AUSTIN, Texas – There were a few things that made the difference in a bad way for the West Virginia Mountaineers on Saturday night.

Taking a beating in the paint, poor transition defense and the inability to create consistent offense all contributed to the Mountaineers suffering an 88-71 loss at the hands of the Texas Longhorns at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin.

West Virginia coach Bob Huggins was frustrated with his team’s lack of execution. While Texas got easy shot opportunities, the Mountaineers (15-11, 7-6) endured a 39.7-percent shooting night and dug themselves a hole with just nine baskets and six turnovers in the first half.

Huggins kept his team in the postgame locker room to deliver an extended message. “I said a lot of things,” he said, “most of which ought to stay in there.”

To say Texas (20-5, 9-3) dominated in the paint would be a gross understatement. The Longhorns, led by a strong effort from sophomore center Cameron Ridley, outscored West Virginia 46-14 in the paint.

Ridley bullied the Mountaineers down low en route to 17 points, six rebounds and three blocked shots, setting the tone for a convincing Texas win.

“It’s hard to guard him when you don’t stay between him and the basket,” Huggins said. “We just tried to do some things differently than we did in the first half.”

The first half is when the Longhorns took over. Sophomore guard Terry Henderson converted a four-point play after being fouled by Texas guard Martez Walker, putting the Mountaineers ahead 14-11 at the 11:22 mark of the first half.

From then on the Longhorns went on a 17-2 run over stretch that last exactly six minutes. During the Texas run West Virginia shot just 1-for-7 from the floor and committed three turnovers.

That run exemplified Huggins’ frustration with a team that had played so well in winning five of its previous seven games entering Saturday’s night tilt with the Longhorns.

“We have to be more resilient during the game,” Huggins said. “When things don’t go your way you don’t stop playing, you play harder.”

Poor transition defense ended up being a byproduct of what West Virginia did well when the two teams matched up in Morgantown earlier this season. The Mountaineers 1-3-1 trap, which gave the Longhorns fits the first time these two teams met, was something Texas was prepared to see this time around.

The Longhorns ran the floor well, attacked gaps properly and moved the ball with the kind of precision that set up enough good looks to make for a 57.9-percent night shooting the ball.

“Their guards are terrific,” Huggins said of a Texas backcourt that had three members score in double figures, led by 18 points from sophomore Javan Felix. “They’re tough to keep out of the lane. I don’t think anybody has kept them out of the lane all year.”

Huggins cited Texas’ size and length as a problem. With the Mountaineers unable to get anything going to on the interior it made it easier for the Longhorns to defend Juwan Staten.

The Big 12’s second-leading scorer finished with 14 points on 6-for-16 shooting with most of his points coming after the game had been decided. Nine of Eron Harris’ 21 points came from the free-throw line, making for a tough night for the Mountaineers when two of the team’s top players combined to shoot 11-for-31 from the field.

“I don’t care who you are when you miss shot after shot,” Huggins said. “We kept waiting for Eron and (Staten) to make a shot and they had tough days.”

The Mountaineers will have to stew on this loss for a while. WVU is off until next Saturday when it returns home to face Baylor. With only five games left in the regular season, Huggins has some time to get his team to regroup and finish out a schedule that includes road trips to Iowa State (Feb. 26) and Oklahoma (March 5) and the regular season finale at home against Kansas (March 8).

“We’ve got to do a better job of helping each other, making better [defensive] rotations,” Huggins said. “Doing what you’re supposed to be doing all the time.”

—Jeff Howe

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  • Ole Sasquatch

    I agree with all about our big guys. I expect the coaching staff to step - up and do their job in coaching these 3 to 5 guys. I realize they need to hit the weights bad, but it's near the end of the season and they are not showing the improvement a good coaching staff should be responsible for. I am not sure that Willaims was'nt better at the beginning of the season.

    • Aaron

      About the only game I think Williams played really well in at the beginning of the season was Marshall and I mean, really...

      Do you suppose that perhaps his progress has been impeded by competition more than anything. else?

      • Barry

        Maybe it is coaching. This seems to happen to alot of guys at WVU.

        • Aaron



          • Aaron

            Blame for what? Giving a kid a second chance? Not uncovering every stone in someone's past? What has he done that's so terrible? He's graduating his kids not. They're going to class and making the grade? What exactly am I supposed to blame him for?

          • Barry

            It doesn't matter how many logical reasons you're given. You will never give Huggins ANY of the blame. You will just continue to make illogical excuses. I can't believe how the coach, the guy making the big bucks never gets the blame for these problems.

          • Aaron

            They say hindsight is 20/20 but I guess it's better than that for someone who's never been around the program.

            It's clear you have a deep seated dislike for Huggins, thus you HAVE to blame HIM and no one else. It doesn't matter how many logical reasons your given for why players left, it's clear you will ONLY blame Huggins.

          • Barry

            Yeah, let's just agree to disagree. I believe Huggins ran them off and everyone started passing the blame around. Kilicli blamed some guys, Kilicli's coach blamed him. Huggins blamed the whole team.

            I don't know why it is impossible for some people to admit Huggins made some mistakes.

          • Aaron

            Peppers numbers are better at Temple because he's two years older playing against less talent.

            As to Truck, I disagree. Given what he was in high school and what he did at WV including the Academic All American status, I think he exemplifies the type of player you want to recruit. After all, who doesn't want someone willing to sacrifice his game for the good of the team.

            The one negative of his that I saw was that his last year in Morgantown, he started listening to too many idiots and do too much instead of playing his game. He probably started reading the comments on Metro News.

            Last years team got worse but the reasons were pretty much documented. You can say Kilichi was wrong but his tirade to the press has been vindicated by former players including Keaton Miles. Don't take my word for it, research it yourself.

            The team 2 years ago, I'm not so sure if they got worse or wore down. It's tough playing the same 5 guys in a league like the Big East.

            At any rate, you can blame coaching if you want. We'll have to agree to disagree as I think he's one of the top coaches in the game, ever.

          • Barry

            Pepper's numbers are better at Temple.

            And, I think most would agree that Truck was a dissapointment.

            Not only that but for several years the teams as a whole seemed to get worse like in 2011-12 and 2012-13.

            We can believe that the players that left would have gotten better, but those are just beliefs.

          • Aaron

            I see a list of players of whom Hugs likely got more out of than other coaches could have, at least the the ones that stayed.

            Pepper is the perfect example. No one can argue that he was playing anything but his best basketball at the end of the year before he transferred. He played tremendous defense and was beginning to hit big shots. Had he stayed, he would have been a leader but he chose to leave.

            Truck Bryant is another example. Out of high school he was 2 guard who could not play defense. Due to the lack of a point guard Bryant moved to that position he was not suited for and played it for four years, sacrificing his game to do what was best for the team. Despite that, he left West Virginia ranked in the top 10 in points, assist, and steals. And he was an academic All-American.

          • Barry

            Kilicli, Bryant, Brown, Browne, Hinds, Miles, Rutledge, Mitchell, Murray, Noreen, Pepper.

    • mad hatter

      i have to agree about williams,, after some of his statements, he told he was going to dominant the paint,,, turns out, he's just a freshman, and had lots to learn... he's young, he'll grow,
      i do think the team has improved, but thecoaching staff has to recruit much much better,,,we just aren't getting great talent to work with,, these kids are good, but it takes them awhile to learn and improve.
      we'll get better, it's just gonna take a couple more yrs to see it.

  • mad hatter

    i think we should concur, right aaron,, if we concur, that means , agree, why can't we just say , agree, but concur sounds more legal , i guess, so let' concur like aaron.

    • The Wisetalker


      It took us a while but yes we realize you have learned a new word that you are fascinated with...

      And yes, we get it that you "concur" with any statement you like...

      But would you please give the "concurs" a rest?


      • mad hatter

        i concur

  • Country Roads

    One other thing Baylor beat K-State last night could be good for West Virginia. Need to win our home games and get one on the road. Not an easy thing to do, but I am optimistic it's possible. Pulling for the Mountaineers as always. Hope to see you at the Baylor game.

  • William101

    Texas is better than us. I'm not saying we couldn't beat them on occasion, but if we play 5 times they'll win most of them. It is what it is.

