CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Putnam County Senator Chris Walters tried but failed Monday to get his colleagues to amend a Senate rule.


Sen. Chris Walters

Walters proposed a 24-hour advance notice of committee agendas. Currently, he said, those agendas can come out just minutes before a meeting.

“Last week there was a bill that was introduced on the blue list of this floor. An hour later it was in the committee ready to be discussed,” said Walters.

That bill was 20-pages long and Walters stressed he didn’t even have time to read it through let alone really consider the legislative implications.

“As a senator, I want to do my job better. I want to be able to represent my population better, my constituency to the best of my ability and this rule would have been a step in the right direction,” according to Walters.

He said another factor to consider is giving voters a say in important legislation.

“[His proposal] would have given us the ability to put proper notice online to our constituents so that they could know to be here, so they could be more involved in this public process,” explained Walters.

The proposed rule change was defeated 23-11.

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  • Barry Bledsoe

    I also would like to know who voted for and against this, and their party affiliation.

  • Brian

    Great idea for a bill-truly is. But as others have said the status quo is to pass a bill before reading it. Anybody remember the federal cash for clunkers, TARP or Obamacare? Our WV delegation didn't get to read all 400+ pages of some bills in WV even with 24 hr notice. Why should our state be any different.

  • Ed

    The motion would slow legislation....not a bad thing.

  • WV Girl

    It says it was defeated 23-11. Is there a way to see who voted for and who voted against?

    Those “in power” shouldn’t be the ones to vote whether there is more transparency. Let the public vote on that one.

  • WVU 74

    Oh, do come along Senator. In Legislatures these days, you have to pass a Bill in order to read what's in it.

    Can't you keep up ?

    • WV Girl

      Sad but true:(

  • jm

    goes to show the good ole boys don't want anyone to know what is going on.

  • TLC

    There is no information in here about which party Sen. Walters is in or, how the vote broke down. Why is that? My guess is most people would agree with him. I also would guess he is a Republican and the Democrats voted it down.

    • redgal

      And you would be correct, TLC.