AUSTIN, Texas — Bob Huggins shares his postgame thoughts following West Virginia’s 88-71 loss to No. 19 Texas.

“You can’t let people shoot 58 percent,” said Huggins. “I’ve had teams where they could have brought the Celtics in and they wouldn’t shoot 58 percent against us.”

The Mountaineers (15-11 overall, 7-6 Big 12) return to action next Saturday against Baylor at the WVU Coliseum.

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  • truth

    How sad that the state of WVa doesn't have any alternative to Metro News/Sports. We deserve better than the adolesent dribble they spend most of their show espewing, ie. where they ate lunch, some childish story from Caridi, or coach taking five minutes to say something that could be said in twenty seconds. Up your game or shut em down.

  • Big joe

    Need to have at least one big man inside like Gale Catlet used to get . Not a great scorer but strong on the boards.

  • Truthteller

    Look WVU should go get guys over 7 feet tall, guys that weight 800 pounds and just know how to slam dunk the ball. It works for Kansas.
    All joking aside:
    This team will eventually get better. This is not a video game that you can just reset if you don't like the out come. Some of you fans live in fantasy land. Get a clue people.

  • Leroy j Gibbs

    Don't know what the answer is. Need to recruit better. Huggins is old school. He won't powder his players ass like other coaches. So will be hard to get players to come to wv

  • John S. Shackelford

    We matchup poorly in the pivot, especially the upper tier teams in the big XII. Texas did exactly what they did in Motown. We are playing 4 on 5 there, both on offense and defense. With the personnel this team has it will not have anything close this year. We would have had a chance if the tall recruits hadn't flunked out of school Were stuck with what we have. Huggs has to get away from these academically paralyzed kids, and have his recruits arrive academically qualified. Having said that you can bet the kids Kentucky need to be in grade school, rather than an institution of higher learning. They probably give them the grades to stay eligible to play. That's the way it works. I know college was tough for me, even with a 2.7 GPA from high school. How do they do it?

    • KeatonsCorner

      " Huggs has to get away from these academically paralyzed kids,"

      Please do some research or at least ATTEMPT to know what the hell you're talking about when you post.

      Both Holton and Macon had the grades and test scores to play this year. Qualifying is more complex than that....

      Holton had zero control over his issue this season that is keeping him out. The issue is between his JUCO and the NCAA, with his previous school turning out a few questionable athletes in previous years and getting the NCAA's attention. Holton is a model student.... Dean's List in fact.

      Macon got the GPA and test score (SAT) needed to qualify, but improved so much that it, likewise, drew attention by the NCAA. The NCAA wanted him to re-test, but by the time that ruling came down the pipe, the semester had already started. ALSO, Macon couldn't have played this season anyways, as he is STILL rehabbing his broken wrist.

      People just post what they want, and claim thoughts as fact.

      • Mister Man

        Good on ya Keatons.

    • Aaron

      Who has flunked out of school? Unless I'm mistaken, Holyon and Macon are both enrolled.

    • Truthteller

      You can't blame Huggs for the failed Federal brain washing camps. Kids are being dumb down in pubic school for a reason so they can't think with their brains and create logical thoughts.
      You blame Huggs for that.