    I've never been caught up in us getting into the big dance this year. I simply believe we are an improving team. It looks like we'll finish the season with a winning record, and I thought we might be an NIT team before the year began.

    We have some intriguing, talented players that will play better as a team next season. With more experience and S & C, we should match up pretty well with everyone we play.

    Each of our players knows what he needs to work on during the off season to get better, and I believe we have a roster of players who will work hard.

    Macon and Holton should give us some help with more physical players like Texas' Ridley. Miles & Carter should allow us to sub our guards so we can press more. Hopefully one or both of them can add a little offense when they play.

    Huggs loves man-to-man defense, but we've had to play zone an awful lot. That makes it harder for our guys to rebound. I believe our rebounding will really improve next year, as Huggs has the assets to match up with other teams.

    Sorry, I can't get down on this team after the loss.

    Some of our posters (trolls aside) are impatient and tired of hearing I'll fix it. They certainly have shown their exasperation on this site!

    In comparing whether a fix is in the making, I simply ask myself - are we better off this year than last, and do you believe next year will be better than this year? The answer to both is YES, IMO.

    • Barry

      I am a Poster who is tired of hearing "I'll fix it". What I don't understand (and maybe someone can explain it) is, why did things get so bad? A few years ago we went to the Final Four and then we were terrible and the mass exodus started. What happened?

      • GoEers

        Hey Barry he already fixed his one bad team that he's had during his 7 years at WVU. This team is very solid and still has a legitimate chance at making the NCAA tourney.

        And thanks for bringing up the final four...that was a great run. With this young team playing as good as they are in the nation's #2 rpi conference, I can't wait to see the remaining games as well as looking forward to next year when even more talent makes their way in.

        Let's go mountaineers!

        • The Wisetalker

          Usually the paid trolls don't show up until Monday after a loss...

          You workin Overtime?

          • GoEers

            I'm a mountaineer fan 24x7x365...just like you are a Marshall troll

            Larry Jefferds...hahahaha

      • Aaron

        Coach Huggins host a weekly talk show in which fans can either visit or call in and ask questions.

        While I'm not sure of your proximity to Morgantown, if you want answers to these questions, might I suggest you find the nerve to travel to Morgantown, obtain some liquid courage that is present at the site if needed and demand answers from the Coach himself during this time instead of constantly whining on a message board.

        The only thing I ask is that if you do, please let me know which week it will be so I can attend. It should be very interesting.

        • GoEers

          Yep WVU loses on the road to the 16th ranked team on the country and all the haters start on coach Huggins.

          Got need for you guys, WVU isn't going to win every away game in this conference. Kansas got blown out at Texas. I guess they should fire Coach Self.

          Hey #11 ranked Iowa st. lost by 25 to WVU, I guess they should fire coach or recruit better players in order to be able to handle WVU's guards who are all coming back.

        • Mike

          Huggins recruited the wrong players, pure and simple, or they would still be here. The decline was all Huggins. And he is the only one that can fix it...short of a future head coach.

          • Aaron

            While I believe it is a worthy discussion Mike, the question is pretty much rhetorical as I've ask many of the other naysayers the same thing.

            Despite discrediting the argument that Huggins cannot recruit numerous times, I have yet to find anyone who can substantiate their statements. Thus far, the best I’ve seen is if he could recruit, kids would still be there.

            That’s the best. Save for the occasional simpleton, most remain silent.

          • mad hatter

            ur comment is very credible, i concur

          • Aaron

            If you can explain David Nyarsuk or Darrius Curry then your comment might be credible.

      • Joe

        Fans like you William....oh, I mean Barry.

        • Mike

          Fans had nothing to do with the decline.

          • GoEers

            Can you elaborate on what the decline is?

  • Country Roads

    Not going to or trying to make any excuses for WVU last night against Texas. Got to give Texas credit they have a man underneath the basket is about 1 foot wider than most people , should be playing offense or defense line on the football team. He is much stronger then most , no doubt in my mind anyone in the big 12. And it is hard to block that man out. Without him Texas just may be a regular team . I will give our players the credit they played their hearts out they hustled they did not quit, they kept trying to the end. It's one of those nights when we just did not make shots. We lost move on to the next game.

