Travel had nothing to do with it."

        Of course the OK coach does not possess an average (at best) basketball mind.

        West Virginia got beat by a better team.

        • Aaron

          I'm still waiting on an explanation of how Huggins cannot recruit given the number of 4 star recruits he's brought to Morgantown. I would think that even an average mind could address the accusation they make.

          • Aaron

            A day later and I'm still waiting. Is there a reason that our prevalent poster, when confronted with a legitimate question, runs and hides?

        • Rob T.

          Thank you! Some times the people you compete with are better! It sucks but it is life

          • mad hatter

            all these kool aid drinkers don't want to admit that we usually get beaten by a better team with a better coach and recruiter,, no they don't have our practice facility, but it doesn't look like it's doing much good for our team.
            The other teams are usually bigger ,smarter , faster and stronger than our boys,, just accept it ,and life in the fast lane slows down

  • Leroy j gibbs

    Good game. No one expected them to win. Not bad for on the road against a probable final four team we will get them in Morgantown

  • wvufan75

    Before all the haters get on here to blast WVU I want to say they played a really good game the final score doesnt reflect the game and when Kansas comes to motown it is gonna get a whipping just like K-state did. THAT IS A GUARANTEE !

    • 4WVUinKY

      Agree...we'll take 'em in Morgantown!

  • tw eagle

    I gotta admit that I am amazed at the commitment these Mounties have displayed . . . if the refs hadn't "intervened" with their Kansas home cookin , our Mounties would have been up by 8 or 10 at the half . . .
    go back over the tape and see at the breaks for fouls that the Mounties are dry & cool anf the KU kids are drenched in sweat - till the refs took the game away from the Mounties . . . the worst was Watkins getting a blatant directed elbow to the ear as the KU guy muscles to the bucket . . . and Watkins called for the foul. . .
    this 1-3-1 swarm has the KU guys befuddled , completely out of their game ( all single man play) . . . all the Mounties , and I mean everyone has given his best - these guys are becoming a very good team . . .
    the only good thing about KU is the fact they are disciplined on defense . . . long, lanky, and physical , they don't even have to move to deny a team penetration . . . best board game I've seen from the Mounties since Pittsnogle was denying the trees from Louisville . . .

    • Steve

      Am I wrong or did I see walking 3 times against Kansas that wasn't called and all 3 ended in a bucket......Bridgeport Fan

      • Troll

        I believe you are right they also seemed to let Kansas be more physical than WVU. I feel like we put up a pretty good fight but the truth is Kansas is a better team right now

        • TW EAGLE

          troll . . . depends on how you want you want to quantify the term "TEAM". . .

          KU has a lineup that is taller , lankier , maybe faster and a smidge more athletic . . . they have a bench that has a full complement of scholarship kids . . .

          the Mounties aren't "big" , don't have a lot of depth , but they have what KU doesn't . . . guys putting themselves on the 'line' (effort) the whole game - working together to overcome the "physical" differences in the make up of these two squads . . .

          had not the refs insinuated themselves into the outcome of the this game , I see the Mounties leading at the half . . . I'd toss a coin for the win if the Mounties hold the halftime lead . . .

          KU won the game , WVU played the better game - therefore WVU had the better 'TEAM' on this day . . .

          if you like measuring teams by how long they are , how high they can jump , or how fast they run - then pick KU . . . I like the squads that show what they have on the court "together" , as a TEAM . . . today it was WVU by a wide margin . . .

    • tw eagle

      two completely different teams , with very definitely two separate sets of players . . .

      how these teams respond to the out come of this game WILL definitely affect how each team grows while they are playing together . . . KU may slough this off as a "bad" outing & forget that they got outworked from the opening tip to the final whistle . . . or they may grow off this game . . .? . . .

      The Mounties may start to realize that "hard work" is how they will be competing & beating teams with "better" paper talent . . . or the Mounties may start to think they are almost as talented as KU and stop worKing as hard as they have . . .YES , these Mountaineers have actually found the key to success , hard work . . . please don't throw this gift away . . .

      all GREAT teams have one "magnetic" component that puts the 'cherry' on top of all that hard work . . . when coach Huggins turns up the next Workman , hot rod , zeke , thorny or da'sean - then the Mounties will again climb to the top of the pyramid . . .

      Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !