CHARLESTON, W.Va. — An early morning crash on a Charleston interstate snarls traffic near the State Capitol complex.

The semi, hauling tires, overturned in the northbound lanes just before the Greenbrier Street exit. The accident took out several light poles causing them to fall into the south bound lanes. The truck also spilled about 50 gallons of diesel fuel onto the highway.

The driver of the semi was killed in the crash. His name has not been released.

The accident was finally cleaned up shortly before noon.  Authorities haven’t indicated if it was a weather related crash.

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  • anonymous

    Greg u are missed!

  • Larry

    The speed limit is 60 on a large portion of the extremely hilly, curvy WV turnpike, it goes to 70 for a few miles north of the Sharon toll booths, but returns to 60 several miles before where this accident happened.

  • Brian

    Waiting on more details. Not much to go on but I am familiar with the stretch and believe it to be well signed because it is a dangerous spot with traffic congestion. Hopefully this isn't some immigrant driver doing something stupid like what happened when a semi tried to do a u turn on I 79 northbound near Morgantown last fall that ended in a major accident and shutting down of the interstate.

  • jay zoom

    do not know the area. but sad a man lost his life. should of been a sign reduce speed ahead (state law I believe) whether is would of made difference unknown. speed ?? fell asleep ?? road conditions ?? cut off by someone we will probably never know. possibly a medical condition ?? all in all West Virginians drive careful regardless of the conditions.

  • JustMe

    By reading Cutty's comment about the 70mph speed limit on the turnpike? Take a loaded semi down that stretch of road at the posted limit.. Let see how you handle the endless curves from Charleston to Beckley.. Loaded with tires (floor to ceiling) you wont get far..
    As for Mike.. Get over yourself.. Were all human. You have drifted out of your lane a time or two yourself im sure.. But thats ok I guess because you only have 4 wheels..
    Truckers speed.. Cars speed.. Truckers crash.. Cars crash.. Until both are driven by robots? Its a fact of life..
    Why dont you look up the numbers on us renegade, outlaw, pill poppin truckers.. You'll see that over 80% of accidents involving Commercisl Motor Vehicles and passenger vehicles were caused (according to law enforcement citations) by the passenger vehicles..

  • Mike

    Sorry Todd. You are correct. My view has been tainted by the thousands of maniac truckers that go too fast and drive too close to cars, especially the ones that have almost killed me a few times. Chances are greater he lost control because he wasn't driving...very carefully.

  • Todd

    People should not make assumptions the driver was speeding. The roads were very slick this morning and he may have just lost control on the ice. This is an elevated section of interstate and can get very slick.

    • Doug

      This section is elevated but not a bridge. There is solid ground under it. Its no more than 20 feet higher than the south bound section so I would say the elevation didn't make much difference in the road condition. The roads were slick this morning, the accident happened early morning. I wonder if the driver might have dosed off, and that combined with the road conditions might have caused this. It's just sad this person lost his life making a living for his family.

  • given 57

    Hope that diesel doesn't find it's way into WV American Water's intakes!!!

  • cutty77

    These drivers just come off the turpike where the speed limit is 70,and then all of a sudden it goes to 60. The road is really unfair.

    • College Ave

      How is a road, or speed limit, unfair? Stop signs, yield signs, speed limits and other traffic controls are about safety. When they're treated as inconveniences people get hurt, or worse.

  • bac

    Sorry to see someone lose their life. But these trucks do fly through Charleston way too fast. It's a wonder it doesn't happen more frequently, especially nearer the I-64 bridge where there's a curve.

  • Mike

    Another truck out of control. Luckily, he didn't take anyone with him.