  • 5toldU1s

    When you play a team on the road, two of your bigs are ineligible, and your not shooting well and your distributor is prevented from penetrating, you have to play great defense and rebound. Which we did not do. Feel good about beating Baylor though.

  • Pat

    Texas is tough this year. Hope we get another shot at them in the tournament.

  • jay zoom

    lets face it mountaineer fans. were on the outside looking in In the big 12 "today--Tomorrow--and for a while to come" like I said before we have a lot to learn in this league before becoming a contender.. I did hear VIA the announcers on the radio that Huggins did a lot of complaining about the officiating. something he is good at. have to see the box score to determine this.. get a life and work more scoring in the PAINT. O by the way thanks OLLIE.

    • RJ

      I keep seeing these blogs about what an awesome conference in basketball WVU went to. I don't thing the basketball conference is any better than the old Big East Conference and we competed pretty well there. Sorry, maybe I am wrong. Old Big East was very tough, few "Cream Puffs" there.

      • Aaron

        It's deeper top to bottom than the old Big East was. You don't have the cakewalks like the Depaul's that were available in the Big East when West Virginia was there. With the exception of maybe TCI, any team can win on any given night. That's the difference.

      • B A Winner

        There will never again be a conference as deep and strong as the Old Big East. It played a brand of BB that was rough and tough and a cut above all the rest. And that seemed like it was always its undoing in the NCAA tourney. The officiating was entirely different and BE teams had to adjust accordingly to the "softer" style of tourney play. I would say that it was tougher to win the BE tourney than the NCAA many if not most years. I'd be willing to bet that Florida, Wichita St, SDSU, Kentucky, UNC, UCLA, Michigan, Ohio St or even Duke would have been no more than an upper middle of the pack old BE team most years. Do you really think this year's Syracuse team would go undefeated in the Old Big East? Where would you put Florida in the Old BE? Where would you see WVU in any other league this year and definitely next?

        Unfortunately times have changed. Now that we're in one of those other leagues (the best of the best BTW) we have to adjust to their style. You've noticed that the Big 12 teams didn't adjust to our style last year did they? Therefore, we have to retool with different types of players and schemes. We'll get them and get there very soon. But you can only recruit 3 or 4 players a year at best.

    • B A Winner

      I thank Ollie every day for getting us in the Big 12. Glad to see you're on board with it too!

  • Aaron

    Before last nights game, experts who had WV in the NCAA's said they needed to win 4 of 6. Now they need to win 4 of 5. It's that simple.

    In the first half, both teams shot the ball 25 times. WV missed 19, Texas 7. Not even a Hall of Fame Coach can overcome that.

    This is still a young team and perhaps the quick turnaround helped them overcome last weekends loss to Kansas whereas the 5 day break gave them too much time to think.

    At this point in the season, we know 2 things. 1) WV can play with anyone in the conference as their showing last week demostrated and B) when they miss shots, particularly Harris, they are likely going to lose.

    Given those facts, I like their chane for the remainder of the season and I like their chances in the Kansas City.

    It's still a great day to be a Mountaineer.

    • wVraised

      The game against ISU was truly an anomaly as WVU shot an incredible percentage where ISU shot the ball terribly. Without inside depth to compliment streaky shooting this team will continue to be up and down. The impressive thing about this team is despite the lack of quality depth the team is a bare to have to play in Morgantown which should help them get to the Garden for the NIT.

      • Barry

        Agreed, it would be nice to have some of those players that transfered out to give us much needed depth. This team is so young because most of the players from previous years transfered out.

        • GoEers

          Hey Barry...instead of posting false #' the 8-10 players you keep posting about, where they are now, how they are doing on their current teams, and who they would replace on WVU's current team.

          • Barry

            Here are some things that I observed over the years while watching Mountaineer Basketball and Bob Huggins:

            1.) Huggins would cuss at and scream at the players during games until his lips turned blue.
            2.) Players would say about Huggins, "I can't believe this is the same guy who recruited me" and "I told the younger player that you can't listen to how Huggins talks to you. Just listen to what he is trying to tell you".
            3.) He repeatedly throws his players under the bus after they lose games.
            4.) He bullies people in the post game Press Conferences and his players during games.

