CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A former Mingo County magistrate is in jail after allegedly trying to sell drugs in his county while out on bond awaiting sentencing in a federal criminal case. 


Dallas Toler was booked Tuesday morning after allegedly selling cocaine last month.

U.S. Attorney Booth Goodwin said Tuesday Dallas Toler, 45, was arrested Monday night for allegedly selling cocaine.

(Read Toler arrest warrant here)

Toler pleaded guilty Dec. 2, 2013, to obtaining a false voter registration application.

Goodwin’s motion said Toler took $850 from an informant Jan. 3 who promised to share drug profits with him.

Toler is currently scheduled to be sentenced on the previous federal conviction March 10.

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  • OG

    When are is the governor gonna step in and appoint a clean judge in Mingo County? Wasn't that supposed to happen last month?

  • Brian

    I wonder what this clown's legal background is. In WV, you don't have to have a law degree, or any legal training of any kind, to be a Magistrate. The only requirement is to win an election. That, to me, is an absolute outrage. Magistrates have the power to award or deny monetary compensation in civil trials and to put people in jail in criminal cases. Should we not demand that these people have some legal knowledge and some legitimate credentials that can be revoked if they show no fidelity to the law?

  • Jesse's girl

    When you travel to our national parks, be it The Great Smoky Mountains or Yellowstone, there are signs admonishing you not to feed the wildlife. The reason? You make dependents of the animals over time. As a result, they either die or decline from the lack of motivation to hunt (work) for their natural food and become dangerous to the public in trying to obtain food.

    The same is true for humans and West Virginia should be the poster child. Mingo County is just the most public display of the misery brought about by the policies which the Democrat party has employed for more than 8 decades to keep themselves employed.

  • DWL

    Mingo mOrOns arise! The dumbacrat executive commettee will soon convene in Cell Block "d"

  • mtneer

    wyoming county is no better, believe me !

  • Low Rider

    Mingo County baby! Is there any way we can disect Mingo and McDowell counties from the state and donate them back to Virginia?

    • Larry

      Or better yet, take all of Kanawha Co., and everything south of I-64, and south and west of the Turnpike.

  • Captain Carnage

    This guy is truly a moron! He looks like a stupid country bumpkin. On bond and selling cocaine. He is going to be someone's big Teddy Bear/girlfriend in jail! I can't wait for this guy to get what he deserves!

  • Scott

    Now we can get back to where all the crime is.

  • Joe

    What is wrong with these morons. Why do people in Mingo County keep elected people with such liw miral fiber. That count is an everyday version of the movie Walking Tall'

    • Pickle Barrel

      Except there is no Sheriff Pusser down there to clean things up.

      • Col. Klink

        Try Randolph Co., our politicians are bought and paid for by the beer companies, that goes for the judge, PA, county commission and sheriff. West Virginia is the worst for small towm politics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!