MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — A clipper system will arrive in time for the weekend after a February week that brought a Nor’Easter into West Virginia.

Meteorologists with the National Weather Service said anywhere from two to upwards of six inches of snow could fall on the Mountain State between Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

“We’re going to get a fairly decent snowfall across the entire state of West Virginia,” said John Victory, a National Weather Service meteorologist.  “(We’re calling for) Five inches or more in the mountains and two to three inches in the lowlands.”

Winter Weather Advisories were scheduled to take effect on Friday afternoon and continue into Saturday in almost every West Virginia county, excluding only those counties in the northern panhandle and eastern panhandle.  Those areas will see some snow as well, though, Victory said.

New snow will add to the more than 15 inches of accumulation seen in some parts of the Mountain State, from Wednesday night into Thursday, during the Nor’easter.  Snow removal efforts continued statewide on Friday morning.

Lee Thorne, district manager for the state Division of Highways Division Five in the eastern panhandle, said road conditions were improving as crews moved to secondary roads.

“We have a priority system in our snow removal.  Because we don’t have enough equipment to address all the roads at one time, we work by priorities,” he said.  “It’s a lighter snow, so it plows well and they’ve been able to plow most of it.”

Victory said he knows many people are waiting for a weather break.

“We’ll have a little bit more snow Saturday night and then, next week, looks like a warm up and rain instead of snow,” he said.

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  • mtmanstan

    I need help shoveling up all of this " global warming".

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    let it snow! I love it!!