MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — As a major snowstorm moved out of West Virginia late Thursday, the state Division of Highways planned to begin its most daunting and widespread plowing effort of the winter.

“We’ve received anywhere from 12 to 17 inches across the district,” state Division of Highways District 5 Maintenance Engineer Barry Knotts said. “(The roads) are snow-covered. We are plowing the primaries and we will get to the secondaries as soon as we can.”

Martinsburg picked up approximately 16 inches of snow, while other areas of Berkeley County more than 19 inches. Sections of Jefferson County, like Harpers Ferry ended up with 18 inches or more. Mineral County Emergency Operations Director Bill Hentosh said his county got at least 16 inches of snow. He said people will be stuck in their homes for a few days.

Residents need to make sure “they are checking on family members and neighbors,” he said.

State DOH spokesman Brent Walker said Thursday was tough for snow removal teams.

“No sooner do we make a pass on an interstate than does the road continue to be covered again in a very short time,” Walker said.

Other snowfall totals rivaled storms from 1993, including Hico in Fayette County which picked up 19 inches Thursday. Other high amounts were recorded in Beckley, Summersville and Marlinton.

Walker is confident a lot will be accomplished Friday.

“The good news is it’s kind of a heavier snow because the temperatures are up a little bit. The plows can do a lot of work,” he said.

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  • hilljack

    I appreciate the road crews too. However they have shoved a pile of snow right up against my vehicle and I could barely get in the car this morning. It was like climbing Mt Everest.

    • Frank

      Shut up hilljack and just be happy your road was cleared!

  • Maxeer

    I for one would like to say thanks to the road crews that worked long and hard hours...heck of a job folks...some DO really appreciate all you do...

  • jm

    Mr. Walker,

    I for one would like to know why it is that we no longer seem to have Plow trucks in Upshur county. For the last few snowfalls, all that seems to be used is Pick-up trucks with small plows on them...........

    No wonder they cant keep up with the snow, or at least keep one lane of 33 clear.

    • sam

      Just be glad that Upshur has the small trucks. Ever think that trucks breakdown? Be thankful and stay off the roads and slow down, thats the key....slow down...

  • Alum

    Picked up about 18 inches of algore global warming here at the house in the EP.

    • Hop'sHip

      Must be affecting your mental processes.