            I don't deny that some of your points may have contributed to WVU's collapse and Mass Exodus, but to say that Huggins' abrasive attitude did not greatly add to the loss of so many players would be highly improbable.

            And please stop saying I think that he got bad recruits. For the third time, I liked these players and thought that they were good.

          • Aaron

            “Why can't you admit that Huggins has made at least some mistakes?”

            We all make mistakes. Was his recruitment of Darrious Currey a mistake? How about David Nysurak? You guys who claim he can’t recruit never address those players. I’m sure he’s made many mistakes, he admits that. I’m just not sure what he could have done to prevent them. So why don’t you tell me, what could he have done differently? Also, please explain what it is you expect from him? Do you expect him to recruit on the same level as Kansas, Kentucky and Duke? He’s brought in more quality players than the programs seen in 40 years. Do you expect him to graduate kids? The latest NCAA report regarding the basketball programs has WV graduating 100% of their players. Their collective GPA’s exceed NCAA requirements. So what is it that you expect him to do, walk on water?

            “Why do you have such an interest to protect him?”

            I initially opposed the hire because I read newspaper reports regarding his recruiting. I bought into the hype. After he came to WVU, I have personal knowledge of how he handled a very delicate situation with some key recruits to which he immediately gained my respect. That coupled with the fact that I’ve watched him coach the game and I know how good he really is. As such, I KNOW the criticisms I read on this board are unfounded, inaccurate and borne out of petty jealously and hatred by those with a secondary motive. And I’m not protecting him, I’m stating facts. I’m sorry you can’t see that.

            “Then, you elaborate how Huggins recruited alot of players who, by your admission, weren't good enough to play.”

            That’s not true. What I said was that part of his needs was to put together a squad with players meant to push others in practice. It used to be that we rarely saw teams play, much less start freshman. Championship teams were comprised of upperclassmen who were required to bide their time on the bench and bust their butt in practice. While there was the occasional Patrick Ewing or Michael Jordan, we hardly ever saw freshmen with the ability of coming into a program and becoming a focal point in day one.

            That has changed. As a result, kids come into a program expecting to play immediately. If you look at every player on WV’s team, each and every one of them was the best player on their team, including the ones who recently transferred. Add to that the mentality that AAU ball has and you have kids leaving programs every year. I googled “top 10 college basketball transfers” and the first response was from CBS entitled “College Basketball Preview: Top 20 transfer players.”

            If a kid can play at 4 different high schools, why can’t they transfer from one college to another? And if you’re a Keaton Miles or Aaron Brown and you’re told that if you bust your butt, improve your defense and rebounding in practice you might see some floor time, would you set do that every day and still risk setting on the bench or would you move on? An old coaching adage I’ve heard all my life regarding playing time has always been “If you can’t compete in practice with our players, how can you compete in games against others.”

            I never said the players that left were lazy or didn’t want to work hard because I don’t believe that. I think players left for a combination of 2 reasons. First, they had a problem with Huggins coaching style and B, they looked at the players on the roster as well as those coming in and knew the likelihood of them seeing significant minutes of game time were minimal at WV, thus they left.

            Can you explain to me how that is Huggins mistake?

          • Barry

            Oh and another thing. In several comments you say that Huggins is a good recruiter. Then, you elaborate how Huggins recruited alot of players who, by your admission, weren't good enough to play. Part of your excuse is that they wouldn't work hard. So Huggins just happened to recruit 10 plus lazy guys. Think about the odds of that.

            So, I am to believe that he is a good recruiter, but 8 to 10 players weren't good enough. He is a good coach, but many never improved. Or maybe an entire recruiting class was too lazy to earn playing time. I don't know what to believe, but one thing is for sure, Bob Huggins has never made and never will make any mistakes.

          • Barry

            That sure is a boat load of excuses. And you have put alot of time into your defense.

            My questions are as follows:

            Why can't you admit that Huggins has made at least some mistakes?

