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West Virginia students were cranked up for Monday night’s visit from No. 11 Iowa State.


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia welcomes the deep-shooting Iowa State Cyclones into the Coliseum for a Big 12 matchup.

Join Allan Taylor for in-game updates and updates:

Remi Dibo scores a career-best 20 (including six 3-pointers) and Staten finishes with 19 points, nine assists and seven rebounds for WVU (15-10, 7-5). Harris and Terry Henderson close with 16 points for the Mountaineers, who can expect a healthy bump from their current RPI spot (No. 72).
After setting a Big 12 single-game scoring record on Saturday, Melvin Ejim finishes with a meager six points on 1-of-9 shooting. That’s almost unfathomable. Even more unfathomable: West Virginia’s Nate Adrian, Gary Browne and Kevin Noreen outscored him tonight.
WEST VIRGINIA 93, IOWA STATE 63 (3:50 2nd half)
Eron Harris receives a flagrant-two foul and is ejected. Can’t offer commentary on the foul because of WVU’s reluctance to show replays at the Coliseum. (Aren’t they supposed to entice people to come to the games?) Harris leaves with 16 points.
WEST VIRGINIA 83, IOWA STATE 52 (7:25 2nd half)
Melvin Ejim won’t get 48 tonight but WVU might win by that much. Geez, this one has only gotten completely out of hand, and Iowa State looks helpless to curb WVU’s enthusiasm. And Niang just fouled out for the sixth time this season, finishing with 17 points. … WVU is 11-of-20 from 3-point range, including 4-of-6 by Remi Dibo.
WEST VIRGINIA 77, IOWA STATE 50 (9:23 2nd half)
Whatever comeback plans the Cyclones made at intermission probably didn’t involve shooting 26 percent in the second half. Meanwhile, Nate Adrian just had an overplay steal that led to a breakaway layup and he followed it up with a blocked shot on the ensuing possession. Infectious joy spreading throughout the Mountaineers.
WEST VIRGINIA 71, IOWA STATE 48 (11:47 2nd half)
Were the Cyclones No. 7 in the RPI or 307? Hoiberg’s crew is getting absolutely handled by WVU, and even though you keep waiting for a rally, the lead has only expanded. What’s more, Georges Niang (17 points) has picked up four fouls.
WEST VIRGINIA 52, IOWA STATE 33 (halftime)
This one looks like blowout, but no team in the Big 12 is better equipped to come from behind than Iowa State, which plays fast and can bombard you with 3s. The Cyclones were just 1-of-11 from deep in the opening half and shot only 38 percent. Ejim scored four points on 1-of-7 shooting.
WEST VIRGINIA 52, IOWA STATE 33 (halftime)
Juwan Staten drives the lane with 3 seconds left to put West Virginia up by 19 in what was the Mountaineers’ best half of the season—maybe of the last two seasons. Staten has 11 points, seven assists and zero turnovers thus far, but he’s just part of the story. Terry Henderson has 13 points and Eron Harris nine for WVU, which is shootong 50 percent from the floor.
WEST VIRGINIA 30, IOWA STATE 16 (8:19 first half)
Terry Henderson has 11 early points on 3-of-4 3-point shooting, continuing his home/road Jekyll/Hyde tendency. West Virginia is 5-of-8 overall from 3, while Iowa State—the Big 12’s leader in 3-point field goals—is 0-of-6. … WVU also leads 16-11 in rebounding, thanks to five from Brandon Watkins.
WEST VIRGINIA 25, IOWA STATE 14 (9:55 first half)
The Mountaineers are on a 12-0 run, a stretch during which Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg has expended two timeouts. Four WVU players have scored during the run.
IOWA STATE 8, WEST VIRGINIA 4 (17:39 first half)
Iowa State has made its first four shots, including three layups. … Melvin Ejim needed all of 21 seconds to get his first basket—19 more and he’ll match the tremendous performance he produced Saturday against TCU.
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  • Phil M.

    WVU needs 2 more wins to possibly get in the tourney. 3 more they are a lock.

    I take WVU over TCU and Baylor. That takes them to 17. Steal one in Austin Saturday and they could be dancing !!

  • Dave

    Thanks Allan Taylor. You did an excellent job this time. It's time you leave the grasp of J.R. and move over to our side.

  • JL

    Allan you have only been in this state for a couple of years but your stuff is the best written and most on target material out there. This game was incredible - certainly the biggest highlight since beating Oklahoma State in football last fall.

