CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — Valentine’s Day, special for couples all over the world, once again will find Harrison County Circuit Judge Thomas Bedell officiating a mass wedding ceremony Friday.

“If you’ve got a marriage license and you want to get married, all you have to do is show up at high noon on Friday, the 14th of February and participate in the proceedings,” said Bedell.

This is the12th year the judge will perform the mass ceremony, which has earned him the nickname the “love judge.” He says every year is a little different.

“Part of the uncertainty and part of the fun of the day is we really don’t know how many will show up. It varies—some years we have six or eight couples come, and other years we’ve have 15 or more couples come,” he told MetroNews Affiliate WAJR-AM in Morgantown.

Bedell said he likes to make the ceremony memorable, and not just because of the number of couples getting married at the same time.

“Much like a regular wedding we have a wedding cake that’s donated by a local baker, we have punch, we have balloons, we have flowers for the brides, we have a best kissing contest,” he said.

And everyone is invited.

“The public’s welcome,” Bedell said, “and if a couple would like to participate, they can bring whatever number of family and friends with them and just like a regular wedding. Share the day with them.”

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  • big deal

    So he performed 7 weddings at once. Big deal. Ask a Family Court Judge how many divorces they perform on one day. Divorces are now exceeding marriages. So much for the sanctity of marriage that the pro-family groups are touting will be harmed if gay marriage is and should be allowed.