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Tony Gibson will be named WVU’s defensive coordinator, per sources.

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — West Virginia safeties coach Tony Gibson will be promoted to defensive coordinator, sources confirmed late Wednesday.

The 41-year-old Gibson, who returned to West Virginia last season after a serving on Rich Rodriguez’s staff from 2001-2007, was the leading candidate to land the job ever since Feb. 6, when MetroNews first reported former defensive coordinator Keith Patterson had left for Arizona State.

A school source remained unsure Wednesday about the timing of an official announcement.

Though Gibson has been a defensive coordinator at only one other stop—Division II West Virginia Tech, during the 1999 and 2000 seasons—he served as the secondary coordinator in 2011 at Pitt, where he worked alongside Patterson and shared the concepts that mimic WVU’s current 3-4 scheme.

That 2011 Panthers’ unit ranked third nationally in sacks (3.31 per game), 12th in tackles for loss, 35th in total defense (350.6 yards), 38th in scoring defense (22.8) and 51st in pass-efficiency defense.

Sources said head coach Dana Holgorsen and Gibson are continuing to interview candidates for the defensive line coaching position.

Having built a reputation as a top recruiter, Gibson is a West Virginia native who played his college ball at Glenville State.

He will become WVU’s fourth defensive coordinator in four seasons, though his promotion brings more elements of schematic continuity than previous staff changes.

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  • Cliff W

    A close friend and classmate is going to lead WVU Defense back to glory! Go get em Gibby! Do it for the Van Bulldogs, Boone Co, West "By-God" Virginia!

  • mad hatter

    troll gets paid by wvu athletic dept. to rebutt anything neg. that is said on these sites and try and get everyone in on the kool aid drinking.
    His name is charles sharp, and he is from fairmont but employed by the alumni asso.

    • Troll

      Whatever, just a fan, not an alumnus, not a donor and have absolutely no control over what happens with the program just enjoy watching and cheering on the Mountaineers . The one thing I am is smart enough not to let what I can't control bother me. So like every other year since around 1972 when the season gets here I will cheer and support what we have. Go Mountaineers!

  • mad hatter

    i'm not against tony's hire, i just think that competing at this level , or the level we want to, that there is a more qualified candidate than he is..
    He had no previous experience at this level to speak of, and as a db coach , his performance as a coach leaves a lot to be desired...

    so once again , the Peter Principle , rears its ugly head, and tony is promoted, to the knowledgeable fan, this is a prime example.

    but, it's a done deal, why cry over spilt milk, live with it,, don't take football too seriously, and hope through trial and error, we someone reestablish wvu as a football power, with a respectable defense..

  • Troll

    If you take away the idiotic and annoying mad hatter's post it could be a good discussion with only about 30 post. Support who have and get over it . One thing for sure we don't know how Gibson will do until they play the games, so at this point all we can do is show support and see what happens.

    • mad hatter

      but we have his past performance as a db coach to be our guide, which just isn't up to par with big 12 play. so shut up and get over it.

  • El Supremo

    I wouldn't worry about Mr. Gibson or the entire coaching staff being around after December.
    If you are REALISTIC, look at the first eight games on WVU's 2014 schedule. Do you see anything more than 2 wins and 6 losses.

    By November the heat will be too hot for AD Luck and Holgorsen. If my math is correct, at that time Holgorsen will have a .500 winning percentage. Surely the Board of Governors, new President AND major donors will step up to the plate and REQUIRE the requisite change.

    At least Mr. Gibson is being given the opportunity to add to his resume.

  • A36redbaron

    I love this hire! Congratulations Gibby! Don't pay any attention to the naysayers. They are not worth your time. The Mountaineer Nation is behind you and the entire defensive team.

  • Chef Camille

    I think Booth Goodwin should have gotten the job.

  • Chris

    What happens with Coach Cogdell LBs?

  • Mister Man

    Great job Coach Holgorsen! Gibby will be a very good DC and he is a fine recruiter.

  • WVU_93

    It's not the schemes the last couple years it's the talent. We were stockpiled with kids to run that 3-3-5 novelty defense, now most of those kids are gone and the ones coming in can play. Today we promote a great recruiter and someone who can sell WVU because he believes in us, congratulations coach Gibson.

  • Mister Man

    Good job Coach Holgorsen! Coach G. will do us proud on the field and with recruiting.

  • TC

    Best man for the job in my opinion, met him once before and wish him all the best.

  • tw eagle

    I like coach Holgerson . . . he's charismatic , has new offensive ideas , and has managed to assemble a staff that can not only find young talent , but get them to come to Morgantown to play for WVU . . .

    BUT , the tenor of many of his postgame pressers last season said he was unhappy that the D was upstaging his failing "air-raid"
    offense . . . I was not surprised that Patterson left , THE TIMING was off . . . Pattersons success said that eventually he would move "up" the coaching ranks sooner or later . . .
    I wish Mr Gibson a lot of luck in his new responsibilities , the infrastructure is still in place from what Patterson erected , can Mr Gibson inspire the 'troops' to work together with the same verve that they displayed last season ?

  • Sexy Blue Genie

    The man in black strikes again

    • tw eagle

      AMEN . . . Kaptain Black's ship is only allowed to have one EGO . . . HIS . . .

      without input from anyone that runs against
      the Kaptains thinking his ship (WVU FOOTBALL) will sail aimlessly & dangerously
      off kilter . . .

      an amazingly skilled offensive tactician , he's too paranoid ( at this point ) to accept input
      from anyone else as a head coach . . .

      Kaptain , you're not the OC anymore , you're in charge of MANAGING the whole ship . . .

  • Tim C

    Dana sinks or swims on this one. Gibson is a very good recruiter and a good coach, but he will have to learn on the job. This is a two-year test at best. If we don't see significant improvement in this team within 2 years it will be a mass exodus in 2016.