LAWRENCE, Kan. — Juwan Staten led the way for the Mountaineers with a game-high 22 points in a defeat to the No.8 Kansas Jayhawks.

Even though WVU came up short, Staten took away a lot of positives from the road loss in Lawrence. Find out what Staten had to say in the video above.

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  • wow

    Staten may be the quickest guard I have seen at WVU, the way he can get by even top notch players with ease is very impressive. I see the NBA in his future.

  • wvufan 75

    We got more wins coming our team is capable of winning every game I am very impressed with the turn around from a year ago and with a good finish the big dance is still possible If we get a favorable seed in the conference tournament anything is possible even without a good seed I like our chances to make some noise awesome job !!!!!!!!

    • mad hatter

      let's see, seven more reg season games, and you say we'll win em all,,, so, that makes us 21-10 ,,, big dance here we come...
      yep we should clean house. maybe a NC too.

  • Mister Man

    I'm very happy with the team's effort. Keep it up. Don't let up. If they continue to do the best they can, win for lose, I'll appreciate the effort.

  • derek

    worse affiliated first halves I have ever saw. Simple calls but WVU played hard will get them at home.

    • mad hatter

      affiliated with who or what?

    • james hicks

      Agree with you, the refs don't want to give the east team any chance. I could see the calls if they call both ways but most of our games is called one sided and its not our side.

      • mad hatter

        u guys hit the nail right on the head, its the refs cause all our problems ,we don't need better players and better coaching we just need these stinken refs to ease up on us, but they been a doin that to us in all our conf games.

  • Country Roads

    As I was listening to Staten talk first thing came to mind was he sounds like a coach, and that is what he is, during the game a coach on the floor.. He understands basketball more and more everyday. I am sure they saw a lot of talent in him when he came to WVU and it's one of those things like a diamond in the rough. One other thing in my opinion he should be recognized and should be honored as the best guard in the big 12... After saying video of Mr. Smart who plays for OSU he can not hold the light for Steten ... With Statens personality he can go places, and the talent he has , Awesome Young man.

    • mad hatter

      well said sir

    • 4WVUinKY

      Well stated...he's a fine young man and represents our great school with class.

  • mad hatter

    i am very proud of this mediocre team, and i really would like to see the same transformation of staten's ,be passed on to players like noreen who simply amaze me how he got a div 1 scholarship
    henderson,, wake up guy, you could help this team if you tried,,, without harris and staten, we are dead in the water..

    comeon williams , how hard is it to rebound and not foul,,,you're in there to rebound , just rebound,,, and play def.. go for it..
    you look so lost at times.. we expect more though you're just a fresman,, greatness is achieved thru good coaching, practice , practice , practice,,,
    i like this kid watkins,, i keep saying , he could be another dennis rodman

    but for goodness, sakes,, everyone needs to give 100 percent all t he time,,,i see too many slackers out there,,, team team team

    • Joe

      Could you imagine where we would be if Williams and Watkins could really get on their games? If these guys stay, they should be a huge force next year. I am really happy with this team, overall.

    • Allen

      This team is better than mediocre. That is why they are not in the lower half of the Big 12 but the middle of the pack.

      Williams is learning. He is not the only one that gets fouls. Watkins, Noreen, Dibo, Adrian. You might want to jump on them as well.

      • mad hatter

        i don't dislike noreen, or anyother player on the team,,, i think we 're growing, but kevin is in over his head, no one tries harder ,works harder as huggins has stated...but he needs to be one div. lower.
        we a lot of effort , i think we can win one or two more games,, that's about it,,, someone correct i'm sure,, but just who will we be favored against from here on out....baylor could easily beat us,,, and then there's tcu.

  • pghmountaineer

    Staten has certainly done an about face from last year. I for one never thought he was capable of the kind of play he is turning in game after game.

  • xploradman

    I'm sure proud of these guys. They really battled in a very, very tough place to play and deserve to hold their heads high. I love this team and they will really be a force next year. KU in Morgantown should be a blast.

  • GoEers

    I'm damn proud of this basketball team. They've played hard all season. I 'm looking forward to these final regular season games.

    Let's Go Mountaineers!!

  • Dave

    Great job Juwan. You proved once again why you are one of the best if not THE BEST point guard in the league. Very proud of the way the whole team took it to Kansas in their house. Silenced the crowd a few times. Lots of basketball left so keep your heads held high and go beat ISU. KU will get theirs in Morgantown.

  • Cigarman

    I really like this team.

  • jack

    Juwan Staten is one of the top point guards in the country. He has to play a lot of minutes every game and he gives maximum effort. He's a leader on the floor. He dazzles everyone with his speed, change of direction, and ball handling. Great player. One of the best to ever wear a WVU uniform. Congratulations.

  • Mike

    Great job Juwan and team, there is no quitting in you guys this year! Keep fighting and don't get down on yourself, all true mountaineer fans are proud of you. The future is very bright indeed. LET'S GO MOUNTAINEERS!!!!!

  • richard

    we're proud of you are not only a different player, but a different person. keep that attitude and you will go a long way. play another year under huggins too! you need that extra year to get to the NBA. plus the extra year will give you time to graduate and grow as a person.

  • Grant

    Kid is the best PG that we have had in my lifetime (97 grad) and is a leader.