            Why do you have such an interest to protect him?

            Why not you and I get a life and and quit commenting on an article that is 3 days old? I would hope that you have better things to do. I know that I do.

          • Aaron

            I know it’s pointless because clearly you hate Bob Huggins and as such, will not listen to reason so I know I’m wasting my time abut here goes anyhow.

            First, you forgot to mention the 3 players that left prior to the season before the end of season transfers. Tommie McCune transferred to Oakland where he's since been kicked off their team, Pat Forsythe transferred to Akron and Paul Williamson transferred to Fairmont State.

            After the season, 5 more left. Jabarie Hinds transferred to UMASS, Aaron Brown transferred to St. Joe's, Keaton Miles transferred to Arkansas, Volo Gerun transferred to Portland and Arric Murray, who graduated with his degree, is playing his senior year at Texas Southern.

            Of the 7 who left, 4 weren’t going to see the court while the other 3 have been rumored to be bad apples and the two sides agreed that departing was best for all parties. Murray is the one that hurt the program the most as he showed the ability to dominate when he wanted to. The things is, he seldom wanted to and became apparent to even the casual fan that his mentality and work ethic would not last long in Bob Huggins system. From Huggins leaving him home to publicly acknowledging his shortcomings, this was not going to last which was confirmed when Huggins dismissed him from the team.

            Hinds, who came in as a 4-star recruit but never developed into the consistent player he was billed to be, also saw his role diminish last year. As the season progressed his playing time resulted in fewer minutes per game for most of the latter part of the season. With the exception of the Iowa State game, he was irrelevant to WVU late in the season and given the guards WV had returning, I can understand why he chose to leave.

            As to the others, I know this is a reach Barry but let’s suppose you have some talent and you're recruited to play college basketball. Now let's suppose now that you're in the same boat as Forsythe, Brown, Williamson, Miles and Gerun. Would you spend multiple seasons knowing you’re never going to get on the floor or would you take your basketball talents elsewhere in search of actual court time?

            Try to remove the intense hatred for Huggins you feel and look at it from a logical viewpoint.

          • Barry

            I would hope that it is not common practice to give players the boot that you once made a commitment to so that you could get a guy that you thought was better.

            That would be a disgrace. What young man would want to come to a program like that?

          • Barry

            Five transfered out last year and we have nine scholarship guys playing. I guess one of our current players couldn't have came. I don't understand your point?

          • Aaron

            13 but if you're going to build a program, you have to divide them evenly among classes. With the exception of a few schools, most aren't going to win with freshman coming in every year. Ask any Kentucky fan.

          • Barry

            How many Scholarships can a team have?

          • Aaron

            I'm referring to the 8 players that would SR's and JR's this year. If those 8 players were still here , who from the current roster wouldn't?

          • Barry

            Some of those 8 players that I mentioned would have already graduated: Pepper, Jennings. I mentioned 8 because that shows what a problem we have and/or had keeping players.
            The players that could be helping us now are: Hinds, Browne, Miles and Forsythe. We only have 9 Scholarship players and Staten plays the whole game. We could use the depth.

        • Aaron

          If the 8 players from 10 and 11 were here, who from this roster would be here?

  • The Wisetalker

    If there is a bright side to a loss it is the fact that the Huggins and Luck paid trolls wont show up until Monday to spout their pro-WVU/ Huggins rhetoric.

    We all were hoping for a WVU win but it just didn't happen. I watched the game on "firstrowsports" and realized once again that WVU has no "bigs" who can play defense. Texas scored at will underneath.

    Devin Williams was totally out of sync and Watkins got pushed around like a rag doll.

    The result of this game means no NCAA bid...nor was this a "moral victory"...

    Looks like Huggins has to fix it" again...

    • GoEers

      Hey wise talker...I'm not paid by anyone to call you out for who you are.

      Larry Jeffords...a jealous loser Marshall troll from Huntington.

      Welcome to the board Larry you troll deusche bag!

      • The Wisetalker

        GoEers, Steve, Stevewvu, troll, shawn, KenansCorner, KeanansCornerll...(all the same)

        You can continue to call me Larry Jefferds, Larry Jeffords or doesn't bother me one bit because I never heard of the me that all you want...

