LAWRENCE, Kan. — Bob Huggins shares his postgame thoughts to the media following West Virginia’s 83-69 loss to No. 8 Kansas.

The Mountaineers (14-10 overall, 6-5 in conference) dropped their first game since Jan. 25 (Oklahoma State) and fall back to sixth place in the Big 12 standings.

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  • pghmountaineer

    If we could get more production out of our bigs, things would be much different. Hopefully next year that will change.

  • xploradman

    Wonderful young team.

    • james hicks

      I agree with you, I enjoy watching them (at least for 30 minutes a game) I see a very good team with just the 2 that are setting out. Another big would be great to go with Williams next year.

  • Alex

    I feel Higgins had some help from the officials when it came to calling fouls or charging or blocking fouls he had a lot of help. When he could come toward the basket and jump on the back of some of our guys and not have a foul called against him it is very confusing what A foul is and what isn't . A charging foul or a blocking foul ?????? On someone's back.. I am confused.

    • packyeers

      What turned the game was Self told his outside players to foul the Jump shooters. They did, however the calls were not made. Harris was hacked, pushed, shoved and held after he started going off. No calls for the 4th leading scorer in the Big 12.

  • Harvey Lantz

    The Mountaineers showed enough to make us excited for the comi9ng it!!!