MORGANTOWN. W.Va.— After the exceptional career Tavon Austin enjoyed at West Virginia, the latest Baltimore-Dunbar quarterback to win a stack of high school state championships must have seemed like an easy recruit for the Mountaineers.

Only Lonnie Galloway and WVU’s coaches were careful not to push the legacy storyline on William Crest.

“You try not to put anyone of that stuff on a kid, because for him (the experience) might be different,” Galloway said.

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The four-star Crest, the nation’s No. 7 dual-threat quarterback according to, was among the prized signees for West Virginia this week. He’s expected to arrive in June and join an unsettled position battle..

Galloway, who’s in his second stint as West Virginia receivers coach, acknowledged the Austin connection was little more than a talking point early in Crest’s recruitment. And even though NCAA guidelines allowed for Austin to chat with the four-star Crest (because they attended the same high school), Galloway said he was cautious not to over-leverage the link.

“Never did I tell Tavon that you’ve got to tell William to come here,” he said.

Committed since last April, Crest remained a target for numerous major programs, but West Virginia’s staff never sensed he was looking around for

“We felt good about him the whole time,” Galloway said. “Once that kid committed here, he didn’t go on any other trips. He’s a man of his word and that’s what makes you feel good about that kid.

“I think he would have come to West Virginia even if I wasn’t here. I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

Galloway’s also happy to envision the strong-armed Crest developing into a multi-dimensional threat.

“In college football and even the pros, there are not a lot of Tom Brady or Peyton Manning-type players out there who are just patting the ball and standing in the pocket,” he said. “With the way defenses are running, you have to be able to extend the play. You have to move and get yourself out of trouble.”

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  • richard

    skylar howard is going to be special. i think he is something more then what e1 thinks. the coaches know it too. just let it play out......

  • Pug Magoonivitch

    Who landed 6-9 380lb. Pug Magoonavitch?
    All lower New Mexico nose guard from
    Ooney town?

    He'll make a big splash.

  • Ole Sasquatch

    I do believe that's 2 good QBs'. As good as Crest probably is, Ole Sasquatch believes Skylar Howard will beat him out. Why you may ask? Are you old enough to remember Doug Flutie? That is my answer. Most likely these 2 will be in the starting rotation.

  • William101

    Seems like I recall that BB commit Daxter Miles is also from Dunbar high. Assuming he becomes a member of the 2014 class as expected, we could have two Dunbar players making waves at WVU. By all accounts, Daxter is a flashy guard who brings a lot of ability to the court.

  • DP

    William Crest sounds like a wonderful addition to the WV football program!!! Not only does it appear he is a first rate talent, it sounds like he is an OUTSTANDING young man!!! Welcome to WV William!!!!!

    • Jeff

      Lets see what happens when "the man in black" starts coaching him

      • Steve

        Yeah just liked he coached Geno, tavon, and steadman. All first and second round picks.

        Let's go mountaineers!

        • jeco

          you will not make as much $ in your lifetime as Gino made this year.

  • JimJim

    I hope he will not be too disappointed. He's leaving his good O line behind. Yes, I think his O line in high school was better than the one he will play with next year..

    • KeatonsCorner

      Hey! Look!

      I found ole JimJim aka Jim Kinzer

      Nice hat, Jim....

  • JimJim

    What happened to the big Texas recruiting pipeline? Did we not get anyone from Texas? It looks like we're getting the same type recruits as when we were in the Big East? WVU cannot win in the Big 12 with Big East recruits

    • TruthTeller

      Five Big East Championships, Three BCS bowl wins, and three shots at a national title is not too bad for those Big East recruits.

    • jeco

      Skyler Howard was a HS QB from Texas.

    • Mark

      You must be thirsty...class always half empty...

  • Dave

    William Crest could be the cream of the crop. Thanks for staying true to your commitment young man. Congratulations on becoming a Mountainer.
    Outstanding job by all the coaches and personnel involved in the recruiting.


  • The Wisetalker

    Kinda brings a tear to yer eye now don't it...?

    • KeatonsCorner


  • 4WVUinKY

    A man of his word...I love that. Welcome to Mountaineer nation Mr. Crest.

    It's an absolutely awesome day to be a true Mountaineer fan...once, always, wherever.

  • Country Roads

    I think you did an excellent job on our recruiting this year the whole class I am satisfied you did an excellent job thank you coaches thank you players.

  • tw eagle

    the renaissance in the WVU football program is moving forward , albeit slowly . . .

    I hope Galloway's assessment of Crest's character is ' right on' . . . having a 'star' athlete in the football program who will not put himself or the team in jeopardy with outrageous or irrational moments in front of a camera or microphone . . . commonly known in these hillbilly exclaves as foot-in-mouth disease . . .

    even a donkey like me can see that coach Holgerson is adapting his offense to fit a different type of QB - DUH , bringing in a juco dual-threat QB to complement Mr Crest should stick out in everyone's mind like the throbbing pain caused by whacking ones thumb with a hammer . . .and adjusting the blocking of the O-line to zone type for run option plays is much simpler than one might expect . . .

    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !

    • Aaron

      Frank Beamer didn't win until his 6th year. You don't build sustainable programs overnight. It takes time.

    • dbm

      Hopefully Crest will have the skills to run Rich Rod's spread over the next three years.