CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Most of West Virginia will pick-up significant snow accumulation through Thursday afternoon from a winter storm that got its start in Georgia Wednesday. By late Wednesday night southern coalfield counties and the Greenbrier Valley had already received several inches.

The National Weather Service has more than a third of the state under a winter storm warning. It added Mingo, Boone and Lincoln counties to the list Wednesday night. Kanawha and counties up the I-79 corridor remained under a winter weather advisory. 

The heaviest accumulations will likely be in the higher elevations from Beckley to Elkins.

“If you’re on that up-slope side of the eastern mountains, this could have quite an impact,” said Meteorologist Joe Merchant of the National Weather Service in Charleston.

Twenty-two counties had already closed schools for Thursday by late Wednesday night. Three other counties were to begin the day on two-hour delays with the list likely to grow.

The snow’s path took a westerly turn Wednesday afternoon causing forecasters to up snow accumulation predictions in some areas. The heaviest snow is expected to be gone by Thursday afternoon. A clipper system could dump another inch or two on the southcentral section of the state Friday.

It didn’t take long for accumulations to add up Wednesday night. Beckley had more than six inches of snow by 11 p.m.

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  • TB

    Attention J, the climate has been changing for quite some time now. Always has and always will. Your PC "climate change" versus "global warming" is BS You wanted global warming - lets call it global warming.

  • jim crowell

    How much snow fell in mount lookout, wv

  • hilljack

    Sorry for the duplicate post. Computer malfunction.

  • hilljack

    I really don't want state employees working at home with their computers. Too many openings for personal information being compromised. I believe it was a state worker that left her lap top in her car a year or so ago and lost a bunch of info. Not a good idea.

  • hilljack

    I really don't want state employees working on their home computers. Too many openings for personal information being compromised. I believe it was a state employee that left her lap top in her car and had it stolen maybe a year or so ago.

  • Mike

    Does Metro News ever update this story? Statewide news...what a joke.

  • chasmo

    Hugs : get us a major victory in Texas !!! Saturday night @ 8 pm. Enjoy the " flight "

  • rick

    Winter in West Virginia. If you dont't feel safe driving to work don't go. I have always been an "essential employee". I don't have a choice. People in the private sector don't get paid if they don't work. If you are a nonessential employee then take annual leave and stay home.

  • TruthTeller

    Maybe they should stop spraying our skies with chemicals to try to modify the weather.

    • Larry

      I hope you're joking, and don't believe the ridiculous, "chemtrails make the snow not melt and turn black with a lighter" thing.

    • Harpers Ferry

      I'm sorry, but you're just plain wrong. Anyone with half a brain knows this storm is the work of Freemasons and Aliens. Oh, and Teachers as well, because they are so lazy that they decided to make it snow instead of work.

    • Big Hooptie

      Omg, it's Rosie O'Donnell.

  • Larry

    Those minivans really shouldn't park in the ditch in such inclement weather.

  • Lisa

    almost 13 inches in Mt Lookout....Beautiful morning!

  • Patty

    Almost 17" in Scherr WV & still snowing hard.

  • DR

    13 inches in Raleigh Co / Flat Top are!

    • DR


  • Undertheradar

    Does any of the leadership within State Government understand the concept "Essential Employees only" or utilize telework during risky weather and other emergencies or do they prefer employees risk their lives to report to a building in Charleston to perform their work? Oh, I forgot, the taxpayers have to pay Dollar Danny his $2.00 per payday fee and pay the landlords to house thousands of employees in little cubicles of big buildings within the corporate limits of Charleston to perform their jobs. Wake up before someone gets killed trying to travel to a building in Charleston when the work could be performed from home. We are supposed to be in the digital age!

    • So

      X 1000. We're certainly not paid like essential employees yet we're required to risk our lives in this weather. I can count on one hand the snow days I've gotten off in my nearly ten years of being a state employee. My office won't let us teleworking even in emergency situations like today.

      • Bingo

        I know one employee who works in Charleston that has the capability to work from home but they still have to take leave time because they are not in the office. The governor would be amazed at how far some people drive daily to work for the state and make a puny check. Even some essential employees drive over an hour to work there. No Governor has ever cared, but the past have been the worst.

        • Josh

          The private sector has to go to work as well. It's not all doom and gloom

      • Undertheradar

        Old school mentality in management positions. Over time this mentality may change & catch up with the rest of the country & private business.

  • TB

    Thank goodness for global warming...

    • J

      It's called climate change and this snow is called evidence.

      • Pickle Barrel

        Yeah, change the term to cover all your bases and you'll never be wrong. I recall the global warming kooks claiming the arctic ice would melt by now and the poor polar bears would be adrift on ice blocks.

      • Harpers Ferry

        Winter + Cold Temperatures + Snow = NORMAL!!!!

        Just like,

        Summer + Hot Temperatures + Hurricanes = NORMAL!!!!

        It's not really that hard to figure out

      • Todd

        And people like you are called looney tunes.

      • zero tolerance

        Right because in the liberal mind Cold is caused by Hot, Up is caused by Down, Life doesn't exist in the womb but could on Mars, Gun Control saves children but Abortion is fundamental right of a women, Higher Unemployment is caused by a stronger Economy..............and the list goes on with irrational & pragmatic concepts.