MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — There was no storming of the court after West Virginia stunned No. 11 Iowa State 102-77. Rather, the players stormed the student section.

Showing an uncharacteristic burst of emotion, junior forward Kevin Noreen led his teammates several rows deep into the courtside bleachers for a bit of postgame rowdiness the program hasn’t seen the past two seasons.

Calling it “the kind of moment you live for,” the 6-foot-10 Noreen made a conspicuous figure bouncing up an down amongst the undergrads.

“These people appreciate hard work and we’re all playing together. We’re giving them something that’s fun to be a part of, fun to get behind again,” Noreen said. “It’s been good to have their support.”

Nearby stood junior forward Remi Dibo, who scored a career-high 20 points and enjoyed chants of “DEEEEE-BO! DEEEEE-BO!” as he went to the bench late in the game.

“They’ve showed us support from the beginning, even when it was hard times,” Dibo said of the students who lingered to enjoy WVU breaking the 100-point barrier. “Today we just beat the No. 11 team in the country, so it felt good.”

The victory gave West Virginia (15-10, 7-5) its third consecutive home win over a top-50 RPI team, leading guard Terry Henderson to predict more postgame celebrations lie ahead: “I think I’m gonna go crowd-surfing next time.”

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  • Keatons Corner II

    Great win!

  • Baldeagle

    I agree with you Mountain Navy. They need to take some acting classes. He should a rolled around some and grimace a lot..we would have got a Flagrant 2 out of it.

  • Baldeagle


  • Mountain Navy

    Noreen should have acted like he was really hurt when that guy kicked him in the chest.

  • cutty77

    Just keep winning at Home,then steal one on the road,and this Team is NCAA Bound.

  • Aaron

    What a great game Kevin Noreen played. As the 'senior' member of this team, he could be making waves about playing time and points but every game, he does what is ask of him and doesn't complain whether he plays 2 minutes or 20.

    I would love to see him become more aggressive on the offensive end of the court, particularly when big men sag off him. He has a nice shot, can pass the ball well and more importantly, has a grasp of what Hugs wants.

    The rest of this year is going to be fun to watch. Next year is going to be amazing.

  • Country Roads

    West Virginia played no doubt the best game of the season. Knowing everything will not be like this every time on the floor . Sure do have the momentum on this hard stretch. There is no reason why we can't beat Texas if we get the brakes fr the officials. Kevin seemed very happy with this productivity. A good indication that this team is come to play as a TEAM ...I like that.

  • GoEers

    Great victory against the 11th ranked team in the nation! Always a great day to be a mountaineer fan!!!

    • KeatonsCorner

      Im right wit ya GoEers...

      Go Go Mounties!

      • KeatonsCorner

        It appears I've become so popular that others are now copying my user names....

        It's fine. Everyone wants to be like Mike.

        • Keatons Corner II

          I want to be like Mike too!

          • KeatonsCorner

            Lets see what we have so far...


            KeatonsCorner ll






            Not a bad start and still counting...we are going for the 2114 screen name record.

        • KeatonsCorner

          How many user names do you have?

  • nocturnalbrutha

    I can't believe that Mad "hater" hasn't shown up with his crazy, schizophrenic self.
    Great win Mounties!
    Let's Goooo!!!!

    • Allen

      Wins usually make haters disappear.

  • tw eagle

    work hard in practice , pay attention to what the coach is teaching , and ain't it easy & fun in games . . . ? . . . I hope you gave Harris a big hug when the rest of the team joined him in the locker room . . . with everybody "pulling on the rope" & in the same direction you Mounties make the game real good for the fans . . . THANKS . . . proud to be a fan of a team that plays with so much effort & heart . . .

    Let's Gooo Mountaineeerrrsss ! ! !