MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Bracketology guru Jerry Palm said West Virginia needs a strong finishing stretch to have a chance on Selection Sunday.

With six regular-season games remaining and at least one game guaranteed in the Big 12 tournament, West Virginia (15-10, 7-5 Big 12) owns an RPI of 66.

“They’re going to have to play better than .500 basketball the rest of the way, and maybe better than that even,” Palm said Tuesday night. “They might have to win four of those six and then a game in the conference tournament.

“Short of 19 (wins) they’re probably not going to make it, and 19 may not do it either.”

COLUMN: West Virginia climbs back to the bubble

Palm, who has been forecasting NCAA brackets with astonishing accuracy since 1993 and now serves as the RPI expert for, told the MetroNews “Statewide Sportsline” crew that WVU is one of about 25 bubble teams vying for 14 at-large spots. The bubble can tighten up severely if underdogs start winning their league tournaments.

Though West Virginia (15-10, 7-5 Big 12) has garnered four quality wins in its last five games, Palm speculated that the Mountaineers have much left to prove.

“Quite a bit actually,” he said, “because 10 losses is a kind of a high number (at this point). If you finish the year with 13 or 14 losses, the odds of making the tournament are significantly reduced. There’s not really a lot of wiggle room for West Virginia.

“And at some point … they’re going to have to pick up a quality win away from home, because that’s also a hole in their resume.”

Though the Mountaineers own a win at Baylor (RPI No. 55), their record in true road games stands at just 3-5. West Virginia is 3-1 on neutral courts, with the best win coming against No. 121 William & Mary.

While WVU missed out on upset bids against Wisconsin, Gonzaga and Missouri in the nonconference portion, the primary damage was inflicted by losses to No. 107 Purdue and No. 217 Virginia Tech.

“Purdue hurts because it was at home, and Virginia Tech, that’s an eyesore,” Palm said.

View all of Palm’s “Sportsline” interview above.

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bubble graphic


  • John

    If it will take 19 wins for WVU to get in the tournament that would mean they would go 11 and 7 in the best conference in basketball. That is absurd. Will it take a 12 and six team to make it from the acc then? Although a 17 and 13 record is not sexy it will be very hard for the committee to not select a nine and nine team from the big twelve.

  • Shadow

    What does Joe Lunardi say? He is the expert.

    • Mister Man

      Lunardi said pretty much the same thing. He said WVU could capture the 6th bid from the Big 12 if it wins 19 games.

  • KeatonsCorner

    As I stated earlier, I am predicting a final four appearance. I just seem to have a gift for this sort of thing...

    • J

      I like your optimism. While I don't know if I agree, it's nice seeing these kind of predictions for a change in the comments!

  • Roundball

    Wv women vs oklahoma on fox sport1 ch 150 dish at 7 thursday

  • Hornfan

    We're bringin our brooms. Goin for the sweep on Saturday.

  • Hornfan

    That's because we rule the Big 12.

  • JAke

    No tv for texas game due to longhorn network .... Petty, petty ,petty. Eat Ca Ca texas

  • Keith

    It's a game played by a bunch of kids. These kids are on a mission. If the fans get behind them and breath fire in them they can beat anybody. Spread the word. Let's get a buzz going.

  • cutty77

    Let me get straight right off the bat. Jerry Palm is not and never has Been a WVU fan in Football or Baskerball. Anybody could of made the statement he made. He's a Clown

    • mad hatter

      baskerball,,,,,,why did you make the statement you made,,,,,?

      • cutty77

        @ Mad Hatter,
        Why do you make any Statement at All,EVER Your The Dumbest Person on Here Always.

        • aquarius

          please tell me you did the "your" thing that would be funny in the context of what was posted...

        • mad hatter

          oh yeah,,,,your rather than you're,,,,u = dumbest always and forever

          • KeatonsCorner


            Pay no attention to GoEers or GoEeers...

            He is paid to create confusion and run people off...

        • GoEeers

          +1...he certainly is

          • mad hatter

            well said sir,,,,,+1+1 = 2

      • Keith

        Baskerball,that's right. That's when you lay in the sun and watch basketball.

  • TruthTeller

    Its too early for this subject. Do you want to talk about our Easter plans and Fourth of July plans while we are at it? Lets go a head and start predict what bowl game the football team will be playing in next year. Come on people. One game at a time. You wonder what messes a team up? This kind of crap is what messes a team up. The players start reading these type of articles and start looking ahead and BAM there goes the season.

  • Hookemhorns

    Sorry, no way no how, you guys win at our house. Your party ends on Saturday.

  • Country Roads

    Being an optimistic person I will say it now. It would not surprise me if we play for the Big 12 championship in March. We look like a team on a mission. Watch the team warm-up, watch the team on the bench, and on the floor they are not selfish, they like each other, they perform like they are on to something new and they understand now how to play defense a lot better and got confidence, that's good. Great to be a Mountaineer wherever you are..

    • Jon Davis

      Totally agree they can diff win the big 12 or at least make it to the finals if they keep playing this way

  • Aaron

    If they play like they did last night, there's no reason they can't win out.

  • Leroy j gibbs

    Win at Texas will help

    • mad hatter

      ya think,,,,,?