        Just a word to the wise...When you applied to get into Marshall and they turned you need to get over that and move on with your life...

        And I am sure that Larry Jeffords if he were here would agree...

        • KeatonsCorner

          Considering Mr. Jeffords never even went to college, the idea that he has the thought to challenge anyone elses education is hilarious to me...

        • GoEers

          I got two degrees from WVU Larry. Marshall wasn't on my list.

          Has everything in Huntington Larry Jefferds. I can tell that it is really bothering you that I kept calling you by your real name instead of Big Larry, Lawrence Tomas or Wose Talker.

          You are a self proclaimed marshall fan, so if you are going to continue to post comments about WVU on WVU related articles, I am going to call you out for bring a pathetic Marshall troll loser. I was also told you were a horrible preacher and a miserable person.

          Personally I think you are a loser.

          • The Wisetalker

            Ha Ha

            What a Joke you are...

    • Aaron

      I would say that bright spot is for the average (alleged) fans who know very little about the game and/or hate WVU/Bob Huggins/Oliver Luck as it, for a few days, rejuvenates them enough to show their face and spout their tripe.

      While I truly get that there are those concerned with the direction of the athletic department/basketball/program/football program, what I've learned from reading the post on Metro news is that the ones who can articulate their displeasure in a logical, sound manner never post on Metro news.

      Why do you suppose that is?

      • Rock Solid

        Reporting at Metro News/sports is about as professional as the guy giving the early morning grain reports in Kansas. Ever notice how few of their staff ever get offers from out of state larger stations to move up the food chain? Small time talent equals small time results.

        • Aaron

          Says a small minded reader.

    • wenkev

      I'm not paid, but call me a troll if you like because I think, no I KNOW, WVU is light years ahead of where they would be if the old AD and coaches were in there.

      • Aaron

        In terms of the Athletic Department, I would agree. In terms of the basketball program, I'm not so sure. While the style was different, Coach Beilein certainly left the program in better condition than he found it. In my humble opinion, his mistake was not going after the Indiana job when it was open, pay out be darned.

        • B A Winner

          I think Beilien was a great coach and did a wonderful job while he was here. However, no disrespect, but a blind squirrel could have left the WVU basketball program in better shape than he found it. It was in complete disarray if you remember. Remember Catlett bailing out on his team because he thought probation was coming? Remember Huggs and about a half dozen other coaches saying "not interested"? Remember Dan Dakish's one week run as head coach?

          I'm thankful for what he did but the truth is he only took this job as a stepping stone and tried to leave after only 3 years. Lets not make a martyr of him what do you say? He's a profiteer like most coaches these days whose only loyalty is to the almighty dollar. Can you say RichRod?

          • Aaron

            I remember the time well, when Jonathan Hagarett played one year in Morgantown and Dan Dakiau (sp) but if I recall corrextly, wasn't it was reported that the President at the time wouldn't consider Hugs due to his reputation at Concinnati? Plus, if I recall, Hugs was in the middle of a pretty successful run at Cincinnati?

        • mad hatter

          i concur, no i really really concur or does that mean , agree, or ..... well heck, like aaron , i want to act like i'm smart, so i concur

      • Grant

        Anyone who doesn't like Luck or Huggins either has an agenda or simply doesn't know what they are talking about.

        • Mike

          I don't like Luck. You don't know what you're talking about.

        • GregG

          I for one love Huggs. But I detest Luck and his all about the money mentality. No, I do not have an agenda. I just feel Luck is doing more damage than good at WVU. And the sooner he is gone, the better I will like it.

