MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia came away with a promising list of players in the 2014 class and did it without much drama.

“There wasn’t a lot of shock. I think the only one we were waiting on was Donte (Thomas-Williams) from North Carolina,” Ryan Dorchester, WVU’s recruiting coordinator told “Sportsline” crew.

Thomas-Williams, the four-star running back from Durham, N.C., declared WVU his frontrunner last month but was still was considering N.C. State, Virginia Tech, Florida, Notre Dame, Florida State and Syracuse. The powerful 6-foot, 220-pounder was rated by Rivals as the No. 21 running back in the nation.

“They all tell you ‘Coach, I’m coming, I’m coming,’ but you’re anxiety never really goes away until they announce it,” Dorchester said.

The staff submitted this class could fill some thin roster spots. “The offensive line and defensive secondary were two areas where we felt like we had to go out and get some guys and from a numbers standpoint,” Dorchester said. “We were able to add depth to those spots.”

The late addition of three-star Philadelphia offensive lineman Dontae Angus was a sizable haul, considering the 6-foot-6, 300-pounder had been committed to Florida.

“I think of all the signing day triumphs, it was probably the biggest triumph that we were able to get (Angus) in here on an official visit and that was Brian Mitchell doing his due diligence,” Dorchester said. “He went by the school and found out there was still a chance that we may be able to get in the game. At that point, it was full steam ahead.

“It’s hard to find guys that big—he’s got the biggest hands I’ve even seen on a human-being.”

What about the prospect of signing graduate transfers, as WVU did last year with Charles Sims and Clint Trickett?

“We don’t necessarily have any guys on the board right now that we are specifically targeting, but you never know what’s going to crop up,” Dorchester said. “Just like last year at this point and time, Clint Trickett’s name and Charles Sims’ name weren’t on the tips of anyone’s tongues and those two guys were pretty important to our team last year.”

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  • wvguy624

    Truth is we dont really know too much about these recruits. As of right now they're names with stars beside them. We dont know how they are going to turn out. We dont know their character, heart, determination, work ethic, maturity level, or at what age they will peak on the field mentally and physically. So please dont be so fast to judge these young men or coaches

  • pac

    I read comments that it takes time etc... but how much time and shouldnt the team show potential? Their is coaches that win right away with young players...ex: Urban Meyer and UKs basketball coach. Personally each coach should have 4yrs to prove themselves.

  • Randy Stotler

    I know we have a ton of fickle fans demanding we win now without giving the coach time to fully implement his system, but folks have to get real. Holge's wasn't my first choice for the coaching job, but I realize that this is only his second full recruiting class and he deserves the opportunity to get his players in to run his system. Just like Hugg's, he needs at least 3 or 4 years to get things rolling with his guys. In my opinion, WVU football and basketball will continue to rise and if the fans can give both coaches as well as the players a little longer to get things right, GREAT things way just be on the horizon. GO EER'S!

    • Jon

      Well said. I love the optimism and wish more fans felt this way.

  • squad

    just like the basketball team it will be a climb, but we're on the way. there was a curve to getting our rosters in sync with the big 12 no manner how much negatory or panic you've seen here..
    were getting there. a real step forward.

  • Silence Dogood

    For the 2015 class, WVU has offered a scholarship to Cincinnati West Lakado LB CJ Stalker. 6'2" 210 lbs. Good name for a middle linebacker.

  • 1oleWVUFan

    WVU probably had the best recruiting class it ever had this year. However, after doing a position by position look at the potentially new roster, it appears they are still lacking some depth and perhaps talent on the DL and DE. One thing if for sure there should be plenty of QBs to help out, for if every one show they will have 8 QBs on the roster. I look for Holgorsen to bring in 2 or perhaps 3 DLs to shore up his defensive line.

  • tw eagle

    i hope you start taking some of the workload off AT's shoulders . . . this post says you will do fine in print as well as featuring the video clip news . . . a good sense of humor , and the realization that protecting the athletes from faux pas' is more important than splashing a nice big headline . . .
    hope you become a daily read . . . good luck Anthony BT