CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The state has been denied its request for federal funds in connection with the water emergency.

Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin said Wednesday he heard from FEMA earlier this week.

A FEMA administrator said the event “was not of such severity and magnitude as to warrant grant assistance under this emergency declaration.”

(Read FEMA denial letter here)

The governor disagrees and plans an appeal.

“I am extremely disappointed by FEMA’s initial response, and I share the frustration and anger of West Virginians who have endured this crisis,” Gov. Tomblin said in a statement released by his office.

U.S. senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin said they would be helping with the appeal.

Getting grant assistance from FEMA would provide the state with federal funding, reimbursing it and the counties in the water emergency area part of the costs of the response.

The governor also appealed to FEMA after the agency blocked individual assistance following damage caused by Superstorm Sandy.


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  • Aaron

    It was rumored that President Obama signed the denial for this grant "Keith Judd."

    Ok, maybe I made that up but it certainly is motivation for the President to deny the request.

  • rick

    This did not rise to the level for a FEMA declaration to give people money for damages. We received what help we got because of our emergency management contacts. We had FEMA water stocks within 24 hrs. The President owes this State nothing. If you want more help call that convict in Texas you voted for ....maybe he will send you a handout.

    • Me

      OMG Rick! Hes been out of office for how long and you people still want to blame him! You must be one of those voters votes straight ticket! LOL

  • WV Proud

    Obama and his worthless FEMA administrator from Florida will both answer someday to their treatment of WV. We are Americans too.


    We aint DETROIT... WHY would they help the MOUNTAIN STATE???!!!

  • Mike

    I guess Tomblin and Manchin should have been nicer to Obama and the state should have thought twice before giving an unknown Texas felon as many votes as the President. He can't hear you now.

  • bill

    After siding with American Water from to beginning and giving the good test results 2 days after the event requiring all state employees to continue working in Charleston is it any wonder FEMA will not give WV aid. Our Gov. and top officals screwed this up.

  • TruthTeller

    Typical they want your tax dollars but don't want to do their job. Time to do away with these wasteful jokers. A new government is needed.

  • jay zoom

    I bet if this happened in China they would not need a grant they would get it for free. -- sorry forgot that's the red cross's department. but you know what I mean. they sent us some bad water according to another report anyway. if this happened in the director of FEMA back yard there would be train loads sent with no questions asked.

  • Jeff

    A mix of political corruption and kowtowing big industry is what got WV in this mess. I wouldn't give WV a dime until they got their s$&! together.

  • Gary Karstens

    The grant should come from the giant corporations. YEESH!

  • reality check

    just the deprivation of potable water.... no big deal.

  • leroy gibbs

    from obama with love west virginia!

  • WVU86

    Well, West Virginians wanted Obama to "leave us alone." It seems he is honoring that request.

  • Charleston

    Nothing to see here folks, keep moving along.

  • rick

    FEMA gave us a lot of water they did not have to provide. Any costs should be reimbursed by the chemical company that caused this mess.