          • Rock Solid

            You are wrong GregG. If we didn't have Ollie we would no longer be relevent in national sports. How would you ever be able to compete against the big boys when your annual income for the All American Conf would be $2 million per year & that is optomistic. How do you recruit or keep up your facilities against all MAJOR Conferences who aretaking in $20-25 million per season. It's like you live in a trailer and you want to date a girl who also is interested in another guy, who is just as good looking as you, but who lives in a mansion, parents have a second home in Bermuda, a yacht, a private jet, and money to burn. Plus he has a great personality, smarter than you and is a natural athlete. Seems like the intelligent choice is obvious, you may be a great guy, but you will still be alone when you are old and living with your eight cats in your trailer. You could be Connecticut, or Cincinatti, or heaven forbid Marshall, who unless they get into a major conference they will just keep falling further behind the haves, because they are have nots. Ollie took advantage of an invitation that wasn't perfect travelwise, but it was time to sh-- or get off the pot, because no other options looked to be available now or in the future. What would you do, hope to join the MAC? No money, no relevance, no future in big time sports. You are just plain WRONG if you vote to become a William and Mary.

          • GregG

            B A Winner, as I have said before, WV isn't Texas. We do not have an abundance of billionaires with deep pockets. Where a state like Texas has the $$ to support several schools, WV only has a few millionaires supporting one. For us to sit at the big boy table we have to walk the thin line of holding our seat at the table or pricing ourselves into the living room. Luck has not shown me that he grasps that idea. But then again, I know the mentality of his kind.

          • B A Winner

            Are you Greg G Furfari? A bottle of pop no longer costs a nickel and you can't buy a 3 bedroom 1 1/2 bath house for $15k any more. Thank Ollie for not getting us left behind in this arms race in college athletics. Ask yourself if you'd rather be on here spewing your vitriol after a loss to the University of Texas, or the University of Texas at El Paso. Cause that's where you'd be now if it wasn't for him. And thankfully he's not going anywhere anytime soon. But if he can better himself and his family by doing so, more power to him. You'd do the same if the opportunity arose.

  • Leroy j Gibbs

    Until our bigs get better or smarter we are nit bound. Next year with recruiting and those 2 guys that are supposed to be able to play great maybe we can make a run. Am not being critical just speaking the truth

    • Grant

      Agreed. Well said.

    • Barry

      Yeah, I think that our guards can play with anyone in the country. If we had some solid big men we would hard to beat all the time. Now we are just hard to beat when we are hitting shots.
      I think that the coaching staff should focus on the development of Williams and Watkins. I believe they have alot of potential. We shouldn't hang all of our hopes for next year on two unproven players that have had problems in the past, and that may or may not help this team.

  • mad hatter

    now , do we really think we should be in the big dance? well, last week we did... but reality struck again,, we're simply not going to shoot 54 percent every game, and maybe not again this yr.. that iowa st game was once in a season, so don't get your hopes up that we'regonna win out,,, but, it was fun while it lasted, fix it bob will fix it,, maybe next yr. or the yr after, what's the hurry, he's making 10,000 bucks a day, i'd make it last.

  • Ducks In A Row

    Thanks, Jeff. This was a pretty good summation of the event from what I hear. After all, the LHN is a monopoly for Texas, and apparently caters only to their own. I couldn't find the game anywhere. I suppose this is how it went down. I'm sure someone will stroll in and blame it on the black uni's by high noon today. We have to finish strong now. Let's Go!

  • tw eagle

    following along on the LHN game tracker I noticed that a Mountaineer had taken 10 of the Mounties first 18 shots . . . nice if you sink five or more of them . . . an abysmally BAD shooting ball hog when only two of them fall in the bucket . . .my guess is this ball hog thought that the talk of XII MVP might be enhanced if he scored a bunch of points . . .

    SORRY ball hog , you ain't that talented . . .you do have talents that work well in conjunction with others on your team . . . NOW , push those individual award honors out of your noggin , and get back to helping your TEAM win some games . . .

  • Low Rider

    Ugly night all the way around. It is tough to win when you get a total of 4 points from Williams, Watkins, Dibo and Noreen COMBINED. Until WVU gets an inside game it will not be a top half of the Big 12 conference team.

    The Mountaineers have a week to re-group before Baylor who just crushed Kansas State rolls into town. WVU needs a win to keep it's ever-so-slim tourney hopes alive. I still believe WVU is NIT bound in 2014.

    • tw eagle

      if the Mounties beat TCU they will get invited to the NIT . . . if they win two or more , they should get seeded high enough to get the first round games played in the coliseum . . .