CHARLESTON, W.Va. — This week’s winter storm produced nearly two feet of snow in some of Appalachian Power’s service area in West Virginia and Virginia but the company has had to deal with very few power outages.

Company spokesman Phil Moye said the snow was dry and fluffy instead of heavy and wet.

“It accumulated pretty deeply but it didn’t accumulate on tree limbs and things like that so it didn’t cause problems,” Moye said.

Appalachian Power’s meteorologists predicted as much according to Moye.

“They were thinking this was going to be a drier-type snow that wouldn’t accumulate on tree limbs and they were right.”

The company still had its crews prepped and ready for response in case things got bad.

At least three of the more significant outages during the storm event have come as a result of snow-covered roads.

“The largest number of outages we’ve had with this storm really have been associated with vehicle accidents,” Moye said. “People hitting the utility poles and breaking the poles.”

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