  • jay zoom

    lets face it people it took 25 games for them to really play as a team. there is not 25 games left on the schedule. NCAA I don't see that happening. Look at the overall records in the big 12 and nationwide.

  • Country Roads

    I loved this game. The guys played a Complete game, defense ,offense and as a team all the way around. Yes it is a great day to be a Mountaineer wherever you maybe, Sing the song Country Roads.
    Had to wait to get home to see the rerun of Kevin getting kicked in the chest. I think the big 12 should put a technical foul on the officiating for that call particular. The officials was not going to call a technical file on that until Harris paralyzed that guy and called the technical on him. That was the worst missed call I have seen all season until they took a replay look at it.... I have always said the big 12 officials never favored WVU.

  • David Kennedy

    What a Great Game....maybe the greatest ball handling in WVU history.

    Reminded me of Jerry West and Rod Hunley.

    WVU is rollin' and March Madness has come early to the ball court.

    These kids will be hungry for 'basketball blood and I intend to come to their feast to watch them.
    Makes me very proud to support the coach and be a Mountaineer... GO WVU !

  • GoEers

    Hey everyone do you remember when mad hater said that Remi Dibo was a liability and would get run off the team by Huggins? That was another one of mad hatter's aka the biggest marshall troll around dire predictions about WVU. Well the only thing Dibo did tonight was score 20 pts and shut down a guy who scored 48 pts on Saturday.

  • 5toldU1s

    I'm guessing Iowa State was seldom guarded on the perimeter like they were tonight. Plus you never shoot as well on the road. ISU left their defense behind in Ames. I say we beat them there too. @Texas will be a tough game. GO MOUNTAINEERS! BEAT THE horns!

  • tw eagle

    BRAVO ! ! BRAVO ! ! BRAVO ! !

    Harris did the "right" thing - avenging a thugging applied to one of his teammates . . .

    but like the venerable bard once pointed out
    "measure for measure "

    Harris probably wouldn't have been given the boot if he had only 'clotheslined ' or applied a shoulder to his opponents sternum. . . either would have dumped his adversary on his keester - good thing Harris pulled his "shot" or he could have really hurt that kid . . .

    the game in ames will really be slugfest - don't forget the brass knuckles . . .(LOL)

    BRAVO ! Bring on the Horns ! !

    Let's Goo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !

  • KeatonsCorner

    Wow! What a great great great great win for Bob Huggins. It is no woneder he is a Hall of famer. Im predicting this team to be a sweat 16 maybe an elite 8.I have been sayin all along that Huggs would fix everything. Wow...what a coach. I thought however that our Bigs could have put in a little more effort on defense but nonetheless a great great great win for Bob Huggins and the University. I thought Tony and Jay did an outstanding job broadcasting the game but then again that is just me. Where are all ofthose Marshall Trolls? Ha Ha they will never show up again...just stick together and we will run those no good skum back to Huntinton. And did Marshall lose again tonight? why I believe they did Ha Ha Ha....those no good losers.

    Anyway a great win for Huggins and the program. This is sure to boost our RIP...maybe even int the 60's. Well, at least I hope so. Its time for the college basketball world to take notice of Bob Huggins and the Mounties...Houw bout them eerrs?

    • KeatonsCorner

      lol, imitation is the highest form of flattery I guess...

      However, this guy's basketball knowledge is miles below my own.

  • DP

    Brew4wvu-I have no idea what your problem is with AT. In last night's column he predicted WV would win 80-77. I would suggest you do your homework before badmouthing AT, who I (and many others I know) think is an EXCELLENT WV sports writer!!!

  • wvfreys

    It's a great day to be a Mountaineer. In fact every day is a great day to be a Mountaineer!!!

  • DP

    William, William, William-Where art thou? Hopefully you've went away for a couple of years, but unfortunately I don't think us TRUE WV Fans have heard the last from you!

    GREAT, GREAT WIN MOUNTIES!!! From the get go, it was obvious you guys were out to prove yourselves and did you ever!!! Let's gooooooooooooo Mountaineers!!!!!

  • mad hatter

    if i were adrian, dibo, williams,, i'd be totally ashamed to be out rebounded by staten,,, i mean , staten is a great player, but my goodness, what are those guys thinking..

  • Brew4wvu

    I tuned in to Alan"WVRC Mouthpiece " Taylor and Brad "Mr. Negative" Howell did not give the Mountaineers a chance.And now they are on suicide watch for sure with the Mountaineer win!