CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Opponents of abortion turned out at the state Capitol Tuesday for Pro-Life Day at the Legislature.

West Virginians For Life Legislative Liaison John Carey was a guest on MetroNews Talkline. He told Hoppy Kercheval WVFL hopes to get two new pieces of pro-life legislation through the House and Senate this session.

Photo by Hoppy Kercheval Dozens attend Pro-Life Day at state Legislature

The first deals with Obamacare coverage of abortions.

“[The bill] would ensure that when a person purchases insurance through the health care exchange, they are not going to be funding abortion either through taxpayer dollars or through their dollars directly,” explained Carey.

Carey said those who want coverage that includes abortion care would be able to purchase an outside plan separately. It would not prevent them from being covered under the Health Care Act for other medical conditions.

“This is an opportunity for the Legislature to finally bring clarity to an issue of Obamacare that’s increasingly confusing,” according to Carey.

Currently 25 states have adopted health care plans that do not pay for abortions.

The second piece of legislation is called the Fetal Pain bill. Carey said scientists have proven that the unborn begin to feel pain at 8 weeks. The bill would deny abortion access to pregnant women who are 20-weeks or more along unless there are health considerations.

“What we’re saying is pain and anguish is harm. So the state has a right to protect that child from harm. So there shouldn’t be abortions except for cases where the mother is going to die or there would be some traumatic harm to the mother,” stressed Carey.

The legislative liaison admits the insurance-related bill has more of a chance than the Fetal Pain bill. He said at this point, West Virginia has some of the most liberal laws on the books when it comes to abortion, even though voters tend to be more conservative.

“There are nine states in this country that allow a baby to be aborted all nine months. West Virginia is one of those states. There’s only six states in this country that fund it. West Virginia is one of those states,” said Carey.

The National Right to Life Committee is backing both proposals.

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  • vashti

    i guess pretty soo we will all be on board with Rick Santrum who believes life begins at erection. this is ia very personal choice for many women and the circumstances should not have to be scrutinized by others after she has made her choice. we are not talking about a human being with full rights. if we were then they should be able to count as deduction on your taxes, get more food stamps maybe. they are not on their own til they are out of the womb and thus not a person per se.

  • Hillbilly Tea

    I support abortion as most of those doing the aborting are left wing Democrats. Seems they are aborting themselves into extinction which is a good thing for our country. .

    On second thought, I will stick with my faith that tells me ALL life is a precious gift from God. And may He grant mercy on those unable to make their own choice to live.

  • Debra

    I believe the statement about being able to abort all nine months is at the very least a misguided statement or at the most an inflaminatory LIE!

  • Don

    Complete list of Delegates who voted to kill HB2364 and their email addresses at

  • WvWho

    You are encouraged not to spank or harm your children yet you have 9 months to kill them. Yea makes sense.

  • Mason County Contrarian

    Why are we "pro-life" up until birth but refuse to support any attempts to encourage access to basic healthcare to sustain that newborn--or the parents?

    Healthcare, regardless of age, is a human right. One cannot be "pro-life" for only the unborn.

    • 2XLPatriot

      How can one be "Pro-choice" and then not support the death pnealty?

      • Jason412

        2XL Patriot,

        How can one be Pro-Life and then support the death penalty?

        • 2XLPatriot

          Easy. Crimminal actions that willingly and unmercifully take the life of an innocent person deserve appropriate punishemnt. They obviously do not value human life and the punishment is just. An unborn child is wholly innocent.

          • 2XLPatriot

            Plopaganda, I am not against abortion if it means the difference between the mothers life and death. I also would support it in cases of severe genetic defects where the child would have no quality of life and suffering would be evident. As well and incest cases. My whole point here is I'm against abortion as birth control or punishment for a failed relationship. Personal responsibility and consequences have taken a back seat in todays society which is why I stand against the mainstream abortion defenders who support abortion regardless of the reason. ie: Birth control.

          • Plopaganda

            It says that they're doing something legal, they have their reasons for it, and those reasons are none of your business. So using your logic, how about a girl that gets raped by her uncle? She struggled to keep her legs together. Nothing is ever black and white in this world. Just because a girl gets an abortion doesn't mean she's a slut using it for birth control and deserves to be shamed. She may even need that abortion to save her own life.

          • 2XLPatriot

            So what does that say about people who choose to abort? What level does that lower them to? If you can't raise a child, get fixed or keep your legs together.

          • Plopaganda

            And killing the person as a punishment lowers society to his or her level.

      • Plopaganda

        Because the death penalty is the government killing someone in the name of the entire population. An abortion is a personal choice and is no one else's business.

        • Pickle Barrel

          And abortion is killing someone in the name of a selfish person. BTW I'm against capital punishment so I'm no hypocrite like you.

          • Plopaganda

            Right, I'm a hypocrite since I am pro-choice but would CHOOSE not to have an abortion if I were the one involved. Tell ya what. Every time you stop someone from having an abortion, please be sure to help the parents raise the child until they're 18 so that my tax dollars don't have to go toward it. Thanks and way to help America.

        • 2XLPatriot

          Yes, I suppose butchering and dismembering an innocent, indefensable human being is a personal choice.

          • jfk


  • rick

    Abortion has been already ajudicated under the 9th Amendment. What Justice Douglas called the "right to be left alone" by the Government. Abortion is a choice for fewer and fewer Americans. It is currently at an all time low in this country. If you are against it dont have one but leave options open for those who do.

    • WVWho

      Options equal choice in life or death of a human being. Care to try again rick?

  • epteach

    I support the bill, but I really doubt that anyone is 20 MONTHS along...shouldn't that be 20 weeks???